[M/V] Park Bom(박봄) - Spring(봄) (feat. sandara park(산다라박))
[M/V] Park Bom(박봄) - Spring(봄) (feat. sandara park(산다라박))
Park Bom's New Single Album [Spring]
Now Available on :
▶Bugs : music.bugs.co.kr/album/860912
▶iTunes : itunes.apple.com/us/album/spring-single/1455957011
▶Spotify : open.spotify.com/album/7nJRHOtyVewhREGYcGUtHg?si=c97DexFTTYub3tzJ6bGdRg

  • abeer Jk
    abeer Jk

    حابه الاغنيه ذي بشكل تذكرني بأيام الفاينلز 😭♥️

  • Doris s
    Doris s

    그때가 그립다

  • Ice 77
    Ice 77

    I cant believe fucktard blackjack still worshipping satan yg company loyal sluts(Snake asshole leader CL and snake talentless shameless Golddigger dara)

  • Mark Chappell
    Mark Chappell

    Cancel that love, please. If I use the word " please" the sickos think I am weak and don't bother or do the exact opposite. Interesting.

  • Hey Yuri
    Hey Yuri


  • Văn Hòa Phạm
    Văn Hòa Phạm

    Dara and Bom ❤️❤️

  • Gwen Lambert
    Gwen Lambert

    This song made me cry so hard

  • Nur Myra
    Nur Myra

    HAPPY 16M!!!

  • 백병원폭8

    기어코 앨범을 쳐내는 마약중독자 클라스 ㅋㅋ

  • sreyleak long
    sreyleak long

    I wish 2NE1 back

  • od2ne1

    BLACKJACKS !!! Let's go 20M soon ~ who's still streaming??

    • soesoe aye
      soesoe aye

      me .!

  • kristel Maque
    kristel Maque

    2ne1 forever♥... :c

  • Gấu Bụng Bự
    Gấu Bụng Bự


  • Evelim Cárdenas
    Evelim Cárdenas

    i love u sooo much

  • I am an ARMY and I will raid the comment section
    I am an ARMY and I will raid the comment section

    Nice song. Keep up the good work girls👍🏻 honestly worth waiting

  • rafaellav

    love it!

  • Jano Jonannsro
    Jano Jonannsro

    Why doesn’t KR-my suggest/recommend other videos by ParkBom when watching this MV? You guys need to change your algorithm!!! Edit: Wouldn’t you know that KR-my suggested ParkBom’s 4:44 AFTER I wrote the previous message. Smh.

  • love t-ara
    love t-ara

    😢😢😢😢😢 ça m'a touché

  • Giselle Lozoya
    Giselle Lozoya

    This song gives me the chills every single time I listen to it I guess the lyrics really speak to my soul ❤️ Bom you are beautiful and so incredibly talented, I’m new to your music but I can’t wait to hear more! This song is my favorite, I can’t stop playing it 😩

  • Park Bomiee
    Park Bomiee

    Come on guys please lets stre@m together lets make it 20M !!!

  • Zynn Romano
    Zynn Romano

    This heals My broken heart. LOVE YOU PARK BOM 😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • EuroFlight 38
    EuroFlight 38

    She is beautiful but i cant help but feeling a bit sad cause i feel she cant gesticulate well, and she being so sweet is not fair😢

  • shaammy de
    shaammy de

    Wow.. is this latest? What year?

    • Cyril Borja
      Cyril Borja

      Yes release on march 2019 and she has another song pls check 4:44 reBlueRose

  • Michilline XX
    Michilline XX

    who's watching with me?

  • wherearemycactus

    idk but this song makes my heart cry a million times, i felt every lyrics of this song and it feels like this is what Bom wants to say to us in these past years, thank God i stan the right girl group and i don't regret those times that i defended and stood up for them, i'll support them no matter what, even they have their individual careers and i love how watching them grow, till the end i'm proud to say i'm a blackjack fan 💜

  • Gfgh0717479393 so pich
    Gfgh0717479393 so pich


  • Đạt Tory
    Đạt Tory

    Tôi yêu Park Bom , hãy đưa 2ne1 trở lại sân khấu cho tôiiiiii

  • Ice 77
    Ice 77

    Snake Asshole leader CL and Snake shameless Golddigger dara still sucking satan yg dick for money and fame after he killed 21. And Satan CL still making a concert in YG after Satan yg kick out bom and Minzy. I Will punch Satan ugly CL in the face if i see her in the street. Killuminati.

    • Ice 77
      Ice 77

      @thuzar htet bitch please... asshole leader CL and talentless Golddigger slut Dara still sucking satan yg company dick for money after they killed 21.

    • thuzar htet
      thuzar htet

      Really? Why cl and dara love yg? YG is fucker company. I don't understand. Why they love.

    • Einstein, who!? I only know memes and anime
      Einstein, who!? I only know memes and anime


  • Rosemarie Demerre
    Rosemarie Demerre

    Oh my ghad! I really in love hoping the 4 of you next time😍😍😍😍😍

  • Jennifer Jarron
    Jennifer Jarron


  • Salma Hassan
    Salma Hassan


  • Nana cv
    Nana cv


  • Spring_ Wind
    Spring_ Wind


  • Leo Padios
    Leo Padios

    blackjacks are waiting for a comeback :(

  • Ice 77
    Ice 77

    Snake talentless shameless Golddigger dara sabotage Bom and Minzy career. Snake dara make Bom and poor Minzy leave YG company. Cause snake dara want to be the most Richest 21 member in satan yg company. Talented Bom aka 21 main singer is the one who deserve to be the most Richest 21 member NOT snake talentless shameless famewhore Golddigger slut Dara.

    • Lil Nash
      Lil Nash

      Who the frack r u?

  • Duy Vu
    Duy Vu

    you're always the best !!! foreve 2NE1 !

  • 이경은

    박봄 노래 좋아

  • Amyiiix P
    Amyiiix P

    The best Bom Park🌙💙

  • Aiderin Yusof
    Aiderin Yusof

    How many Plastic Surgery that she had?

  • J Kim
    J Kim

    At least I got to see and hear Dara here. I miss her so bad 😭

  • Ice 77
    Ice 77

    Snake talentless shameless Golddigger slut Dara aka satan yg loyal slut don't deserve to get blackjack support. That snake whore and satan Illuminati pedo yg Will burn in deep hell FOREVER. Killuminati.

  • Madu xzx
    Madu xzx


  • Madu xzx
    Madu xzx


  • Zunny Cristina Quispe Pauccara
    Zunny Cristina Quispe Pauccara

    Esta hermosa la canción

  • Zunny Cristina Quispe Pauccara
    Zunny Cristina Quispe Pauccara

    Bom hermosa

  • me ow
    me ow

    saw your interview...lots of love !!

  • Divine Dayrit
    Divine Dayrit


  • Divine Dayrit
    Divine Dayrit

    This deserve more than 16M 😩😩😩

  • BTS عشقي
    BTS عشقي

    اشتقت عنجد كوينز بحبكم 💖💖💖💖😭😭😭😭😭😭😭💔💔💔👑👑👑👑my baby Queens

  • Ezekiel Umilda
    Ezekiel Umilda

    keept str@aming guys

  • Z N
    Z N


  • nobodycares

    waiting for spring to come too



  • Ice 77
    Ice 77

    Bom/CL = Beyonce Dara = Kim Kardashian aka talentless shameless famewhore Golddigger aka satan yg slut aka walking meme

  • Ice 77
    Ice 77

    Bom is an angel. She give a charity to talentless shameless famewhore dara aka satan yg loyal slut.

  • Ice 77
    Ice 77

    Bom is an angel. She let Snake talentless shameless famewhore Golddigger slut Dara aka satan yg loyal slut be in her MV.


    I loved the new two songs of park bom SHAMEFUL _ My lover ✨😊💙💖

  • CLXMin

    Always feel like crying whenever I listen to this song. It just means so much to us Blackjacks =')

  • phirum kh
    phirum kh

    Love boom 😘

  • ស៊ូណៃគីម ___
    ស៊ូណៃគីម ___


  • ស៊ូណៃគីម ___
    ស៊ូណៃគីម ___


  • Sam Sung
    Sam Sung

    Em iu chị Park Bom😍😘

  • wahyu adi wibowo
    wahyu adi wibowo

    There is no bom's unique voice here

  • Jake Henry
    Jake Henry

    Bom really has an amazing voice and you cannot find it anywhere. She's a GEM. And omg Dara can reaaaaaaaally rap i love her, i wonder why yg limits her rapping, i also love daras rap during the clap your hands. Welcome back park bom, WE MISSED YOU. 2NE1 IS THE BEST GIRL GROUP AND NO ONE CAN TOP THEM. #2ne1feels i hope 4 of them can have a comeback. I miss them so much. #2ne1Queens fourever. This song is really great especially Bom's and Dara's vocals really blend nicely, Guys This is only the half of 2ne1. What more if CL and Minzy joined them? Shiiiit... #no other girl group can defeat these legends. #QueensFOREVER

  • Yamileth Rivera
    Yamileth Rivera


  • Matthew Tenorio_3200654
    Matthew Tenorio_3200654

    This is the half of 2ne1. Think of it.

  • Victória Espigoti
    Victória Espigoti

    rainha, nunca duvidei.

  • Bryan Casala
    Bryan Casala

    I love you bomm


    Next 17 million,✨

  • Trash Talkers
    Trash Talkers

    Lets go for 17 M

  • Trash Talkers
    Trash Talkers

    16 M

  • monse ramirez
    monse ramirez

    16,011,000M views!!! CONGRATULATIONS parkbom

  • GD Bánh Gạo
    GD Bánh Gạo

    BLACK JACKS Việt Nam ơiiiiiiiiiiiiii

  • Jessi jes
    Jessi jes

    I love park bom 💞💕


    Congratulations for tiring 16 million 🔓 and🔒17 ✨😊🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉

  • Kuya Pajo
    Kuya Pajo

    Park Bom: i'm happy on who am i now YG: i'm sorry...now i'm out on this company

  • Ice 77
    Ice 77

    Snake Talentless shameless Golddigger slut Dara and Asshole leader CL Will burn in deep hell FOREVER if those sluts still sucking satan yg dick for money. Killuminati.

  • insanecutegirl22

    I love Park Bom! Queen 👑 💙💙

  • Spring_ Wind
    Spring_ Wind

    16 MLN CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💐💐💐💐💐🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸💮💮💮💮💮🌻🌼🌻🌻🌼🌼🌻🌼🌼🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🍁🍁🍂🍂🍁🍂🍁🍁🍂🥀🥀🥀🌹🥀🌹🥀🌹🌹🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺⚘⚘⚘⚘⚘⚘⚘🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌱🌱🌲🌲🌳🌳🌳🐞🦋🦋🐝

  • Jaziel Heber
    Jaziel Heber

    Park boooom

  • ASMR을 즐기는 남자
    ASMR을 즐기는 남자

    Music is a song, not a face.

  • M & G Roblox
    M & G Roblox

    The thumbnail has our baby

  • Maya

    Once a Queen always will be 💜

  • Loly Pop
    Loly Pop

    my dear!!!

  • d k
    d k


  • surinuch kowkrue
    surinuch kowkrue

    love song love park bom forever

  • Faela Ferreira
    Faela Ferreira

    Algum brasileiro?

  • Noroi 982000
    Noroi 982000


  • Dark Hustler
    Dark Hustler

    1/2 of 2ne1 😕

  • Mariane Mae Restauro
    Mariane Mae Restauro

    I'm here bcuz of Dara. Missed her already.

  • Ice 77
    Ice 77

    Why satan yg company chose talentless lame weirdo slut dara over talented cooler natural funny Bom??? Oh i see ...cause Talentless shameless famewhore dara Will do ANYTHING for money (Be a clown/walking meme, become shithole philipine slave, worshipping Bigbang dicks for FAME, become a YG PR aka satan yg loyal slut,etc). Shameless famewhore Golddigger slut Dara black card cant buy a pride and talent.

    • Ice 77
      Ice 77

      @CTRL Pad that talentless slut is a loser member in 21. That talentless famewhore slut cant live without sucking blackjack dick and milking 21 Fame. The other 21 members already have their own fandom name.

    • CTRL Pad
      CTRL Pad


  • XX1 10
    XX1 10

    Painful memories.. 😭

  • Hana Miyako
    Hana Miyako

    I'm not crying-- you are T^T

  • Ice 77
    Ice 77

    Talentless shameless famewhore old slut dara try to copy Katy Perry (American idol jury and dating a widower Orlando bloom). Talentless shameless famewhore Golddigger slut dara need a big mirror!!! At least Katy Perry have real talent and successfull solo singer. Talentless slut dara don't deserve to be a jury in talent show. Golddigger Illuminati slut dara and satan pedo yg belong together in hell. Killuminati

  • StarchaserArya

    i can see that the drew inspiration from the cat returns and the narnia chronicles or is it just me XD ?

    • StarchaserArya

      +alice in wonderland oc

  • emilija

    soty 2019 you can't change my mind

  • Nabila Arsha
    Nabila Arsha

    Love 😘😘😍

  • 한 궄 무 치
    한 궄 무 치

    2ne1 members Bom and Dara reunite again. Yasssssssss!!

  • Cyril Borja
    Cyril Borja

    Keep streaming blackjacks and bomshells for 4:44 and spring 🙏💪

  • Ajay Singh Chandel
    Ajay Singh Chandel

    Does Dara even age at all?

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