World War Z - Before You Buy
World War Z (PC, PS4, Xbox One) is a third person co-op action game with lots of zombies. What's the deal? Let's talk.
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  • Harrison Chew
    Harrison Chew

    Currently $15 usd on epic store.

  • Gabriel Corrales
    Gabriel Corrales

    Can you play it in multiplayer multiplatform?

  • FourMad

    $20 on epic store dont miss it


    Can u play it with out Internet

  • John Connor
    John Connor

    This is a fun game

  • Joey Joe
    Joey Joe

    Is it open world?

  • Red Sonja
    Red Sonja

    I been playing Division 2 since its release and wont be playing anything else till ghost recon breakpoint

  • lc0806

    This games sales are bad. They shouldnt have released it around same time as Days Gone

    • Red Sonja
      Red Sonja

      I think the division 2 hurt its sales more...days gone sucks

    • lc0806

      +Fernandojg27 well thats very unlucky for World War Z

    • Fernandojg27

      lc0806 they didn’t know about days gone cause when this was announced day gone wasn’t delayed yet so by the time the delay happened wwz already had there game release date days

  • Brandon Hofrock
    Brandon Hofrock

    Can we just talk about how the team threw away a PERFECT platform for couch coop. I'm so disappointed ☹

  • Alpha Wolf
    Alpha Wolf

    buy it now its on sale on epic games for 20 usd

  • Marvin Vibert
    Marvin Vibert

    I would love it if they had a kind of last and defend your Castle scenario if there's one please someone let me know

  • יאיר

    Xbox one can play with pc?? If the answer is yes so how?

  • solgerboy 259
    solgerboy 259

    U know its good when he saids it good

  • Straiz

    This game is half the game L4D2 is, and doesn't have workshop support, which actually makes it infinitely less. Don't give developers money to make inferior products.

  • FamishedPants

    Wish it wasn't an epic store exclusive -- There's no way for me to get it :C

    • FamishedPants

      +z.0아이즈 브이 Problem is I do not own a credit card and they don't seem to have prepaid cards for the store.

    • z.0아이즈 브이
      z.0아이즈 브이

      its 20$ right now

  • Jackal 1
    Jackal 1

    the game play doesnt look like its recorded on pc. Looks like you're playing with a controller.. which I have to ask, why?

  • Mason Nielson
    Mason Nielson

    Is it splitscreen?

  • zellfrainbow

    On PC with a controller!? that is a no

  • Irrelevant SkiMask
    Irrelevant SkiMask

    I’ll stick with Dying Light. Thanks anyway

  • Cryptic Chains
    Cryptic Chains

    This game was on my radar for 6 months before release

  • John Eastman
    John Eastman

    If the game was first person, I think it would be better. I associate third person games with kids not adults, which is what this game is rated for.

  • I. Я. don
    I. Я. don

    "Epic Store" ... get the fuck outta here... clearly a no buy.

  • Big Country
    Big Country

    GAME IS TRASH, SO SAD I PREORDERED, SOFT L4D KNOCK OFF, im also buying an xbox to play L4D and GOW4

  • GentlemansDream

    Personally, I wish they give the corpse launches a massive buff. Like if you want to blow up a zombie as high as you can, I want to see them go to the mooon

  • MoonChubs

    Looks like the most boring thing on the planet. Ill just wait for L4D3


    Pro tip: if you're building a pc get a ryzen cpu or gpu for a division 2 and world war z code game for free.


    Are you forced to play with AI bots?

    • Checkerëd


  • Travis H
    Travis H

    I love this game and Moscow is definitely my favorite episode and Timur is my favorite character so MOSCOW EVERYDAY

  • hatefull revenge
    hatefull revenge

    When I was young in cod 3 I would call pack a punch pack a luch

  • Adam Stover
    Adam Stover

    Im contemplating on buying this, but im on the fence because I dont have friends to play with on PC. Is it still fun playing with randoms? Ai?


      Nah Don't Buy It gets Boring Real Quick


      Don't buy it gets Boring real Quick even with friends :/

  • Sandrock Custom
    Sandrock Custom

    This will distract me till L4D and KillingFloor 3

    • randy lynch
      randy lynch

      I wouldnt get your hopes up for L4d 3

  • Transformer 4445 1o1
    Transformer 4445 1o1

    Is it going to get updated often

  • Chuck Clarridge
    Chuck Clarridge

    This game is sooo GOOD

  • Sam Davies
    Sam Davies

    Not so great film? Is it just me? I loved the film first zombie style film I actually liked

    • NandoTNT 567
      NandoTNT 567

      Zombies were the best of the film because of the air ruthlessness

  • Tomas Kurec
    Tomas Kurec

    oh God looking at console gameplay with all that awful gamepad camera movement always makes me cringe. poor filthy console peasants

  • Survival Gaming Channel
    Survival Gaming Channel

    Ive seen loads of debates about getting this game. I will settle it right now. If you want a story or an rpg forget this game its simply a splatterfest it's that simple guys. If you want fun with your mates after playing a strategy game or chill out for and hour and not concentrate to much this is the game for you. It's fun crazy and a joy to play.

  • Nivek Zeuqzalev
    Nivek Zeuqzalev

    The game wouldn't even let me play doesn't even load, just stuck on the loading screen for hrs

    • Nivek Zeuqzalev
      Nivek Zeuqzalev

      +rhyth_m it's on a ps4, I thought it was a good console but it's ok

    • rhyth_m

      Nivek Zeuqzalev probably you have a bad pc

  • Dani Wayne
    Dani Wayne

    I just played the game and it's amazing. So much action killing zombies. I haven't played co-op yet but I assume will be insane

  • The Crater Games
    The Crater Games

    This review is not good. You have to tell us pros and cons! Here you just told us everything that is good, but what about stuff that are broken/just bed? Why did you not told about disappearing zombie in from of player? Why no word about very poor sounds? Man!

  • theKevSalvatore

    The division with zombies

  • Matthew Cauthen
    Matthew Cauthen

    Now people might say that im just not good in the game or im complaining but anyone else think that the game should have some way to struggle out of a brute or stalkers grip

  • TheCandleWaxGaming

    Do they have this on disc, I checked and it looks like they have it but I couldn't find it at Walmart

  • snajpi

    I wish the bodies didn't disappear

  • Slimeyplayz boy
    Slimeyplayz boy

    Can you split screen it 2 player?

    • Oscar Prager
      Oscar Prager

      Mr.bloxy boy nah mate

  • VertixEagle YT
    VertixEagle YT

    Is there in free roam outside of the missions?

  • Scott Singer
    Scott Singer

    I myself feel ripped off. This game shoulda been cheaper then it is, due to the fact its repetitive in its "story mode" and the fact that PvP is god awful. They need to add more game modes into this game as well as free dlc otherwise its gonna die out sooner then expected.

  • Frog King
    Frog King

    This just sounds like any call of duty zombies game

  • Mohammed Zeina
    Mohammed Zeina

    How to save or auto save in the offline story

  • isolateddude

    Damn, how are people able to get this game so fast, but i gotta wait a couple of weeks/months to play a new game? Being poor sucks.

    • isolateddude

      +Thomas Nguyen Nvm, i think i'm getting it next week. Not sure...

    • Thomas Nguyen
      Thomas Nguyen

      The game is $35 dude... go mow a few lawns

  • Mutantdogfangs

    Ugh... Personally im disappointed. Hear me out. For years ive been wauting for a proprer zombie survival game with good graphics, tough zombies but not too tough, and little or no guns. I want like a very skill based zombie game, like if you are walking in an abanoned city and some zombies leap at you from the shadows and its a special attack where its a quicktime event or something, and you have to stay on your toes. You could get like knives, baseball bats and that but i want the hand to hand combat to actually be good, not just spamming one or two buttons, and really skill based, so if you were a newbie and you were watching a pro fight you'd be like "how did you do that?" And there is a huge variety of moves you can mixup, quicktime events, change in camera perspective a lot, it would juat be great. Also, some classes to choose from would be really cool too

  • peeiano

    My question is? Can i play single player campaign?

    • Paladin Spoon
      Paladin Spoon

      peeiano No. Even when offline you have to play with 3 other computers. If you want a single player zombie then see days gone

  • 303king Mc-P
    303king Mc-P

    Super fun on the xbox one amazing graphics

    • Florrabella

      303king Mc-P can you play singularly ?

  • White Dawn
    White Dawn

    I am wondering if on console(PS4) is there a split screen option so I can play with my brother?

    • ho_maaa 420
      ho_maaa 420

      Nope just online multiplayer

  • Sclemoid Fandango
    Sclemoid Fandango

    My god! Actually a game that remembers its meant to be fun, first and foremost. Works offline, and has single player?? I must be dreaming. Definitely buying this.

    • masonic Tomato
      masonic Tomato

      SOOOOOOOOOOO true 😱😱😱

  • magnaflow135

    Im thinking of getting this game but idk yet does anyone have Zombie Trilogy? That game is pretty good set in WW2 era killing nazi zombies, its just difficult to find people online 🤔

  • Jason Genuis
    Jason Genuis

    I’m gonna pass on this one

  • George B
    George B

    I paid $30 for shit ass PUBG and ive played it a handfull of times...$40 for a game I may actually play seems worth it

  • Zad L A20
    Zad L A20

    Do this need ps plus?

  • bikkurista

    If they would add big map as battlefield 5 😍😍😍😍 imagen all those zombie hord coming at you

  • bikkurista

    Yeah ,more character choose! Character custumise please! I thought map would be more "open world" not tunel walk trough map. But its so fun shooting zombie, so Im ok with it. I hope they would add more maps 😂 First time enter the map story its so much fun. But after 10times same map... its getting....not so much trill.

  • orkcol

    Oh there will be more stuff for the game... Held back... For a price

  • saif khader
    saif khader

    where do you buy the game?

  • Lnsignia

    There needs to be more game modes its all I want

  • Filipe C.
    Filipe C.

    Anyone wanna play on PS4? I just bought it but got no one joining me.

  • TheHunter 12345
    TheHunter 12345

    Just NO DLCs please I will buy the game but after that no DLCs

  • TheHunter 12345
    TheHunter 12345

    Humans: we have the high ground, zombies Zombies: You under estimate our power *climbs straight up walls*

  • Unknown Being
    Unknown Being

    So can you play this on ps4 online for free? Like you no longer need the ps plus?

    • Gamer Player
      Gamer Player

      You need PS PLUS.

  • Dirty Sanchez
    Dirty Sanchez

    I didn't think this game would be good. But I'll be getting it now!!! Thank you!

  • Baba Yaga
    Baba Yaga

    Looks boring..

  • T. Looo
    T. Looo

    This game looks interesting but I need online friends lol

  • anthony seidl
    anthony seidl

    zombie massacure SIGN ME UP!!


    PS plus??

  • Sayper1

    AI of the offline teammates is useless. They dont carry special weapons, don build any defences... Just shoot at random. Plaing singleplayer is only frustrating, awful.

  • Ismael Ortiz
    Ismael Ortiz

    Should i get this or days gone yall??

    • Kingzzz

      Ismael Ortiz both

  • Isaiah Phelps
    Isaiah Phelps

    wish they fixed the creepers and how they instantly pop up and there's nothing you can do. and just add more. like change up objectives on maps so it's not always the same. or like a random mission generator. or straight up survivial. more customization on weapons and starting gear

  • Juan Villa
    Juan Villa

    Can u play multiplayer split screen ? That would be dope

  • Pete Lawson
    Pete Lawson

    Huge L4D player, still a player, and this game does it very well. I have described to friends as L4D meets TC The Division. I like the character progression and believe they did a good job. Especially for a game that came outta nowhere. It caters to your style and let's you progress in your own way. I play as crowd control, and love that 50 round auto shotgun. It is a meat grinder. I give this game two thumbs up.

  • Austin Williams
    Austin Williams

    I’ll stick with vermintide I think lol

  • CWdobro

    Better class specs, more lvls and character creation. Game is great fun otherwise

  • awesome1ru

    i thought i was watching the division

  • Keith R
    Keith R

    This developer sucks. Two massively huge patches later 3-4gb each! Fixed NOTHING. I can't even invite, see, or play with my friends on PC in a coop game is down right game breaking. Let alone all the issues with lost progression and developers response is a work around for you to backup your own save file, instead of them releasing a patch that actually fixes things. Yes all your data is stored locally and you can probably just change all the values and be God, let alone no anti-cheat system. Game rides on a gimmick of "so many zombies!" it wears off shortly... You spend your time leveling to 150, then next time you load in and progress gone... Then do that with complete randoms, since you can't invite people.

  • BCC_GK1llA

    World War Z or Days Gone? Can’t decide 😩

    • Ismael Ortiz
      Ismael Ortiz


  • Jacob Torres
    Jacob Torres

    Oof I don’t have this game but I love it so muchhhh😍😍😍🥵🥵🥵

  • one punch man
    one punch man

    Add something like a tank that the whole team have to fight please.

  • SVTsupercharged Hi
    SVTsupercharged Hi

    Right now this game is a lot more fun than Days Gone. It's a lot more fun shooting zombies with friends over by yourself.

  • cstartist12

    So can I play multiplayer with friends at home offline like split screen. And stuff or is it only online

  • Zivojin Tomic
    Zivojin Tomic

    Part 3 of Tokyo brings new enemies with it, the dev team confirmed that on twitter!

  • SauceyBiscuit

    Thanks for that video 👍 Always been a die hard L4D fan, still play it to date! Flipped out when I low key heard this was out 💥

  • lil balls out
    lil balls out

    Dont understand why is this being compared to L4D at all

  • Tyler

    I think if the game wants to survive the next year, fix a few bugs, add more missions, add more online game modes like an endless horde defense and if they can add maybe just a few more zombies lol

  • cuddler

    But why isnt a survival mode included in the first place?

  • BlancoTheHoncho

    This game still has potential to grow. Hope the developers listen to the new found fans of the game and add the right content.

  • Rooks14


  • hayden milam
    hayden milam

    Which game should I get days gone or world war z

    • Christian fell
      Christian fell

      hayden milam days gone

  • The Young Fighter 19
    The Young Fighter 19

    This game is Awesome but no one can Replace L4D

    • MmmLame

      hopefully Back 4 Blood will do it justice!

  • Epidemic - illen spree
    Epidemic - illen spree

    That intro scene all the zombies just kinda glided in... looked stupid as hell lol. Maybe I been watching too much days gone gameplay tho.

  • EckkoVoid

    All this game needs is constant updates and constant new maps. Id say you do that, this game will be around for a very long time.

  • Crimson X
    Crimson X

    So I get to deus vult zombies *BET*

  • Death Flame
    Death Flame

    The only thing I hate about this game is the fact that is epic games exclusive.

  • Hayden Lau
    Hayden Lau

    If this is based on the books they should absolutely do a battle of Yonkers level, a battle of Hope level, a blind Japanese old man, blowing up the mountain pass in India, and Canadian Rockies fighting cannibals as well as zombies.

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