Marvel Studios' Avengers: Endgame - Official Trailer
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Whatever it takes. Watch the brand-new trailer for Marvel Studios’ Avengers: Endgame. In theaters April 26.
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  • Mathias Pedersen Explained
    Mathias Pedersen Explained

    The best movie in history

  • Randy Stevenson
    Randy Stevenson

    Who wouldve knew Loki was right the entire time about Thor not being worthy of the throne. The Loki that got away is gonna be pissed that Thor finally realized it himself and gave the throne to a girl.

  • Adiayu Pro
    Adiayu Pro

    best movie i have ever imagined in world

  • Sagecedar


  • syvogtres

    THIS-IS-AB-SO-LU-TE-LY-hollywood-C.R.A.P. Yet another Marvel for-money-rape of ancient cultures and religions.

  • Slimey

    Infinity war: Mr.Stark i don't feel so good Endgame: Mr.Stark dont go

  • Reza Abbasi
    Reza Abbasi

    Oh My God😵😵😵

  • SSJGRehan

    I keep telling people to move on.. Some do. *Bananas.*

  • Lori Bryant
    Lori Bryant

    It’s the stuff from fortnite

  • Zrayne Gaming
    Zrayne Gaming

    Iron man died

  • kilari venkateswarlu
    kilari venkateswarlu

    Why is this the best trailer ever made !!!!

  • Steve DF
    Steve DF

    this is so cool!

  • Admire Sewada
    Admire Sewada

    I’m out here still wondering why this movie still have more than 50k dislikes

  • RobloxKellyPlayz

    Avatar: Ha! Endgame won't beat us! *Endgame comes out and breaks records* Avatar: You got to be shitting me

  • Carl Giuliano
    Carl Giuliano

    Did they bring Stan Lee back?

  • Georgy K.
    Georgy K.

    I love you 3000!!!

  • Fenn Droge
    Fenn Droge

    I Watched Avengers Endgame 2 times

  • Yardanos Mesfen
    Yardanos Mesfen

    Who do you think is the most badass best villain thanos or Darth Vader?

  • Valdir Santos
    Valdir Santos

    Eu já assisti o filme

    • Valdir Santos
      Valdir Santos

      No cinema

  • r2flanet

    Nice, Avengers Endgame came out 1 month ago in theaters (Opening night) Congratulations Endgame. We love you 3000

  • EverySpot7

    My dream THANOS gets his stones and snap again! *D.C universe disappears*

  • Ankit Kalavadiya
    Ankit Kalavadiya

    those 50k+ dislikes are from DC superheroes.

  • Md imran Khan
    Md imran Khan

    I love iron Man

  • Jason Kendall
    Jason Kendall

    This movie may be one of the most ridiculous things I’ve ever seen .

  • Safika Mahamud
    Safika Mahamud

    54k likes from DC fans.

  • Azwa Mazelan
    Azwa Mazelan

    I love you ❤❤❤ 3000 ironman 😢😢😢

  • Vidhu Saji
    Vidhu Saji

    "I am ironman"

  • I_ Wonder!
    I_ Wonder!

    I wanna watch this again

  • David Smith
    David Smith

    Over hyped rubbish film promoting social engineering propaganda. Time travel was just lazy writing. We now have a black Captain America, bisexual Asgardian queen, and a feminist Mary Sue Captain Marvel. You MCU fans enjoy your inclusion nonsense featuring feminist, LGBTQ, and forced ethnic diversity characters.

  • śhübhãm __
    śhübhãm __

    Love u 3000

  • linda chikhoune
    linda chikhoune

    🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 FIRE FIRE

  • Kate Wempe
    Kate Wempe

    Godzilla king of the monsters is better

  • TrailBoi

    Just 3 hours? I wish it was more


      TrailBoi wait for the Blu-ray or directors cut, bet theirs tons of fuckin footage they cut out for time

  • Seijuro Akashi
    Seijuro Akashi

    There are people who stopped watching Marvel movies after Endgame Some do, BUT NOT US..

  • Pelon Montiel
    Pelon Montiel

    Was this a good movie????????????

  • Preston Alonz
    Preston Alonz

    Villans in Avengers 5 NOOBMASTER69

  • Preston Alonz
    Preston Alonz

    You just can’t live with the ending. What did that bring u *BACK TO THE TRAILER*

  • Yohannes Birku
    Yohannes Birku

    My wife is pregnant and she told me that she prefers likes on this comment

  • Aditya Kumar
    Aditya Kumar

    This is number of people that think Robert Downey jr. deserves an Oscar 👇


    Rip tony stark you're in a better place now and it is heaven we miss you

  • Shiny Reshiram 3
    Shiny Reshiram 3

    Seeing this on my phone gives me goosebumps even after seeing the film. But when I saw it in the theatres when I went to see shazam before the film came out, that was just another level of goosebumps.

  • Mahir Ahmed
    Mahir Ahmed

    You know the flash, cisco, killer frost, revearse flash, devoe, zoom, savitar, nora, wally, Jesse, cicada, grodd and king shark would beat thanos

  • Fortnite Noob
    Fortnite Noob

    Avengers return thanos comes back

  • Made By Fa Res
    Made By Fa Res

    I know I said to More surprises but I was really hope to pull off one last one❤️😢

  • Moorphyus Cheezkake
    Moorphyus Cheezkake

    The Hulk was missed in both movies. I was hoping to see him at least get some kind of revenge for that beating. I mean being 1 of the strongest Avengers that only the Hulkbuster could've put down. Then the other Avengers gave Thanos a harder time which didn't make much sense to me.

  • Jab Gaming
    Jab Gaming

    Hint for Some Kind Of Easter Egg: Remember The "Proof That Tony Stark Has A Heart" Thing? It look exactly like the Avengers Putting Their Hands Together! (sorry for my bad English Im asian)

  • Ayush Kumar
    Ayush Kumar

    *We love you 3000, Tony!*

  • WolfStriker#gaming

    I cry because this IS THE END like see how far they have all came 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Khuthadzo Mukhesakule
    Khuthadzo Mukhesakule

    What a short movie

  • Burns My Britches
    Burns My Britches

    Too bad you guys didn't have superman. But then it would only be a 3 minute movie. Instead you guys get a transvestite while having feminism and affirmative action pushed in your face and you love it hahahahaha. This is why marvel is for sissy boys and little girls while D.C. is for big boys. Don't you girls just love queen captain marvel's new haircut!? Makes him look so feminine.

  • ForknifeSuperGuy

    I love you 3000

  • STAR Academy
    STAR Academy

    if u liked this movie like this comment

  • MAL0NE 98
    MAL0NE 98

    This trailer even after EndGame remains beautiful and moral, how everything should be.

  • Anika Patial
    Anika Patial

    Thanos=pather wala

  • Hoodedmaniac 360
    Hoodedmaniac 360

    1:52 me and my friends going in the theater to see Endgame

  • Qilive Mobile
    Qilive Mobile

    Greatest Avengers- Iron-Man-Black Widow-Vision! Who wants they come back

  • bol Raja
    bol Raja

    I Love You 3000

  • Communist Mario
    Communist Mario

    2067 memes be like “If you watched the entire mcu movie you had an awesome childhood”

  • BK- Bharath Kumar
    BK- Bharath Kumar

    In infinity war thanos had the gauntlet in this left hand ... And at the end of the endgame he had it on the right 🤔 any reason

  • Dion Sherifi
    Dion Sherifi

    I know iron man died but black widow😥😭😭😭

  • HK's birds and stuff
    HK's birds and stuff

    Who else is here after watching endgame

  • Ecuador1

    For those who have watched endgame,,, *Are u hyped for endgame?!*

  • SID !
    SID !

    Stop spoiling the movie!

  • Max Liyah
    Max Liyah

    Just use time machine and he will comeback

  • Iceman20 Diptarget
    Iceman20 Diptarget

    2 hours of talkative moments one of the most boring films I ever seen



  • Nemanja Savic
    Nemanja Savic

    Iron man dies!!!!

  • Pratik Patel
    Pratik Patel

    Rdj I love u 3000

  • Steve :D
    Steve :D

    Move on....he is not coming back.

  • Vinzy

    This is how big the tributes are to the Original Avengers

  • REAL NOOB 49
    REAL NOOB 49

    Well that would make you need to pee badly

  • Preston Alonz
    Preston Alonz

    *SPOILER ALERT* Doctor Strange = Spare Tony’s life Tony Stark = **SPARE EVERYONE’S LIFE** Bonus comment: Roses are red Violets are blue I like my comment And so must *YOU*

  • Sabrim Anik
    Sabrim Anik

    Love marvel movies

  • Rabbi Hasan
    Rabbi Hasan

    Irom man will return I think 😊😊

  • Mathunder Thunder
    Mathunder Thunder

    The film is beautiful

  • LeProxenetez

    I'm going to see it again in 20 minutes...see ya!

  • Thanos The cute guy
    Thanos The cute guy

    I have a question for the director Thanos kills all the asguardians in the opening scene of Infinity war.. Then how are they alive in the end game...

    • Smashy Bro
      Smashy Bro

      Thor said in infinity war that thanos killed half of all the asgardians on the ship so some lived and went to earth

  • Mohammad

    can u upload the film please

  • game stud
    game stud

    Finally a human saved the entire universe...I love you 3000

  • rzx._ 3
    rzx._ 3

    Y’all realize that Steve, nat and tony are the only ones saying whatever takes, tony and nat die and Steve becomes old

    • Smashy Bro
      Smashy Bro

      Clint Barton/Hawkeye also said it but yeah I realized that

  • Nandini Jaggavarapu
    Nandini Jaggavarapu

    Most ppl thought that Captain Marvel was going to destroy Thanos, but at the end it all comes back to Iron Man.

  • Aditya More
    Aditya More

    Thanos : I'm Inevitable Deadpool : No you're Cable

  • LEGEND _65
    LEGEND _65

    Marvel's The Avengers: Avengers Assemble Avengers Age of Ultron:Like the old man said Together Avengers Infinity War: Wakanda Forever Avengers Endgame: Avengers Assemble

  • The Salty Potatoe
    The Salty Potatoe

    After the billion times I saw the trailer finally found it in my recommended feed

  • WillyRex xddd
    WillyRex xddd

    1:57 Why it feels so satisfactory to me hear this part

  • Sankalp Mukherjee
    Sankalp Mukherjee

    Hello Everyone who come here again just to relive the movie AGAIN

  • Joan RD
    Joan RD

    Batman dies!!!

  • Chuy DaKid
    Chuy DaKid


  • Shail Shah
    Shail Shah

    1:58-2:08 that background music 😍😍

  • Rishi Thakre
    Rishi Thakre

    Love the movie you watch!! Watch the movie you love!!

  • Introverted Bookkeeper
    Introverted Bookkeeper

    The only trailer that doesn't tell the plot of the movie

  • Pooping melvine
    Pooping melvine

    My ex: move on Me: not us

  • Reese Marie
    Reese Marie

    I don’t know which I like more, Avatar or Endgame......

  • Iron fudger Stark
    Iron fudger Stark

    I wish theaters had 5 minute pause button so that we could have a toilet break

  • Press Play
    Press Play

    *we’re in the Endgame now* No We’re in Fortnite S9

  • Sourav Banerjee
    Sourav Banerjee

    A great trailer

  • Abhishek Anand
    Abhishek Anand

    Year 2050: Son i was there .... to witness the greatest film of all time

  • Luisito Mateo
    Luisito Mateo

    spoiler alert ant man go's To tanos bat 😂😂😂

  • Erick Prado
    Erick Prado

    Is it weird that the trailer has less views compared to infinity war

  • Dorothy Flores
    Dorothy Flores

    I love it 3000 for ever♡♡♡

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