Marvel Studios' Avengers: Endgame - Official Trailer
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Whatever it takes. Watch the brand-new trailer for Marvel Studios’ Avengers: Endgame. In theaters April 26.
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  • Gorxib Q
    Gorxib Q

    Black widow: *Practicing shooting pistol* Thanos: "Am I a joke to you?"

  • Stogie2112

    People keep mocking Natasha and her little gun, but no one says anything about Barton and his bow & arrows.

  • tomdixon14

    I'm kinda nervous for Marvel because if they mess this one up all hell is breakin' loose

  • Clarita Samarani
    Clarita Samarani

    2 trailers without thanos Me:BRING ME THANOS!! (If cap dies, I will die after him)

  • Mike Kelly
    Mike Kelly

    Anyone know what song they use for this?

  • Arsaka Abimanyu
    Arsaka Abimanyu

    I've been watching this for 68 times now

  • Deji Adeleye
    Deji Adeleye

    Dang it, everything was beautiful up until 2:11!

  • ryan McKenna
    ryan McKenna

    This is literally 3hrs and 2 minutes 😱

  • Jason Diaz
    Jason Diaz

    Why do I keep waiting for Deadpool to appear 💀 that other trailer ruined this one for me 😂

  • TrevorBOB

    I literally cannot be any more hyped for this

  • That Generic Video Gamer
    That Generic Video Gamer

    Thor: I like this one Thor:ANOTHER *THROWS HER TO THE FLOOR*

  • Succuba

    1:43 How is she going to help exactly?

    • Stogie2112

      Did you ignore her and Barton's contributions in all the other Avengers films? The battles take place on many fronts.

  • FireFlash

    I’m going to go in the premiere... Whatever it takes....

  • Olivier Hamelin
    Olivier Hamelin

    Some people watch this trailer once and move on... Not us Not us

  • Dao Elda
    Dao Elda

    Here is how I would build the story: Due to Thanos not only did half of all beings die, some beings were able to escape their prisons; Shadewalkers, Wraiths are moving over the earth wrecking havoc, all heroes on earth fight them off - back to their pocket dimensions, due to the heroes destroying those, a certain dimensional pocket starts to collapse and with it wakes up the former master of "infinity stones". This master was different to Thanos, acquiring these "stones" yet merely studying them, finding some laws they exist by. One such 'binding the wielder to their will' in a way to force the wielder to use their power. This master however wanted only to be free rejecting the "stones" interference and thus the stones manifested more and more potentials, dangers to the masters life. The master in his understanding of the "stones" forged his own imitations able to negate the influence of the set of infinity stones. Free from the bindings, this woman with an aura predominantly of emerald-green as well as hints of sapphire-blue and heliodor-yellow, can manifest some powers, as for example empowering others, but nothing to protect herself directly. She also hands over her ring to the one she believes could protect her and the world, in part due to it having only limited power and being freed from the stones she herself does not need the ring any longer, though she might still die at the hands of the new master. Thanos forced by the stones, as he has to manifest his destiny as reality by the bindings of the stones, moves to kill this woman and confronts the heroes of the universe, with a terrifying might. After that something old something new something borrowed something blue

    • FireFlash

      Dao Elda interesting

  • Cian

    I have a slight theory about the movie. In an interview several of the cast has talked about a scene in either infinity war or endgame where everyone is in it from people like Michelle phifer and Michael Douglas who we now know wasn’t in infinity war so the scene they were talking about must be in endgame. So my theory is I believe that one of the avengers will wield the gauntlet ( probably Tony or Steve) and they will use it to bring back everyone. I think this will be really cool as it will have the whole mcu cast in one place and the Russo brothers have talked in an interview with the huffington post about what characters died off screen and they mentioned people like Betty Ross and sif who died and also that people like Jane foster shuri and korg were too spoilery to say. So I think this would be a brilliant way to bring everyone back especially for people like Jane foster Betty Ross and sif who haven’t been seen in the mcu for a while Thank you and a goodnight

  • Antoine Lavoie
    Antoine Lavoie


  • Almighty Trash
    Almighty Trash

    thought everyone died in the last one

  • bob loblaw
    bob loblaw

    No one: J.K Rowling:thanos will jerk the hulk off in end game with the infinity gauntlet

  • Jai Norman
    Jai Norman

    Will their be another villian after thanos?

  • candugiful

    Captain marvel goes back in time and beat thanos and everyone come back to life!

  • Chris Roy
    Chris Roy

    From the dust we came and to the dust we shall return.

  • l0nely 天使
    l0nely 天使

    Was that stormbreaker or mijolnir?

  • Model RC
    Model RC

    They have to make a reference of ant man jumping into Tqhano’s butthole

  • Haylie G
    Haylie G

    You realize how, in a year, all the comments all gonna be *2020 anyone?* And all y’all people in 2020 all gonna be laughing at how *we* ARE FRIKIN SUFFERING CAUSE WE GOTTA WAIT FOR THIS FRIKIN MOVIE TO COME OUT ON REDBOX!

  • l0nely 天使
    l0nely 天使

    The suits are boring.Thats the only bad thing about this trailer.

  • CrAzY x Bones
    CrAzY x Bones

    I will do..... Whatever it takes....... not to cry! 😥😭😢

  • Pragyan Dewan
    Pragyan Dewan

    Nope it is the stormbreaker

  • Sergio Eduardo
    Sergio Eduardo

    So stoked for this movie who else?

  • NuthinButAG

    ***I will not go to the restroom during this movie*** ***I will not go to the restroom during this movie*** ***I will not go to the restroom during this movie*** ***I will not go to the restroom during this movie***

  • Stogie2112

    In the trailer, Barton is training a girl/young woman to shoot a bow. That girl cannot be Lila Barton, the daughter whom we saw in "Age of Ultron". She was only about 6 years old. The events of "Infinity War" take place three years after "Age of Ultron". Lila would be about 9 years old at the time of the Decimation.

    • Cian

      Stogie2112 it might the mcu equivalent of Kate bishop

  • Festus Mwangi
    Festus Mwangi

    Who else is rewatching some Marvel movies after watching the trailer? 😁😁

  • GamingTranding


  • Ultimate Legends SM
    Ultimate Legends SM

    How could 45,000 people dislike this

    • Ultimate Legends SM
      Ultimate Legends SM

      +GamingTranding that's probably true

    • GamingTranding

      dc fans

  • Michael Robinson
    Michael Robinson

    You think Mr. T did Hawkeyes mohawk

  • DonZilla

    I don’t understand how one may dislike the video. Like what?

  • Andy Phan
    Andy Phan

    Is captain mavel in avenger endgame

  • Chris E.R
    Chris E.R

    i cant wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sad Ken Huhu
    Sad Ken Huhu

    Thanos’ Mom: Take out the trash. Thanos: How dare you.. I have *Infinity Gauntlet!* Thanos’ Mom: -gets the *Infinity Slippers* -

  • Honza Zemánek
    Honza Zemánek

    This will be the movie of the year 2019!

  • Subz G
    Subz G

    Cant wait to go midnight release for this.

  • Anonymous Gamer Playstation
    Anonymous Gamer Playstation


  • Siyabonga Zuma
    Siyabonga Zuma

    I think Clint's daughter will disintegrate from Thanos's snap after that trailer scene, which will make Clint come out of retirement. Just a thought

  • Darby Thompson
    Darby Thompson

    the hype is real, this is going to be epic af

  • Chas Puleo
    Chas Puleo

    Is it me or does the Capt. Marvel smirk look CGI'd?

  • Pragyan Dewan
    Pragyan Dewan

    It is the stormbreaker.

  • Pragyan Dewan
    Pragyan Dewan

    In 2:20 geuss which hammer does this have in his hand

    • Stogie2112

      MC Hammer?

  • Eljunior Cen
    Eljunior Cen

    PewDiePie:what ever it takes to stop t series

  • Andro'5 World
    Andro'5 World

    is it just me or the trailer seems to be crap, like one of those fan made trailers that are fake and are just a bunch of scenes from other movies and like some dramatic short quotes in the background hahah lmao

    • Stogie2112

      It was a brilliant move on Marvel's part. They're both excellent TEASERS. This film, above all, requires teasers, as it would be marketing suicide to give away the plot. They give just enough to rev up our anticipation and desire to see it.

  • Tricking Guy
    Tricking Guy

    Its amazing how exciting this trailer is given just how little it actually shows us

  • Bootlegman2.13

    Wait wouldn’t iron man have an iron man suit and not one just like the other people

    • Cian

      Bootlegman2.13 that is also what I was confused about since war machine has a different type of suit you wud think tony would have one too

  • Ishmehar Singh
    Ishmehar Singh

    Outta 254K comments you found mine Here's a cookie for you 🍪

  • bogustoast22 none
    bogustoast22 none

    Who was that blonde woman at the end?

    • Cian

      bogustoast22 black widow duhh did u see infinity war

  • Sandy The Mop
    Sandy The Mop

    *1 month bois!!*

  • Da Trevmeister
    Da Trevmeister

    Thor's hammer should've slammed into Captain Marvel, "oops, sorry."

  • EEL on MUSK
    EEL on MUSK

    When people ask "What do you do?" Tell them "Whatever It Takes"

  • KingPhoenix1329


  • Chris A
    Chris A

    That pause and then Tony's " Whatever it takes " Goosebumps

  • That guy Deege
    That guy Deege

    What ever it takes...

  • Flowkie

    i almost cry everytime i see a marvel trailer

  • ZX gamer
    ZX gamer

    Hulk vs thanos 2

  • Stogie2112

    Alas, the reports of tickets going on sale today were FALSE. 😠😠

  • Padam Singh
    Padam Singh

    Whom 2 u think are and were the king of marvel According to me Robert Downey Jr And one and only Stan lee

  • Tony Stark
    Tony Stark

    50 %

  • Cheri Dowers
    Cheri Dowers

    I like when they're wearing the new suits that was the best part of the trailer

  • Cheri Dowers
    Cheri Dowers

    I put 1,000 likes for that trailer

  • GreenTech PT
    GreenTech PT


  • Bigboy Pockets
    Bigboy Pockets

    What if Thor gets 2 hammers since there going back in time.

    • Brent Sohlden
      Brent Sohlden

      *smashes in thanos' head from two sides at the same time.* but then it wouldn't be pg13 unless it wasn't expressly shown.

  • Akesh PUBG king
    Akesh PUBG king

    Its actually 160M Views But because Of Thanos Snap 👌...

  • AIMA .J
    AIMA .J

    i am lowkey dying. the music aaaah

  • Wakanda ScottyB
    Wakanda ScottyB

    It has been confirm that Avengers: Endgame will be 3hrs and 2 min!!! Let’s go!!!!

  • Stampylong nose
    Stampylong nose

    What’s sad is that Spider-Man and Cap will never really have a friendly conversation when not fighting

  • Nifi

    Thanos is like yasuo his team fighting but he farming

  • Padam Singh
    Padam Singh

    This trailer is not full because of the thanos snap and till now star lords space ship oxygen is left

  • coolbone TR
    coolbone TR


  • Kenneth Pinto
    Kenneth Pinto

    1:12 (spoiler) bananas moved on Now we don't have to watch endgame WHATEVER IT TAKES

  • Enzobr791

    1:18 He´s holding the hank pym lab.Look at his arm move

  • Fire ice wolf
    Fire ice wolf

    Who do dislike? Thanos and his team

  • abderrahim jaouhari
    abderrahim jaouhari

    officially the movie is 3 hours and 2 minutes OMG

  • Oh_yeah _yeah
    Oh_yeah _yeah

    Who else is waiting for the imax trailer

  • Tommy gun
    Tommy gun

    Wakanda 4 ever Rest in peace t'chala

  • It's Kenzie
    It's Kenzie

    Official runtime of this film is 3 hours and 3 minutes. Me: I won't go to the bathroom during this movie, whatever it takes, whatever it takes

  • Guilherme Gouveia
    Guilherme Gouveia

    Aqui está seu comentário brasileiro que procura

  • Pew Brad
    Pew Brad

    Cover up the room walls. Engage all electric shock and photons absorbers. AND Get Thor and Captain Marvel Vibranium bed.


    Hawkeye wasn’t in Infinity War because he was too busy playing tag with his friends

  • Yash ojha
    Yash ojha

    first marvel movie that exceeds trilogy!


    is cool

  • 8uddha TM
    8uddha TM

    So we gonna ignore that Hawkeye and Blackwidow scene is on the guardians of the galaxy space ship

  • D3CB3LL2007

    This looks fire

  • Johan Johansson
    Johan Johansson

    Brie Larsson Made me not watch this movie

  • Josh

    Why doesn't tony have an armor on at 1:57?


    Today is a change to take it all back but we will, whatever it takes Avengers Assemble MARVEL STUDIOS AVENGERS: ENDGAME OFFICIAL TRAILER.

  • Dilenia Pineda
    Dilenia Pineda

    u ññm m. ..n. un..m n7j ). /7ñu?+, ouu

  • Zelos Wilder
    Zelos Wilder

    *[Holland:]* As far as the people are concerned You have to serve, you could continue to serve *[Downey:] * No! One last time The people will hear from me One last time And if we get this right We're gonna teach 'em how to say goodbye You and I *[Holland:]* Mr. Stark, they will say you're weak *[Downey:] * No, they will see we're strong *[Holland:]* Your position is so unique *[Downey:] * So I'll use it to move them along *[Holland:]* Why do you have to say goodbye? *[Downey:] * If I say goodbye, the fandom learns to move on It outlives me when I'm gone

  • Dory Bustani
    Dory Bustani

    they gonna lose

  • JediX Star
    JediX Star

    Thank you Chris Pratt for this movie

  • AaronCF


  • Mood1n

    i gotta see this

  • ירין איסקוב
    ירין איסקוב

    A song for thanos: Roses are red Will smith is blue I'v got fingrs And the middel one for you

  • Ashish Joshi
    Ashish Joshi

    Everyone: whatever it takes Gamora:aaagghh

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