NLE Choppa - Shotta Flow Remix ft. Blueface (Dir. by @_ColeBennett_)
Lyrical Lemonade
Lyrical Lemonade Presents:
NLE Choppa - Shotta Flow Remix [ft. Blueface] (Official Music Video)

Directed + Edited by Cole Bennett
Song Produced by Midas 800
Director of Photography - Snyder Derival
Steadicam by Renard Cheren
Ex. Produced by Sal Tarantino

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  • Insta kennyriddle
    Insta kennyriddle

    Fresh prince music is much harder now

  • The Mystic Kid
    The Mystic Kid

    0:28 Im Hella Scared

  • LxcidBTW

    1:35 because 1:34 is over used

  • LukeSouza •
    LukeSouza •

    area 51: exists 1 million people tryna find a mark 2 raygun: 1:34

  • Ikierra Perez
    Ikierra Perez

    1:34 *me eating hotdogs doing young boy walk*

  • Ikierra Perez
    Ikierra Perez

    *him singing* blue face walks in:when you see a rat so you walk like you just woke up*

  • I take Ls
    I take Ls

    Nba 2k19 park events All the booters and delayers: 1:34

  • Garielle Yancey
    Garielle Yancey

    *Fun fact* _That fly at the beginning is a paid actor_

  • Keanu Mane
    Keanu Mane

    Scroll down the comments nd all I see is memes about blu fce pull in up🤣

  • pkyoung71 on PSN
    pkyoung71 on PSN

    if rapping ends up not working out for choppa, he could always be a pro hotdog flipper...

  • bamba massandjé
    bamba massandjé

    Fa the tiktok,Ig, nd the dumbsmash dancer... clicks at 1:33 !!!

  • MobsterJonGames

    Nobody: Camron Boyce: 1:01

  • Subscribe me For no reason
    Subscribe me For no reason

    *nobody* *blueface* *OuUUuU*


    I thought he was crip why he got red cups then

  • Unreal JacobV12
    Unreal JacobV12

    1:34 is what i live for...

  • Reaper HD
    Reaper HD

    Me: gets drafted in the nba My dad who left me 18 years ago: 1:34

  • Livestream Clips
    Livestream Clips

    Someone here just for his enterance Blue face Baby xD

  • king shann the 3
    king shann the 3


  • Alpzer YouTube
    Alpzer YouTube

    When i didn’t do the dishes and mom comes home 3:00

  • tired boi
    tired boi

    Cole Bennett: we got hoes, we got cars, we got mansions, what you want? nle choppa:call my friends

  • Xavier Dusett
    Xavier Dusett

    Just me or the autotune that he uses makes him sound like water

  • Jeyry 10
    Jeyry 10

    Tell me why this dude dancing like he trying to take gum out of his shoe at 0:39

  • anthony!!!

    I finnaly loose my virginity *STDs* : 1:34

  • EL1T3_ V3N0M
    EL1T3_ V3N0M

    5-13 year old army pulling up to Area 51 1:34

  • Luke Saia
    Luke Saia

    1:34 my mom walking in my room after seeing one single dirty spoon in the sink

  • Bot Kong
    Bot Kong

    1:34 when you come into class late being a senior


    Mom: u didn’t go to the Area 51 raid did u? Me: nah The alien I brought home comin out the closet like ET: 1:34

  • Broman The Bowman
    Broman The Bowman

    Lil Nas X Fans: Surely he won't make another Old Town Road Old Town Road Area 51 video: 1:34

  • Broman The Bowman
    Broman The Bowman

    Girl: Changes bio from taken to single Literally everyone: 1:34




    “Sad” song: exists 14 yr old “depressed” girl: 1:34

  • boucy_ballz

    Every super hero: fight thanos and died Captain marvel: 1:34

  • Axerz

    Kid: when I grow up I wanna be- Global warming: 1:34

  • Alamkan Countryball
    Alamkan Countryball

    First day back of school: *Going well* Me: 1:34

  • ッChildishLumi

    *Noone:* Comments: 1:34

  • Danny Polich
    Danny Polich

    xxxtentaction: *dies* His mom: 1:34

  • champion gamer08
    champion gamer08

    Me: playing xbox peacefully My brother knowing i have been on longer than 30 minites 1:34

  • Adam Pacheco
    Adam Pacheco


  • Jeremy Howe
    Jeremy Howe

    Did I just hear this wrong or did Blueface just say “Tracy McGrady from the Pistons” at 2:08

  • MrsNise0404

    People at Area 51 : where the aliens 1:50 US military: 1:34

  • Basketball72

    Me: Tries to enjoy the summer Mosquitoes: 1:34

  • goku son
    goku son


  • Lil byson
    Lil byson

    Unvaccinated kid: when I grow up I wanna be a- Polio: 1:50

  • RaspberryFantas

    1:50 When you fuck your sister and she says ”you fuck just like uncle blueface”

  • bikerboy72

    Bet you never met a nigga love swimmin pull up like Tracy McGrath from the pistons 😂😂😂

  • MrFifiFTW

    Me trying to cook: 1:26

  • Owl Gaming
    Owl Gaming

    nobody every homeless person when they see you get a family meal at kfc 1:34

  • XD Pepper
    XD Pepper

    Who else here bc of memes

  • Kaneal Rivera
    Kaneal Rivera

    Blue face is trash

  • Daily Dose Of Nick Kurs
    Daily Dose Of Nick Kurs

    Germany: don't let USA join the war! Japan: does Pearl harbor USA: 1:34

  • Isaac

    Germany: “don’t get USA on this war!!” Japan: **dose Pearl Harbor** USA: 1:34

  • Ninja power
    Ninja power

    1:37 when I come out of area 51


    How you get fried chicken at a BBQ ???

  • Ayanna Hatchell
    Ayanna Hatchell

    blueface smile is so cuuutteee 😼!

  • 2001 zen
    2001 zen

    1:17 when the flies coming for you at the cookout

  • 2001 zen
    2001 zen

    0:51 they hit that hoe too clean

  • Infinity Gaming
    Infinity Gaming

    2:16 When You Smash Her 2:20 When Your Friends Find Out 3:00 When Your Parents Come Home

  • Switch

    Is it just me or dose NLE Chopper have a short neck

  • TJjetset

    NGL Blueface didnt say nun

  • Enok Nivlac
    Enok Nivlac

    0:28 when you touch your first boobs

  • Викторин Резников
    Викторин Резников

    *Lil Nas X comes out* James Charles: 1:34

  • Brantheman08


  • TFG_Toad

    this is how many remixes NLE is going to do of shotta flow | \/

  • Official jonjon
    Official jonjon

    People who survived Area 51 walking into their houses like 1:34

  • DANJKID 21
    DANJKID 21

    When i get in class late 1:34

  • Lil Freejoles
    Lil Freejoles

    Only people who watch friends will get it Chandler Monica when she lost weight: 1:34

  • ///chicken\\\ ///nuggets\\\
    ///chicken\\\ ///nuggets\\\

    The flys annoyed the fuck out of me


    Dad gone for a childs whole life *kid goes to the draft* Dad: 1:34

  • Jane Jane
    Jane Jane

    Play this in 0/25 speed at 1:35 Nle Moans

  • Im Drac0
    Im Drac0

    How I pull up after the school shooter kills everyone but I was playing dead: 1:34

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