Tfue is NOT happy with Faze CLan
tfue, or ttfue is not too happy about faze clan right about now
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  • Dawn

    Tfue? More like Tsue

  • Barry Allan
    Barry Allan

    Screw Mary ham

  • Marija Babic
    Marija Babic

    Pewds talking about contracts with those glasses on is the funniest shit ever tbh

  • sub meh live stream after 10k sub
    sub meh live stream after 10k sub

    Iโ€™m sad about Poppy Gloria leaving, but I gotta admit that Mary Ham is pretty hot

  • Dalaly Dalalo
    Dalaly Dalalo


  • hello

    he looks so effortlessly cool in those sunglasses ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  • A Lot Of Videos
    A Lot Of Videos

    1:10 poods thx for being silent i couldve got my phone taken away

  • Tan Tommy
    Tan Tommy

    pewds is so WISE he is learning from phill-san

  • Omkar Parab
    Omkar Parab

    16:40 was in her mamas b**thole :'( #FeelingSad

  • EmEm

    What is Mary Ham hiding behind those glasses, #bringbackpoppygloria

  • ZombieMiezz

    Why has Jake Paul not all Team10 members as a tattoo? Would be hilarious. tfue reminds me of a German KR-myr named "Ungespielt". He made a video a few years ago about his network contract and how unfair it is and blablabla.

  • Dremsilruth

    Why haven't you rehired Poppy Gloria? I used to be a fan of your network but clearly pew-news has some ulterior motives.

  • Kaitlyn Olivia
    Kaitlyn Olivia

    The beginning of the video scared the shit out of my pet cat ๐Ÿ˜‚

  • Akureisenshi2

    First 5 seconds on repeat. The best!

  • Vance Biondo
    Vance Biondo

    10 million๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜ณ๐Ÿ™„ ten million what who

  • MadMaster8

    pew news is my drama channel

  • esraa Albalushi
    esraa Albalushi

    Tfue T-series THEY ARE SO CLOSETS

  • Killdrac

    1:37 daddy

  • Redfox96

    Pewds . . . Excuse me, Marry Ham you need to write apologies and sell them to lost youTubers

  • Jessica Nicole Faust
    Jessica Nicole Faust

    KR-my 2019๐Ÿ‘ โ€œitโ€™s the bestโ€ gosh I love the sarcasm in that bc itโ€™s so true. KR-my used to be so different๐Ÿ˜‘

  • Shana Gordon
    Shana Gordon

    Tfue seems like he don't realise how lucky to be where he is he comes across ungreatfull and arrogant

  • ฮšฮตฮทฮทฮณ.ฮตฯ‡ฮต


  • jack cough ben dover
    jack cough ben dover

    If faze gets shut down optic will be number 1

  • Richard Jenner
    Richard Jenner

    T series war is over

  • Mawna Bettchaieb
    Mawna Bettchaieb

    Pewdiepie : *** for True*** English captions : ***forty few***

  • jay oh
    jay oh

    T. Jew. Owes FaZe 3,000,000,000 easy. The goof.

  • Malki Family
    Malki Family

    Omg ๐Ÿ˜ฎ l love when he said dady

  • TYFlow

    Why are you keemstar now

  • Mc Donalds
    Mc Donalds

    Faze clan sucks theyโ€™re embarrassing

  • cure i nidza
    cure i nidza


  • Charles Brenchley
    Charles Brenchley


  • kylee

    Poor Poppy Gloria .

  • IIPhantom Wizard
    IIPhantom Wizard

    Tfue review

  • Beet L. Jooz
    Beet L. Jooz


  • Nr The gamer
    Nr The gamer

    T-series is the best

  • N0T_- KAL3W0
    N0T_- KAL3W0

    Tfue accuse faze clan for stream sniping

  • Dezslock

    PewDiePie again doing the apology for another person! What a soul he is!

  • FBI open up!!
    FBI open up!!

    1:37 DADDY!!!!

  • Tic Fue
    Tic Fue

    Stop insulting my Clan Pappa Gloria

    • jay oh
      jay oh

      Te Jew.

  • Knickle Films
    Knickle Films

    Over a game? this is too laughable

  • Kim Min soo
    Kim Min soo

    True more like Gfuel

  • Gabrielle Garcia
    Gabrielle Garcia

    1:34๐Ÿ˜‚ "Hey hes got my glasses...............DADDY"

  • The Hoosier Craftsman WORKSHOP
    The Hoosier Craftsman WORKSHOP

    ahhhhhhโ€ฆ.who cares !?

  • Virtual Sky Tate
    Virtual Sky Tate

    I was expecting the "the ranch ?" reply ?

  • James Stubblefield
    James Stubblefield

    Auto Claims?? What ever happened to innocent until proven guilty?

  • katneyl

    Poppy gloria please come back to us

  • sasa yaya
    sasa yaya

    I feel like pewds is the big dad teaching all other yters

  • YaYeVlad

    "Super Lawyer" Those are definitely words I don't want to hear if I'm getting sued.

  • Sprizys

    You just made his apology video for him

  • Butterfly Girl
    Butterfly Girl

    OMG am actually dying. Mary Ham is my grandmaโ€™s name .NOOOOOOO IM DYING ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  • luis mejia 98
    luis mejia 98

    Vengo a qui y nadie habla espaรฑol

  • Mauricio Pro YT
    Mauricio Pro YT

    is the tfue is am fortnite ai ninja

  • Lucas Miller
    Lucas Miller

    Lol, by the time I was 12 people were already giving me alcohol. Guess culture differences are pretty big.

  • Jack Is Life
    Jack Is Life

    Why is Pewds so damn good at apologizing for other ppl

  • zzeco _agustin
    zzeco _agustin

    Si ay algien que avle espaniol like



  • David van Muijden
    David van Muijden

    Holy shit I didn't think I would have ever seen Mumbo in a Pewdiepie video!

  • David van Muijden
    David van Muijden

    Tfue G fuel coincidence? I THINK NOT!

    • Ayso14126

      Your god

  • Renelle Tan
    Renelle Tan

    I sued fortnite for being the best game

  • Intelligent Gorilla
    Intelligent Gorilla

    I don't like Mary Ham. You had hammer time right so what about Maria Hammer?

  • Can Yฤฑlmaz
    Can Yฤฑlmaz

    The underage drinking thing is about h1ghsky1 I guess

  • mordecai

    Tfues drunk

  • Shani Asraf
    Shani Asraf

    Why get a lawyer when you can get poods?

  • McRazzler

    His world first Aksis solo in four phases was tremendous

  • Mirsad Handzar
    Mirsad Handzar

    Mary had a little Ham

  • KeatonMask

    Lol anyone mad at or unfollowing Tfue because heโ€™s suing a shitty ass KR-my organization thatโ€™s robbing him blind is an absolute moron.

  • banana hog
    banana hog

    What is that intro

  • Cabe Tachek
    Cabe Tachek

    1:35 Heโ€™s got my Glasses โ€œDaddyโ€


    Teef-Yoo instead of Tfue

  • jadosp gt
    jadosp gt

    imagine pew news In tv

  • F-00

    someone save h1ghSky1

  • Siep van der Meule
    Siep van der Meule


  • O Klomp
    O Klomp

    12:04 screen is censored 12:26 same screen but not censored ๐Ÿค“๐Ÿง

  • leah rose
    leah rose

    if you don't want someone taking most of your money, don't sign a contract that allows someone to take most of your money. dumbass. you couldn't pay a lawyer a few hundred dollars to read it over first? my sympathies are limited.

  • Sร‰3LDZ

    That smell is it...??? nINja and TfUE

  • aichan01

    That "daddy" tho

  • ะคะตะปะธะฟะต ะœะพั€ะธะผะธั‚ััƒ
    ะคะตะปะธะฟะต ะœะพั€ะธะผะธั‚ััƒ

    1:30 HAHAHAH Dr.Disrespect !

  • Philomathist

    You are aware 21 is the drinking age in the USA and itโ€™s really not okey to do that here...

  • Nikko Eusebio
    Nikko Eusebio

    Tfue is just a Kid. ๐Ÿ‘ถ

  • Stephwinsyouknow

    60 000$ That's an annual salary

  • Grey Ninja
    Grey Ninja

    How did u get custom captions?

  • Mr.Joker

    Sub tu my channel please...

  • Audrey Davis
    Audrey Davis

    Pewdiepie needs to make money writing youtuberโ€™s apology videos for them

  • Kenny Laysh
    Kenny Laysh

    All this drama of a children's game. Goot lordt.

  • VikTr0

    Honestly, I love pewds but I skip these videos more and more because I so much don't care about these random "internet celeb's" puny dramas...

  • salty default
    salty default

    H A M B O R G E R

  • Robin Nicole
    Robin Nicole

    When Felix does someone elseโ€™s apology video better then they did

  • Anthony Simmons
    Anthony Simmons

    Really did my boy Mumbo Jumbo like that

  • Nyrhtak Ingar
    Nyrhtak Ingar

    "Where is this place they're going to? The Ranch?" That's the best thing I've heard in a long time


    'Why my love doll is better than real woman'...

  • Saad Iftikhar
    Saad Iftikhar

    0:58 clash of clans players smack that like button!! XD

  • TomBug

    The James Charles drama dies the moment this pops up

  • Grandmas Moist MeatBalls
    Grandmas Moist MeatBalls


  • Louise Man
    Louise Man

    Voice of reason. Good to have someone like you on social media.

  • Nex & Omaray
    Nex & Omaray


  • Taylor

    I love how Felix always formulates an improved apology for every one that he watches, these people really should be consulting him at this point

  • Killer Playz
    Killer Playz

    Mary ham I have beer calling you calling you PewDiePie all these years

  • Godzilla

    It's not tfue, tfoo, or tfew. It's *TOFU*

  • Rubiks Master
    Rubiks Master

    12:35, pretty sure tfue needs glasses, look at that lazy eye.

  • Rubiks Master
    Rubiks Master

    In Jamaica you are allowed to drink at age 16, so bois, go there and you got it 5 years before its legal.

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