Super Mario 64 (dunkview)
The only Mario game with a gay rainbow bowser.
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  • Mage King
    Mage King

    I starter tearing up once that staff credits muaic started playing

  • Der Wämper
    Der Wämper

    You were going fucking South-north 😂

  • Electric Jazzcat
    Electric Jazzcat

    1:56 I approve😎

  • BulletFist

    Mario 64 was released in 1996. Dunkey is 30 year-old confirmed.

  • E G
    E G

    You are the Morgan Freeman of video games

  • StapleCactus

    Someone else remembers Funcoland!

  • Giant Pants
    Giant Pants

    This kind of review is the reason i subscribe to Dunkey. May your cows offer much milk Dunkey.

  • postbroadcast

    I always jumped on the penguin's head when crossing the bridge where it tries to blow you off.

  • Ryan Bahn
    Ryan Bahn

    Dunkey makes such high quality vids that I just get used to it. But this is probably one of the best edited, best written videos I've ever seen. Really shows how much he cares about this game

  • Pumkin Eater69
    Pumkin Eater69

    Ik it sounds mega retarded, but I kinda want Dunkey to do a dunkview on Minecraft. Talking about how much of a masterpiece the original game is and how it changed video gaming forever


    But can you be a tree?

  • vvvortic

    sunshine was better

  • Ryan Lol
    Ryan Lol

    You know, I’ve never thought about this and it’s a completely unrelated note, but BioShock Dunkview?

  • Trent

    Princess Toadstool’s castle sure looks like it could use some furniture! IKEA is the top furniture supplier for any needs! Speaking of furniture you should do an IKEA video!

  • clayton

    From when the staff roll started playing I started to tear up ngl

  • 420swag FaZe
    420swag FaZe

    Never played the original, but the remake for the DS was my favorite childhood video game

  • Bob-Central

    As my favorite game of all time I still tear up a bit hearing the end credits and I've heard them numerous times. This game holds a dear place in my heart and never falls short of amazing. I could play this game over and over again and still be in love. Thank you for all the wonderful memories Super Mario 64

  • LegoLover967

    Scientists say that if you go southnorth, you will enter the 2nd Dimension.

  • Sherman Lowery
    Sherman Lowery

    4:06 Mario looks a little different

  • cursedcookies

    I've had this game since 1997 and I still come back to it and replay it all over again from time to time, to this day. This was the first game I got because it came with our nin 64, and I am so glad it was my first game on that console. I have actually never played a mario game since cause they just aren't the same to me.

  • Tommy

    Abortion be like 4:16

  • AleXX

    Wow Dounkey I think you are the smartest on the KR-my from ever! I love you Dounkey please do more of the funny voice! P.S. Love the funny face!!!!

  • Mark Wilcox
    Mark Wilcox

    I remember playing Mario 64 on the Wii. Good times...

  • Paul

    i love this game

  • DavidCrypt

    I didn’t know you had this heartfelt side to you, I’m not dissapointed

  • DiamondHunter7

    They made 64 of these games?

  • Frozen Solstice
    Frozen Solstice

    the bunny and the monkey gave me ptsd

  • afmeister

    Dunkey, you display nostalgia better than anyone on youtube. Thank you friend

  • Old Cyril The Gaming Grandpa
    Old Cyril The Gaming Grandpa

    Could this be the game to finally dethrone SM2?

  • ChoJun

    4:18 damn cracked a giggle

  • Alice the Memelord
    Alice the Memelord

    This is a really great review But if you wanna be THE REAL GUY

  • Jhop273

    Timeless classic. Wanna replay

  • Random Reviewer
    Random Reviewer

    Shit man, you described this masterpiece better than IGN itself.

  • Jonathan Marquez
    Jonathan Marquez

    Remembering game grumps lets play of this... lmaooooo

  • Kevin Pereira
    Kevin Pereira

    "To me, Mario 64 is more than an important game, is an infinitely replayable wonder, is an airtight foundation that has shaped my thoughts on what videogames should strive to be. I love this shit"

  • Austin Thompson
    Austin Thompson

    Mario game tier list incoming please

  • Andres Olmos
    Andres Olmos

    Knack 64

  • Anthony Evans
    Anthony Evans

    honestly one of the best games of all time

  • The Gaming Geek
    The Gaming Geek

    “You were going South-North” 😂😂😂

  • Mochacocoa

    Now everyone go do yourself a huge favor and go watch dunkey’s playthrough of this game from way back when.


    No endless stairs? Or mention of the crazy amount of glitches you can exploit lmao

  • BashiFTW

    Dead at 4:17

  • El raro del barrio
    El raro del barrio

    My favorite game of all time. I literally have beaten this game more than 20 times 100%. Even today, I can just open the emulator (yea, call me pirateman), and finish this game in one whole afternoon without getting bored. I'm glad dunkey made a video about this. Thank you man.

  • Paliv

    Still can't believe one of the best games ever came for free with the N64. I'll never forget my mom getting me and my bro the N64 for Christmas and playing this, and Pilotwings for countless hours. So many good memories, thanks Nintendo :)

  • Jason Vic
    Jason Vic

    4:32 the music ugh

  • jimmythespy


  • iFightUFC

    do one on final fantasy 7 my guy!

  • Jadd

    You can sweep and side kick?

  • Blake Kelliher
    Blake Kelliher

    Put him in the coffin at this point..

  • BotsWhoGetSoftlocked

    This is inspiration

  • Demonic Zebra
    Demonic Zebra

    Never played it

  • Сенден Вх
    Сенден Вх

    Я не могу! Я просто ору!

  • sonradiant

    This video: a happy nostalgia fest that might make you cry His other videos: *"People who make video game movies have no souls and should burn in fucking hell"*

  • Jolly Kirby
    Jolly Kirby

    "uh oh." -dunky 2019

  • Gamerhandsjr

    I love you Dunkey for this

  • Anson

    I swear to god dunk if you dont bring back your playthrough of this game i will commit a warcrime against knack

  • Zachary Aycock
    Zachary Aycock

    Rip Satoru Iwata

  • TheCatLord XD
    TheCatLord XD


  • Nicholas Warfel
    Nicholas Warfel

    Mario 64 is pretty good, but the camera is, not so much

  • Kaito

    I really hope they never remake this game and spoil the original experience

  • Garfielf

    0/10 No lasaga

  • Grant Breidenbach
    Grant Breidenbach

    This game really makes you feel like Mario

  • Grant Breidenbach
    Grant Breidenbach

    This game really makes you feel like Mario

  • DoomKickTV

    Yet whenever games as art as a topic comes up nobody mentions this. Shame.

  • Matthew McNealley
    Matthew McNealley

    *drops penguin baby off a mountain* Him: oops

  • RitualJoker

    Mario 64 wasn't that great, your just a huge mario fan which is fine but to say this game is the best and it should lead by example is so biased.

  • SuperGorak

    cool game didnt know before will check out

  • the amazing Spider- tard
    the amazing Spider- tard

    More like drunkview

  • Adrian Pacheco
    Adrian Pacheco

    Joey Bonzoe wasn’t featured in this one

  • duck^v^

    Mario: too much for zblock

  • Grandpa Soldier
    Grandpa Soldier

    music at 1:26 ?

  • LooLooL

    Why can’t we just get a knack 3 already so donkey can beat sky at it.

  • Jalen Romero
    Jalen Romero

    Dunkey must tell me how to go south-north

  • Why Am I here
    Why Am I here

    64/10 dunko points

  • Tylor Nelson
    Tylor Nelson

    Please review Slain: Back From Hell

  • Just pretend im a YouTuber
    Just pretend im a YouTuber

    *p l a y s u p e r o o f i o 6 4 n o w*

  • James Eriksson
    James Eriksson

    Ha!! "First game to allow you to move around freely before this was wolfenstein and DOOM.

  • Appearing offline does not fucking stop it.
    Appearing offline does not fucking stop it.

    I remember receiving Mario 64 on Christmas 1999, I was only a child. I did not know what great wonders my uncle and my mother brought me, and I for that I love and appreciate the fact I got an Nintendo 64 with Super Mario 64 for free on the side being a poor child I asked for a PlayStation and didn't even know what a Nintendo was, but when I got it I was happy as fuck! I LOVE SUPER MARIO 64!!! Thank you Nintendo for making your consoles cheap! You truly care about your fan base to some extent! and thank you for the mario games!

  • downlowdofficial

    Dunk, you are a fucking national treasure.

  • Alec Pickup
    Alec Pickup

    Love dunkey's editing. The footage always lines up perfectly what he's saying, in these really visceral and microscopic ways. For example when he says "Mario 64 took those rules and annihilated them" and Mario is doing a triple jump on screen just *feels* so right.

  • typewhateveryouwant 25
    typewhateveryouwant 25

    Super Mario 64 = Jazz music I see it

  • David Tillman
    David Tillman

    Someone show this to Arin Hansen

  • Skol Rooster
    Skol Rooster

    There's something wired wrong with my brain, I just don't like 3D Platformers.

  • Spoden

    I saw Megaman X and I died irl

  • Martin McHendry
    Martin McHendry

    This was a lovely video. Took me right back to Christmas Day 1998... Cheers, Dunkey!

  • Kloobeey

    super mario 63 is for the pros

  • Spooked Bread
    Spooked Bread


  • luckycandy101

    Ah this game brings back memories

  • Mrmeguyme

    ngl i cried at the end of this. magical

  • Aadipie

    Says the game's like jazz and shows a man playing piano

  • Mama Ell Gaming
    Mama Ell Gaming

    One word: Perfection

  • Holden Caulfield
    Holden Caulfield

    0:22 I miss the K-A rating

  • nuen

    I feel like everybody has that one game that they can return to time and time again, and I think it’s safe to say this is his.

  • Knuckle Nine
    Knuckle Nine

    That piano still gives me ptsd

  • pufforange is orange
    pufforange is orange

    south north

  • Jimothy

    I'd give anything for a Switch remaster

  • hunter graves
    hunter graves

    I was raised the right way, I’m so glad I have Mario and and not fortnite, now this here, this here is real childhood

  • Lost Remnant
    Lost Remnant

    You didn't even rate the game so I don't even know if it's any good picking this game up or not

  • Ana Camuñez
    Ana Camuñez


  • AddSomeSoySauce

    This game makes you really FEEL like Batman

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