Minecraft Hunger Games w/ James Charles
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  • Sam Pound
    Sam Pound

    I’ve watched every episode but this, disgusting faggots smh.

  • Hmanuel07 Anime Lord
    Hmanuel07 Anime Lord

    Finally a more ambitious crossover then infinity war

  • KawaiiShoppe

    The collab I never knew I needed

  • Its3dNOW


    • Sam Pound
      Sam Pound

      Its3dNOW right?

  • The Happy Cajun
    The Happy Cajun

    Victory screech REEEEEEEEEEEEE

  • Jordan Gonzalez
    Jordan Gonzalez

    no gumball dont

  • Cionic


  • IkMan

    bruh i have the same headset as james charles, corsair void pro

  • lunar bean
    lunar bean

    Wait hold on...what.

  • BassBoostCentral


  • doruk tdm
    doruk tdm

    Wow pew have girlfriend

  • SY's Music
    SY's Music

    pewdeipie is a sister

  • ExPoza

    This is actually fun to watch

  • nyquil michael
    nyquil michael

    james charles: *dies* james charles: *screeches*

  • nyquil michael
    nyquil michael

    hi sisters!

  • Random Gummy Bear
    Random Gummy Bear

    Sister Fister🤣

  • Random Gummy Bear
    Random Gummy Bear

    Their personalities merge perfectly!

  • Lulu Pop
    Lulu Pop

    Felix supporting James Charles by degrading other player's names 😂💯

  • Kat is not cool
    Kat is not cool

    I love this , even if I do hate James (I just think he’s annoying) I just think it’s sweet how felix and then two are playing together

  • H H
    H H

    i have the same headset as james charles

  • moomooman 77
    moomooman 77

    Watch out for technoblade looking for kills

  • April Bennett
    April Bennett

    The crossover we didn’t expect but the crossover we needed

  • Lily O’Leary
    Lily O’Leary


  • Arif Aksoy
    Arif Aksoy

    He Is she

  • the skeleton
    the skeleton

    Wait James Is Wearing Makeup

  • Frances S.
    Frances S.

    This makes me so happy to see & I have no idea why 😂 IWENJWSNKEESNWW sister fister

  • smooth collision
    smooth collision

    no teaming.....but in Hunger games...they actually teamed?!?! dah fuck?

  • jesus vargas
    jesus vargas

    I cant belive this just how could you

  • aunesty jones
    aunesty jones

    Oof this hit my Minecraft nostalgia real hard

  • nitro nick
    nitro nick

    Idk what was more painful at the video pewdiepie james or both *technoblade for the win*

  • TʜᴇAʀᴄᴛɪᴄ

    7:40 *takes the leather pants and put it back inside the chest*

  • Ella123456789

    James is playing as Laurence Zvahl lmao

  • Savannah Hoculock
    Savannah Hoculock

    wait... so watching this... im not a bro? im a sister? this is confusing me AND first I though this was fake cause ive never seen these to colab

  • TanakaTora Plays
    TanakaTora Plays

    Yo I hate how James slowly edges towards the camera while licking his lips

  • sandis6980

    8:12 no, they're dead to med and then dies himself😂

  • Unknown_ Gamer
    Unknown_ Gamer

    He hates him :few weeks later...: plays with him

  • AmazingCA :D
    AmazingCA :D

    So THIS is why he didnt get 1 mil likes or more :○

  • DoesntMatter

    The impossible just became possible.

  • Seth Parker
    Seth Parker

    H I S I S T E R S

  • MC Draws
    MC Draws

    “Where are you?” “Yes”

  • Marina LovesCatsz
    Marina LovesCatsz

    Does anyone else feel like James is doing all the hard work and pewdiepie is just dieing and not trying

  • L S
    L S

    “james charles just called me bad at minecraft this is the worst day of my liiife”

  • Kaylee Netemeyer
    Kaylee Netemeyer

    You ruined Minecraft for me

  • yeetus

    im hungry

  • imagandako

    WAIT. WHAT?!

  • jυѕтacυp oғтae
    jυѕтacυp oғтae

    *_HeY siStErs_*

  • raphz

    Its 2019 where james charles plays mknecraft monday

  • raphz

    hell no

  • Naruto Uzumaki
    Naruto Uzumaki

    Frick tally mark: over 9,000

  • Haley Floden
    Haley Floden

    james: "thats such a noob mistake" felix: *jumps and shocked face*😂💀 felix: "ill kill as many fany accounts as i god damn please" I cant rn🤣💀

  • Daisy Jones
    Daisy Jones

    How do you get onto that server or game?

  • KimiLy

    My two KR-my worlds colliding..

  • mao james
    mao james

    Lazarbeam was here...

  • Ari the Snowman
    Ari the Snowman

    James Charles isnt vegan

  • Alice Tehaki
    Alice Tehaki

    james charles: casually just picks his nose me: you see if the world didn't say that picking your nose and farting is disgusting we would've of just been comfortable with each other instead of letting it build up

  • John Israel Mercado
    John Israel Mercado

    Who is here because of lazar??? Just me?? Oke

  • yes this is selina
    yes this is selina

    technoblade never dies

  • it’s Me Mia
    it’s Me Mia

    James should let them fight and then when the guy was on low percent then kill them on sec to last

  • Røse . S
    Røse . S

    Felix needs to get his makeup done ASAP 😂😂

  • *_-Reeseii-_*

    holy poop I didn't realize this wasn't a joke

  • Petar Stevkovski
    Petar Stevkovski

    I'm proud of James cause he's playing Minecraft.

  • SS _ rose
    SS _ rose

    Did any1 realized Felix has bros and James has sisters😂

  • Wookie

    battle royale u mean ;)

  • plushboy 596
    plushboy 596

    You stole that thumbnail from popularmmos

  • Jonah Azevedo
    Jonah Azevedo


  • Cocoa Cat
    Cocoa Cat

    Actually revolted

  • a person with trust issues
    a person with trust issues

    i love how every time felix says james’ name, he always has to say *james charles*

  • Chai Garcia
    Chai Garcia

    800k subs more to make 100millions subs boi

  • Admiral Tito
    Admiral Tito


  • D4RK from Z3RO
    D4RK from Z3RO


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