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Madonna, Quavo - Eurovision Song Contest 2019
You’re watching Madonna and Quavo’s performance of “Future” and Madonna’s performance of “Like A Prayer/Dark Ballet” from Eurovision.
Listen to ‘Madame X’:
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  • Dan Up
    Dan Up

    Ya siéntese señora!!

  • Lenin Shabalala
    Lenin Shabalala

    This sounds much better thank u for editing this video the actual performance, I wanted to hide under the table it was not a good vocal at all by Madonna, still I love this woman and the Madam X album is an artistic masterpiece.

  • Ken Neth
    Ken Neth

    Jesus is King. Every knee will bow to Him.

  • Frank Michael
    Frank Michael

    Respect Madonna ... I love it so much

  • Sara Bovenzi
    Sara Bovenzi

    Black Awakening. SRA chosen ones will be triggered - the storm is inside of them to bring chaos, wipe peace off the face of the planet so as to usher in a New Order. Humans are no more than pawns in a long winded off planet battle that repeats over and over and over. God and Satan are just masks for off planet entities. Order V Chaos. To live in a dualistic reality you need opposing forces. Transcend those two up and out into 5th dimensional consciousness. Heart Intelligence which has a massive influence on your brain and'll need to harness and unleash your calm into the world.....cos when this dark mother goes nova and it's going to be a red horse event which will have everyone in panic mode. Some of us will have to remain calm to see the truth of what is playing out - the rest will be unconsciously reacting to it.

  • Jast I R
    Jast I R

    Гореть те в аду будонна.

  • Димон Коек
    Димон Коек


  • BramPlayz

    I think its time for retirement.

  • lisa29371

    How come people still didn't figure out she can't sing lol

  • miguel angel marquez escalona
    miguel angel marquez escalona

    she remains for all this comments ... good or bad she got your attention and time, now you know who she is! please

  • Brenda Yanez
    Brenda Yanez

    Lo que da risa es que estas personas (famosos) creen que tendran la preocupación y protección de las entidades que ellos veneran, solamente los utilizan para alimentarse del ganado, una vez cumplido el proceso que ellos desean van a desechar de la manera más rápida y simple a todos estos borregos (MK ultras), ni siquiera les van a brindar protección, solo serán alimento perpetuo en la otra dimensión de ellos. Esta vida pasa muy rápido, las riquezas y fama son cosas efímeras, el alma y el respeto a la humanidad son eternos. Ahi se ven en el bajo astral, buen viaje al infierno

  • Andres Cuervo
    Andres Cuervo

    Her voice sounds terrible! 👎

  • Gherie G.
    Gherie G.

    *CHRISTIANS BEWARE ... !!!* *If you keep listening to this JEZEBEL, if you are not careful ... she will ply you away from the Lord !! That is the whole life work of this satan's captive temple prostitute !!* Whatever the shortcomings of the "church", it is waaaaay better than what this demon seed has to offer ... which is a ticket to hell !! It is not the handful of clergy's criminal record that is Christianity, it is the Word that they preach !! And that Word of Life is NEVER EVER stained by anybody's sins or crimes. But that is what this jezebel is trying to lump together !!! And once you resist her carnal temptations ... pray for her and humanity. These are the end times and the 666 is hard at work trying to get everyone to rebel against God. That is what godless fascist antifa hordes are all about !! Whatever you think of what I just said, get closer to the Lord, shun Babylon ... and He'll see us through this ... hallelujah !! Jesus is Lord. God bless you .

  • Paul Vazzo
    Paul Vazzo

    *Maddona .....was a Nutter ,is a Nutter .....and will die being a vulgar Nutter ....I saw an interview today and she just talk shit ....hey Maddy get your wool and needles and seat on the recliner and start knitting crazy darl...*

  • Jeru The damage
    Jeru The damage

    Fuck usa fuck israhell fuck zionizm fuck terrorizm

  • katia Fischer
    katia Fischer

    Muita vibe ruim nessa apresentação..isso não é de Deus não! Afff

  • Ana Rodrigues
    Ana Rodrigues

    Criticam a Madonna e apreciam kpop...

  • Amicus certus in re incerta cernitur
    Amicus certus in re incerta cernitur

    burn in hell drty bitch: ENJOY

  • RO DO
    RO DO

    All this remember me 1984 ,Orwell you know what you were saying...

  • Nita Renfrow
    Nita Renfrow

    Satanic ushering in the devil himself devil worship. When will people learn?

  • Electronic Cassa
    Electronic Cassa

    like a nuclear explosion? war?

  • ccolca

    Lo que han visto ustedes es un rito satánico. Min. 5: momento del sacrificio. VIVA CRISTO REY

  • DANNA Yuriany
    DANNA Yuriany

    Es evidente y claro pero la luz siempre brillará sobre las tinieblas

  • Paulinha Rodrigues
    Paulinha Rodrigues


  • Xtra6 j
    Xtra6 j

    EVERY other artist nowadays uses autotune so listen to this and be happy-guis and girls. i know Bon Jovi and others use it... i be angry if i read more of you.please stop- make peace not war.War are stupid.

  • Светлана Кузнецова
    Светлана Кузнецова

    А чуваки с противогазами на башке кого изображали?

  • YAZ Motivación y Desansiedad
    YAZ Motivación y Desansiedad

    No cabe duda que ya no hay simulación.

  • YAZ Motivación y Desansiedad
    YAZ Motivación y Desansiedad

    00:43 Qué horror.

  • Maayan Etzioni
    Maayan Etzioni

    After a lot of thinking I have a consperancy in mind, maybe she sang so bad so they'd autotune her in this version and it would sound robotic matching to the new song??😉

  • Adam

    Am I the only one who is puzzled by the host to the left and his rather odd introduction, maybe they were stalling for time? This disaster / masterpiece of a performance took focus away though 😂


    Lovers would say it s lipsynch we would love it

  • Can Özakbay
    Can Özakbay

    deccal ananaı sikim

  • George Juravlel
    George Juravlel

    USA: 0 points from the public

  • Olivier Joseph Deloris
    Olivier Joseph Deloris

    Even the big ones have counter performance, that's why they are great. What a scenic presence !

  • OrganizaJon

    So much autotune

  • Ali kif 034
    Ali kif 034

    Fk u iluminatis

  • Reese Williams
    Reese Williams

    madonna been doing performances to provoke since 1923. dunno why anybody whos not a fan wastes their time hating on comments. at the end of the day this is her vision & she's expressing it how she feels no matter what nobody say.

  • cattani2007

    Curious sign of "infinete" when couple hold her changed hands! ;) Black and white (polarity). Fire around the wolrd ( Madoonna blowing dancers, maybe Eletromagnetic Pulse); Madonna covering one of her eyes ( classic eye of Illuminati symbol); Water over the world (maybe that classic "the calm before the storm"). Classical religion leads laughing ( controlling their puppies with lies); Dancers using masks ( toxic weapons over the air). Two pillars (another symbol of balance).

  • Ink woman 2019
    Ink woman 2019


  • Marie-Lou Allen
    Marie-Lou Allen

    Good Day Madonna, i am Not sehen your Movie. I am You Tube also me. Hii, hii! 🤣 👍 I bat Movie alle good! 👌 Save Day, Madonna! 🤳 An She Marie-lou Allen 🤣 🇨🇭 👍

  • Geko Mente
    Geko Mente

    14 - 8 =6 ending of video Not all of them fall down meaning 2 thirds of our population will be banished from that Toxic Bomb In USA

  • The Otherme
    The Otherme

    dying cat sings about the apocalypse

  • Dominos That will satisfy you
    Dominos That will satisfy you


  • Geko Mente
    Geko Mente

    The future Is where you are lost Because beeing hard and beeing boss means paying the price the cost for riches YOUR SOUL WAKE UP We in the end time

  • Geko Mente
    Geko Mente

    Subliminal Entering end times NOW PREPARE yourself

    • Gherie G.
      Gherie G.

      How ?

  • Graham Simpson
    Graham Simpson

    Bloody awful.shes a karaoke singer

  • Viktoria Kolenko
    Viktoria Kolenko

    В новом исполнении у Мадонны получилось очень даже прикольно.

  • loek mullenders
    loek mullenders

    2:40 autotune 100%

  • JamesGallagher1990

    Seriously wtf is this Illuminati crap in her performance? is Madonna making fun of it or she's apart of it or what? Am I the only one who found it all very disturbing? :S

  • Vex

    90k likes 80k dislikes Can we just change that?

  • Stathis Psiridis
    Stathis Psiridis

    That was awful sorry maddona's funs but I didn't like it 🤢🤢🤢

  • alejandra rivero
    alejandra rivero

    Madonna y su ritual *#/

  • Joao Almeida
    Joao Almeida

    Lord knows.......

  • Abner Matheus Soldá Machado
    Abner Matheus Soldá Machado


  • Celale Rehimli
    Celale Rehimli

    Fuck Madonna you are not just a musician but also u a a bitch illumination's bitch .One day I wish you would die in your own filth.

  • Sultan Papağanı
    Sultan Papağanı

    write to search. Translate and watch "Abdullah Çiftci Madonna Şeytan Ayini Yaptı. Her karesinde İlluminati Mesaj Var" See facts. Don't Worship Satan

  • Johnny O International Recording Artist
    Johnny O International Recording Artist

    She is Satan daughter- but your world Ms queen of hell... will be destroyed by Jesus our Lord and Savior... run from this demonic message! Jesus is coming Ms hell!

  • Johnny O International Recording Artist
    Johnny O International Recording Artist

    Demonic pure demonic

  • Hülya ÇELİK
    Hülya ÇELİK

    La ilahe illallah Muhammedur Resulullah

  • Abass Darwiche
    Abass Darwiche

    SHE LOVES THE DEVIL SHE IS PART OF THE DEVIL..for a long time ago they make shows like this but at the end they kill People.

  • Гавел Прудинин
    Гавел Прудинин

    ✡ SHALOM ✡

  • Qerib Nesibov
    Qerib Nesibov

    Tahir şimşek doğru söylüyor 🙅‍♂️🗣

  • Pop Music
    Pop Music

    Why so many dislikes?? WTF???

  • Oli Hurault
    Oli Hurault

    Wow.. that was bad.. really bad.. i used to like madonna before.. but the past 10 years not so much.. she is trying so desperately to look young and cool that it becomes a little pathetic.. sorry for my bad english.. but really gosh, accept yourself girl you are over 60 years old.. everything she does now, music and clothes are not fitting her, i'm not asking her to get dressed like a grandma even if she have the age to be grandmother.. just to be more real like she was before.. and stop with this autotune it sounds like shit.. you have a good singing voice or don't sing at all , please stop autotune! My ears are bleeding 😢

  • Emine Demirel
    Emine Demirel

    Gavur tohumları geberin inşallah


    Such a gaga performance, lovely

  • Sab B
    Sab B

    the retardded christians and muslims commenting here don't have any intellectual capacity to appreciate madonna

  • Erdem Atagan
    Erdem Atagan

    La İlahe İllallah, Muhammedün Resulullah “ لا إله إلا الله محمد رسول الله “

  • Sino Turco
    Sino Turco

    la galibe illALLAH

  • Gencay Aydin
    Gencay Aydin

    Satanic rituel Satan temple

  • Sino Turco
    Sino Turco


  • Andre Galandr
    Andre Galandr

    Бедняжки без фильтров на противогазах по умирали ((( ; ))

  • kimmi w
    kimmi w

    Check out jonathan kleck on youtube..they are getting ready for their antichrist..but we know Jesus has won the victory from the one who rules from the pit..satan and those who serve him

  • Mustafa Erdem
    Mustafa Erdem

    6:04 ten itibaren madonnanın arkasında dönen adamın arkasında filistin bayrağı var

  • Roustem Fa
    Roustem Fa

    Мадонна мало двигается. Старость начинается со скованности мышц. Берегите свои мышцы.

  • mısra canıtez
    mısra canıtez

    Dibine kadar ayin izlettiler millete yabancı şarkıların hiç bir mağazada çalmasını istemiyorum insanı bunlar olduğu yerde günaha sokarlar Allah'tan ülkemizde İngilizce seviyesi düşük😂😂😂

  • Okan Yıldırım
    Okan Yıldırım

    Deccalin askerleri boku yediniz boku siz cehennem ateşinden cikamicaksiniz elinizden geleni yapın bu dünyada sonunuz felaket

  • Mr. Precedent
    Mr. Precedent

    Shut Up, Sassies! You only WISH you knew enough about what you've just witnessed.... to make an intelligent commentary.

  • Adrien Agreste
    Adrien Agreste

    Neden ilimunatiye karsi bir sey yaratmiyoruz

  • Gabriel Pérez
    Gabriel Pérez

    Ritual Iluminati, ya se descaro Madonna

  • Renny Ren
    Renny Ren

    Bruh the message is mad important and shes right the future doesn’t look so bright for us

  • Nárian McKennitt
    Nárian McKennitt

    Lo mismo que en la MET Gala del año pasado...

  • Barbara Pratt
    Barbara Pratt


  • Alex williams
    Alex williams

    THIS IS DEFINITELY A MESSAGE... not everybody is going to make to the future

    • Electronic Cassa
      Electronic Cassa

      What month?

    • Alexandra Hadlow
      Alexandra Hadlow

      just 500 million

  • ·Ghost Cat·
    ·Ghost Cat·

    У Старухи совсем крыша съехала ....


    Música puro satanismo Deus e mais

  • Maria Mondragon
    Maria Mondragon

    Dioss! Que satanico esto.

  • Adara Yorke
    Adara Yorke

    Too much autotune and very demonic


    Er! Where have I been!? How didn't I know Madonna was on Eurovision!!? This was soo cool! Love it! Goi Madonna! #MadameX ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Jimbo Jones
    Jimbo Jones

    New World Order gonna chip us all and enslave us . Probably should wake up from the paralysis we are under soon and fight back

  • Jimbo Jones
    Jimbo Jones

    Pretty cool Satanic ritual . What garbage

  • Robert Wirütin
    Robert Wirütin

    What new future? The NWO?

  • Mikołaj Solik
    Mikołaj Solik

    Well, I can see some recycling from MET Gala....

  • MWcrazyhorse

    And by queen you mean whore.

  • Azte ka
    Azte ka

    G U M M O

  • José Henrique
    José Henrique

    perfeita demais

  • Staff To Me
    Staff To Me

    I wish the person who fixed the vocals would have fixed my marriage.. I would still be a happy man.. but in all honesty I like this..

  • Stephan Sovyak
    Stephan Sovyak


  • Adam Daaid
    Adam Daaid

    puta idiot suicidal Mariah Carey, Madonna is your Queen ! Marah the idiot who can't sing live !!!!!!



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