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    • Janice Lawrence
      Janice Lawrence

      I love biannca as a mom

    • Audrey stone
      Audrey stone

      That is my dead uncles name it reminds me of him

    • Willie Carter
      Willie Carter

      Lol my dad birthday

    • Margarita Alicea
      Margarita Alicea

      I love your Channel I am your biggest fan

    • BL3AD x
      BL3AD x

      I have a cousin named Nova . He lives in Holland

  • Brentney Starks
    Brentney Starks

    I have a baby cousin name nova

  • Michelle Swanson
    Michelle Swanson


  • Rosemarie Fortune
    Rosemarie Fortune

    Beautiful name

  • Rosemarie Fortune
    Rosemarie Fortune

    Congratulations ๐ŸŽ‰๐ŸŽˆ๐ŸŽŠ

  • John Wick
    John Wick

    My sister name is mirale

  • Andrea Haskett
    Andrea Haskett

    name it miracle

  • Nevaeh Perez
    Nevaeh Perez

    Omg my name is nevaeh โค๏ธ

  • Bj the king
    Bj the king

    I got a cousin name nova that is a beautiful

  • Bj the king
    Bj the king

    My baby cousin name is paisley

  • ava_ volleyball
    ava_ volleyball


  • Tamika Forrest
    Tamika Forrest

    I love your new baby name and l love yโ€™all โค๏ธ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿฅฐ

  • Elvis Ibezim
    Elvis Ibezim

    should of named her heaven but i like nova

  • Linda Brown
    Linda Brown

    Nova is a pretty name for a girl

  • Akia Matthews
    Akia Matthews


  • Jenny Avila
    Jenny Avila

    Omg my sister's baby girl was supposed to be b0rn may4

  • Michelle Williams
    Michelle Williams

    I love itโคโคโค

  • ReidandAudrey Fichera
    ReidandAudrey Fichera

    Such a beautiful name!!! Canโ€™t wait to see her grow up!!! Love You Bianca,Damian,DJ,Kyrie and Nova Grace Princeโค๏ธ๐Ÿงก Love from Houstonโค๏ธ๐Ÿงก๐Ÿ’›๐Ÿ’š๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ’œ

  • Itsss Niyahhh
    Itsss Niyahhh

    Thatโ€™s uglyaca

  • Jerome Ellis
    Jerome Ellis

    Aw she was born on my twins birthday

  • Lps Ella
    Lps Ella

    When can we see what she looks like?

  • 18LadyAce

    her name is beautiful it has a beautiful meaning you guys did an awesome job with her name

  • PLLfreak15

    That's a beautiful name I like it a lot.

  • faith Faith
    faith Faith

    Nova is actually a very beautiful name. These haters need to back off if u gonna hate.

  • Brionna Moโ€™nae
    Brionna Moโ€™nae

    My name Brionna ๐Ÿ’•

  • The Di'Amore Family
    The Di'Amore Family

    Such an adorable name!!

  • Kawaiisquishy girl
    Kawaiisquishy girl

    My name is vanessa & stands for butterflys

  • Noelle Gillmore
    Noelle Gillmore

    i mean April 29th

  • Mrs. Right
    Mrs. Right

    Do you guys realize you throw the devil horns in all your videos?? Not sure if you realize but now you do...God bless your famโค

  • Laryiah Williams
    Laryiah Williams

    I canโ€™t believe you have a baby girl

  • Imsojazmin Hernandez
    Imsojazmin Hernandez

    April 29 is my sisterโ€™s birthday ๐Ÿคฃโค๏ธ

  • Alliana Pandi
    Alliana Pandi

    nova is pretty

  • i damas
    i damas

    Angelica is a cute name

  • Kinley Mammal
    Kinley Mammal

    You did not vlog the photo shoot

  • Kinley Mammal
    Kinley Mammal

    It is already May and you guys havenโ€™t told us

  • Christine Russell
    Christine Russell

    I knew you were going to have a girl. Congratulations with your Babygirl Nova Grace Prince outs a Beautiful name you guys did good! April 29th its also my cousins Birthday too.

  • Zanai Rosario
    Zanai Rosario

    My dogs name is Nova but I am not throwing any hate I SWEAR

  • Annakay Thomas
    Annakay Thomas

    Baby face Reveal

  • RJ Squad
    RJ Squad

    Her nickname should be novaboo

  • Jahnaya Brown
    Jahnaya Brown

    You guys have very good voice

  • Autumn Lisenby
    Autumn Lisenby

    My instagram said that Bianca is giving away a Iphonexr and I won it I donโ€™t know


    Yโ€™all had the right to hide the baby because this a personal matter and even we were here throughout the birth journey we donโ€™t have to every little thing revealing the babyโ€™s and stuff is personal they have no right to be mad

  • Zayy Babyy
    Zayy Babyy

    I donโ€™t understand why people are hating anyways, itโ€™s your guys baby, yโ€™all can do whatever you want. You do not have to explain yourselfโ€™s. And I thought the music video was cute, it left me shocked when I seen the end. I was real happy when I seen the baby. I thought that was creative, and I havenโ€™t seen anybody do that. Anyways congrats on babyyy girll.๐Ÿ’˜๐Ÿค—๐Ÿค—

  • Chiquita Stephen
    Chiquita Stephen

    Congrats. My birthday is the same day as Nova birthday.

  • Nieyonce Leon
    Nieyonce Leon

    Bianca has a nice voice

  • Bella Ertmer
    Bella Ertmer

    My middle name is grace!!!

  • Itโ€™sd Tv
    Itโ€™sd Tv

    congrats on baby nova

  • Larry Gibson
    Larry Gibson

    My bad I made a mistake and dislike but I changed it to a like don't be made at me Plzzz ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ž๐Ÿ˜ฉโ˜น๏ธ๐Ÿ™

  • Diamond Nasty
    Diamond Nasty

    Nova Grace Prince ๐Ÿ‘‘ Welcome ๐Ÿ™ To The Prince Family

  • Journey Harris
    Journey Harris

    journey is my name

  • Ulrika Notefors
    Ulrika Notefors

    OMFG!!!! my sister's daughter namn is nova๐Ÿฅฐ๐Ÿฅฐ๐Ÿฅฐ๐Ÿฅฐ

  • janaysha Bell
    janaysha Bell

    Congrats love u guys

  • Jake Fromstatefarm
    Jake Fromstatefarm

    Chevy Nova ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚. Just sayin

  • Courtney Plyler
    Courtney Plyler

    Birth vlog

  • Ruanda Van Willing
    Ruanda Van Willing

    Wow I absolutely love her names . God bless your family

  • J& D
    J& D

    She was born in my birthday moth โคโคโค

  • Meka Hickson
    Meka Hickson

    Iโ€™m in love with her name ๐Ÿ’“๐Ÿ˜

  • Kae Jeโ€™Ne
    Kae Jeโ€™Ne

    Yโ€™all donโ€™t gotta explain why u went mia โค๏ธ LIFE HAPPENS .. a new baby came into your life & thatโ€™s the most amazing thing ever ! you deserved that time .

  • Mel Rose
    Mel Rose

    People out here really feel entitled to know she had the baby! Like they are genuinely hurt ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฆ๐Ÿฝโ€โ™€๏ธ

  • LadyEmpressQueen

    Congrats on your new babygurl

  • Ashley Lowrie
    Ashley Lowrie

    Congratulations on yall baby girl

  • ELLA Shaw
    ELLA Shaw

    My middle name is grace

  • Pretty Sunday
    Pretty Sunday

    I love yโ€™all music video and yโ€™all are the best keep it up donโ€™t give up

  • Janeshia Foster
    Janeshia Foster

    Both of those names are in a move and a show

  • Ahma Jae Sumner
    Ahma Jae Sumner

    What about Ahmajae

  • Darden Life
    Darden Life

    You guys donโ€™t deserve hate itโ€™s your life take 2 years off idc you need time to spend with your family.

  • Suzie Adam
    Suzie Adam

    I love you prince family

  • Alea_ _Slimes
    Alea_ _Slimes


  • Unrau Farms
    Unrau Farms

    Our girls name is Nevaeh.

  • Murry Vill
    Murry Vill

    My name is grace u should name her gg that my mind name

  • Tasia Creech
    Tasia Creech

    Shit I kinda forgot about you guys ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ–ค

  • Candy Onee
    Candy Onee

    Hi this video..Nova grace ...that meaning is beautiful ..don't worry about what ppl's what makes u happy with your family that counts...if they going to love u for u unconditional that's what there going to do regardless.. God bless..much love..enjoy enjoy...

  • Itโ€™s GabbyRae
    Itโ€™s GabbyRae

    โ€œChasing butterflies in Godโ€™s Favorโ€โค๏ธ

  • Samiya Walker
    Samiya Walker

    What about"Dianna "

  • Michelle Johnson
    Michelle Johnson

    Omg congrats I been waiting for arrival ๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’œ

  • Iyana Veney
    Iyana Veney

    Love it the name

  • Ariel Moore
    Ariel Moore

    Omg my nephew was born April 26 2019

  • Brisa Ruby
    Brisa Ruby


  • Brisa Ruby
    Brisa Ruby

    Yโ€™all ainโ€™t did no baby birth video ๐Ÿ˜ญ

  • Rachel Nyiramutuzo
    Rachel Nyiramutuzo

    What a beautiful name ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐ŸŒŽโค๏ธ

  • Taylor Walker
    Taylor Walker

    My twin just had a new born and her name is novah

  • Nevaeh Mayweathers
    Nevaeh Mayweathers

    OMG my name is NEVAEH ๐Ÿ˜

  • jada Battles
    jada Battles

    When are you going to show her face

  • Vanessa Ponce
    Vanessa Ponce

    Pretty name ๐Ÿฅฐ They say it at 10:52

  • Qua Durham
    Qua Durham

    That is a pretty name for your baby girl

  • Allison Garza
    Allison Garza

    Anyone thought of Teen Mom , Briana daughter name is โ€˜novaโ€™ ๐Ÿ˜‚

  • Itzz Hailey
    Itzz Hailey

    Her name is unique and beautiful โค๏ธ๐Ÿฅฐ

  • Shante MoniQue
    Shante MoniQue

    They truly happy itโ€™s a beautiful thing โค๏ธ๐Ÿฅฐ

  • pretty green eyes
    pretty green eyes

    Yes baby girl nd she is a Taurus ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜ bee still got that bloated baby face yes yall they just hating on yall period that's all to it ๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿคง don't worry about them cute name NOVA โค omg aww to cute congratulations ๐Ÿฅณ๐ŸŽ‰

  • Pretty Kala
    Pretty Kala

    Ik a lot of girls with the name nova but itโ€™s still a pretty name ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ’ฏ

  • sister vlogs
    sister vlogs

    My birthday is April 30th ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญโ™ฅ๏ธโ™ฅ๏ธ . The babyโ€™s name is the cutest ๐Ÿฅบ๐Ÿฅบ!!


    I love you guys and I hope you show baby girl soon i support yโ€™all decision and and I subscribed ๐Ÿคฑ๐Ÿคฑ๐Ÿคฑ๐Ÿคฑ๐Ÿ‘ผ๐Ÿฅฐ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿผ๐Ÿผ

  • Queen Bri
    Queen Bri

    Awww Congratulations ๐ŸŽ‰ I Love YALL ๐Ÿ˜˜โœจ

  • Sainabou Kane
    Sainabou Kane


  • hunter scott
    hunter scott

    Welp i think the new baby will learn how to do pranks to then๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  • Millie Millzz
    Millie Millzz

    That's a beautiful name but I think of smoked salmon lol ..her bday is after my moms. I do love the meaning of her name ๐Ÿฅฐ๐Ÿฅฐ๐Ÿฅฐ

  • Henry Brew
    Henry Brew

    MY SISTER NAME IS NEVAEH yes what a good name

  • Breanna Murff
    Breanna Murff

    My pit bulls name is nova

  • Breanna Murff
    Breanna Murff

    My sisters name is brittney and my nameโ€™s Brianna

  • Ty Leakrsr.
    Ty Leakrsr.

    You should've named her Rihanni or Kamiyah

๋‹ค์Œ ๊ฒƒ