World War Z - Before You Buy
World War Z (PC, PS4, Xbox One) is a third person co-op action game with lots of zombies. What's the deal? Let's talk.
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  • Christopher ruiz
    Christopher ruiz

    Still deciding if I should get it for pc or ps4


    If you enjoy this game, you’ll really like Days Gone.

  • Joy Rivera Miranda
    Joy Rivera Miranda

    Is there a way to dodge in this game ?? Like roll on the floor or something??

  • souksada vang
    souksada vang

    Please do before you buy black desert online for ps4

  • Index145 alex
    Index145 alex

    But why Epic Games store

  • How I start My Game
    How I start My Game

    Already have dis game:)

  • bonnie the bonnie
    bonnie the bonnie


  • Steven Shaneyfelt
    Steven Shaneyfelt

    ay guys they are actually adding character skins and accersories to the game later on.

  • Jaak Bertram
    Jaak Bertram

    great game for mindless blowing up shit body parts flying blood and guts flowing yep mindless blowing up shit …..ohhhhohhhh YYYYYEEEEAAAAhh

  • ThatTallGuy Ricky
    ThatTallGuy Ricky

    So no free roam

  • B R
    B R

    i am about to play it because i got it for free with my new AMD Ryzen 2400G. i am wondering how it will perform without dedicated video card. Division 2 actually plays well on 2400g with Vega 11.

  • Kelvin Abreu
    Kelvin Abreu

    where do i buy it ..someone answer please

    • Ian Minor
      Ian Minor

      You can get it on the PSN store, or the Xbox one store, or from epic games on PC.

  • Kelvin Abreu
    Kelvin Abreu

    what game platform is it on

  • CloudyCactus83

    Should I buy this game?

  • Igor Łuczak
    Igor Łuczak

    Eh, in my opinion Film Adaptation of the book was good.

  • Snickers

    why can't I pause it?

    • Kaylah Pierce
      Kaylah Pierce


  • FlapJacks20

    If you ever need to play with someone let me know

  • SkateOrDieSupra 7
    SkateOrDieSupra 7

    I'm glad I got this game platinum and it was a fun plat

  • Dev Grewal
    Dev Grewal

    Since the game just came out I hope the do add more customization.

  • Matthew Christie
    Matthew Christie

    I would like it if you had to earn the next level would be nice and hope they make more maps

  • Robert Clark
    Robert Clark

    wannabe l4d

  • Sky Volt
    Sky Volt

    Personally I'm not a fan of this game I was hoping it was gonna be open world type thing it was fun at 1st but after a few hours it was already boring kind of when I heard they were making a world war z game I was so hoping it was gonna be open world would have been so much better

  • Lunch review better then lunchtime review 0
    Lunch review better then lunchtime review 0

    Can you do a Review on rust



  • I stay getting hoed
    I stay getting hoed

    damn i know im late but should i buy this or day z???

    • SuperBearGamers

      I stay getting hoed You should get World war z

  • Cooper Williams
    Cooper Williams

    No they come after a couple secs

  • Daryl Dixon
    Daryl Dixon

    Did he say L4D did he? DID HE AWESOME

  • SpecialCharm15

    I never got to play l4d. Was really sad cause I've seen let's play and such and always thought it to be fun. Then I saw a WWZ let's play and was like I need this. I got it and not disappointed. Prob sunk about 50 hours into it already. It's just fun. The only problems I have with it is that I wish there were more levels which might come in the future, I play on Xbox and I think there's alot of achievements they could have added. Other than that I love playing this game, working on the achievements to upgrade all weps and buy all the perks in the game. Helluva grind especially the perks but I'll have fun doing it.


    “Medic for uh, medic stuff” I think we have ourselves a medic here 😂

  • Charlynne NewMusic
    Charlynne NewMusic

    *Is there a gore setting?*

  • Raymond St Paul
    Raymond St Paul

    You got my interest when you said you can play it off-line for single player cause I don't do the multiplayer stuff as of yet.

  • Christ. N
    Christ. N

    Is it just me. Or is this the devision zombiez lol

  • Kasier Wilhelm
    Kasier Wilhelm

    So glad this game is doing free dlc because the Tokyo Missions are Fire

  • Uliks Rexha
    Uliks Rexha

    this game came with my vega gpu after seeing it here wont even bother installing it...

  • Yamburger_535

    I had to install epic launcher for this :(

    • Jay-R Weber
      Jay-R Weber

      Is it safe already? I mean i want the game having doubts bec of egs

  • Petey B
    Petey B

    Looks Dope!!!!

  • ToadBox

    On ps4, does it need Playstation plus to play online?

  • JTB

    Would have bought this if it had Split Screen Couch/Local Co-Op. Oh Well.

  • Javy Vazquez
    Javy Vazquez

    This or dayz? Opinions?

  • Ádám Rőth
    Ádám Rőth

    looks so much better on PC

  • Systemerror1986

    I have this game for 3 weeks now, it's a nice game and quite a lot of fun if you play with friends. It offers 4 chapters with 3-4 levels per chapter for co-op mode up to 4. And then there is multiplayer which is like CS:GO with zombies. There was also a new update recently adding a new level to the last chapter Tokyo and a few fixes here and there. Overall it's fun, there are thousands of zombies, nice guns which you can upgrade etc. but i would say in about 10 hours or so you should have played the entire game, after that you just repeat everything on harder difficulties and CS:GO multiplayer style becomes quite repetitive after a short time. 7.5/10

  • New Generation
    New Generation

    If World War Z, and DayZ fucked, and had a baby...the game would be 🤙🏻🤙🏻🤙🏻🤙🏻🤙🏻

  • PristineJoe

    3e person is why I dont buy it!

  • Mashable

    It's too short :/I wish it was like State of Decay 2 so we could have survival open world mode :(

    • Hate

      What like a open world zombie mode

  • Fathan Rabbani
    Fathan Rabbani

    But whyyy, plesssseee add this to steam 😭😭

  • Ki Y Kim
    Ki Y Kim

    I still play L4D2. and waiting for 3 and still waiting and still waiting and still waiting.....

  • Safire S
    Safire S

    Is it open world


    Free roam plz

  • Raymond Mcschmit
    Raymond Mcschmit

    The fact that the AI is better than playing with randos makes the fact that you need PS Plus to play the game even more infuriating.

  • SavageCoco

    A before you buy on dayz

  • nohbody4561237

    Is it split screen

  • Shmucc Ducc
    Shmucc Ducc

    Was has been an awesome game so far but needs more customization and new ideas to renew it like the weaponization. Instead of getting those premise sets, you could customize your own like put an scope on your adult rifle and an extended mag on your shotgun. And maybe even duel wield a secondary like a pistol in one hand in a machine pistol in another. Another thing I think they should add is a infection mode where you play as the zombie just like cod or other games. Also I realized there was a lack in mobility, so I came up with a solution, instead of having a Molotov or a grenade have a grappling hook to get past a horde of zombies or escape from a tough situation.

    • Shmucc Ducc
      Shmucc Ducc

      *wwz* not was

  • Vlone Wulf
    Vlone Wulf

    Before you buy just buy this game its on sale ps store and its worth it pvp woth diffrent fun game modes and co op missions its fun if u like killing zombies and can be challenging

  • luqman 123
    luqman 123


  • Yaboi Carty
    Yaboi Carty

    So my question is is there free roam?

    • Jesus the normal guy
      Jesus the normal guy


  • Chrissy Angry Gamer
    Chrissy Angry Gamer

    I played this game for 10mins and I'm hooked it's a brilliant game tbf

  • Stuart Davis
    Stuart Davis

    A story mode???

  • Erik9821

    “I’m playing on PC, most of the footage is recorded on that”. Whose footage are we watching here then? It’s all recorded on xbox..

    • BakChoii

      Erik9821 He could be using an Xbox Controller

  • Spandex415

    It's on sale

    • xSkullyy


  • Hiipower Bitch
    Hiipower Bitch

    it gets boring this game needs more zombie types

  • Jonhatan Verdugo
    Jonhatan Verdugo

    Just got that game yesterday for my Xbox one s have you played it for the PS4 ?? What’s better for the Xbox. One or the ps4 ? Feedback appreciate it

  • Panos K.
    Panos K.

    Is it cross play?

  • Rasheed Ellison
    Rasheed Ellison

    You can’t even pause on offline mode like wtf

  • Mr.Blamochai

    before you buy, wait till it goes on steam. if it won't i rather pass on this game

  • Ocular

    10/10 buy it.

  • tellurye

    "Another friendless gamer" Yay, I thought I was the only one LOL. I prefer solo - I hate MP as I get stuck in a room with a bunch of foul mouthed 9 yr olds. LOL

  • Austin Elliott
    Austin Elliott

    Kinda wish there was a endles horde mod. Just survival no story really kinda like cod but fun

  • Cadet Garcia
    Cadet Garcia

    It’s a great game give it some love guys

  • scalz420

    damn those graphics are horrible and not scary at all, no ambient occlusion to make the zombies look darker/softer/scarier? They look bright and not scary at all. Maybe thats just the early part of the video

  • Yeon Sha
    Yeon Sha

    after looking at both of WWZ and DG, its not really suit for my taste. I don't know why, I think MGS5 far better than these zombie games. maybe it because you will ended killing those zombies and nothing to do with extraction, quarantine, patrol, recovering lost rare zombies, searching for remaining survivor(side mission) or whatever cool mission. but there's nothing is better than splitscreen zombie games.

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