Louisville pitcher, Luke Smith screams at Vanderbilt then Louisville loses, a breakdown
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  • Dave C.
    Dave C.

    Baseball players by far talk the most shit but actually do the least about it. And if they do throw down, they get fined or even suspended. But a pitcher can willingly hum a 95 MPH pitch at a batter and get a slap on the wrist. 🤔

  • J Mak
    J Mak

    Murray the magician plays collegiate baseball now?

  • Steak Williams
    Steak Williams

    This reminds me of star wars episode 2, in that I'm embarrassed by how the act

  • Bxll ll
    Bxll ll

    luke smith at the end of the day was dealing

  • PhantomHT1320

    2:11 nice hair DORK

  • Shut Up Before I Ankle Pick You
    Shut Up Before I Ankle Pick You

    college baseball is soooo fucking boring

  • Real Talk
    Real Talk

    That’s what the little flamer gets🌈

  • Chris Rozens
    Chris Rozens

    Can’t find my last comment but is received a lot of “I didnt see you pitching a gem in the CWS.” Well I’m 33 so yeah you’re right my college says are over but he lost. What is the argument here? A gem? He lost the biggest game of his life.

  • Chris Mcginlay
    Chris Mcginlay


  • Alternative Redneck
    Alternative Redneck

    That hair is just...Sad 😆

  • bassbeardiful

    I think he was saying Cis-White, then Trumped Up . seriously

  • Frank Steen
    Frank Steen

    What cartoon did he escape from?

  • Bruce Wayne
    Bruce Wayne

    Finally a channel with short and sweet analysis of baseball clips

  • Ant V
    Ant V

    Scared to wear contacts but he’s the tough guy. 😂

  • Erik Weiss
    Erik Weiss

    Why would you let him pitch the 9th only up 1 with a pitch count over 100?!? Stupid

  • Cody Hofer
    Cody Hofer

    JOMBOY you’re the best

  • L-Dv

    A very punchable face tbh

  • UniversalBrow09


  • Gubba Bump
    Gubba Bump


  • Sports Seb
    Sports Seb

    He makes it funny

  • What the Flip
    What the Flip

    The kids at his school gotta be giving him shit for this but also giving him props for making it on Jomboy.

  • Smokey Bear
    Smokey Bear

    I'd charge the fuck out of this little bitch.. Guarantee you he would run away crying.

  • Rowland Buck
    Rowland Buck

    Never teach a pig to sing.

  • R Reed
    R Reed

    That dude has a very punchable face, especially with the glasses

  • MJmojito

    A little head banger there, a little face shaker right there

  • Freedom Ring
    Freedom Ring

    good . louisville kid ran his mouth and they put him on the bench like the little bitch that he is

  • Liban Ahmed
    Liban Ahmed


  • ScottTheAngel

    Karma is real lol what a jerk.

  • Dolphindan

    Baseball isn’t a real sport

  • SoCal Airshow Review
    SoCal Airshow Review


  • James Whipple
    James Whipple

    Up here in Canada, well known hockey guy, Don Cherry, says keep your mouth shut when you're doing well, Karma can bite you, you know well....👍🇨🇦🏒⚾️

  • Carlos Lopez
    Carlos Lopez

    Dude ain't humble at all

  • spraypaintJT

    Baseball players aint s*** nothing but a bunch of scrubs. They've got the softest fights I've ever seen. When the benches clear, all they do is push. Somebody should have knocked that kid out.

    • City Hick
      City Hick

      spraypaintJT why are you watching this video if you hate the sport? Not tying to be a dick, but it seems like you're just trying to be miserable

  • Celestial Scripture
    Celestial Scripture

    Nobody with a haircut like that should ever be allowed to talk shit. To anyone. About anything.

  • boryavasili

    I saw the pitcher's haircut and everything suddenly made sense: little bitch haircut, little bitch attitude

  • Kingsley 905
    Kingsley 905

    1:12 bruh 😂😂😂😂

  • The Captain
    The Captain

    Seems like a typical coach's son faggot I remember from my days of little league. Glad he lost.

  • Jesse Tumpak
    Jesse Tumpak

    With the hair and glasses that pitcher for Vanderbilt has... How does he have the balls to say "fuck you" to anyone? Looks like an absolute doofus.

  • PGH

    Wow, what a royal asshole. I'm sure his parents are proud. Then again, he learned it from somewhere.

  • drumnut67


  • Warren_M_28703

    When Louisville scored the go-ahead run, the hit was off the pitchers glove, which made the shortstop ( running toward 2nd base where the ball was hit ) stop and turn back to make the play, which he didn’t...... It was a tough play, but they weren’t trying a pickoff move.

  • J Will
    J Will

    This is probably my favorite one so far. Gets me every time.

  • highlander49ca


  • Scratch McGee
    Scratch McGee

    Anybody think that MLB GM's are saying, "MAN! I cant wait to draft THIS pitcher."

  • Ted Esparza
    Ted Esparza

    His hair choices are why he lost.

  • vambo13257

    geeky douche got served

  • Steven D. Bennett
    Steven D. Bennett

    Tired of chest thumping on routine plays or getting outs, which is your job. Celebrate when? The W.

  • Chris Clark
    Chris Clark

    Unpopular opinion: He shouldn't have been pitching long enough to give that up with 100+ pitches lol. Maybe shouldve pulled him after that strikeout in the 8th or at least the walk. I don't feel bad for him either though

  • pdple

    Madison Bumgarner rest easy: your future is secure.

  • Max A/C
    Max A/C

    That Louisville pitcher is a dirt shit scumbag. Whatever he'll do with his life after college will only cause pain in the society. Hope to see someone punch his face really hard. lol

  • Terrell Heick
    Terrell Heick

    Vanderbilt was talking trash to Luke the whole game, he just said something back💯

    • TooTall Tim
      TooTall Tim

      Bullshit. He's a cocky little worm who needs to get his teeth knocked down his throat. His coach allowed it, so he is a trash coach as well.

  • BT Warner
    BT Warner

    Side Show Bob should have kept his mouth shut.

  • Harris Craven
    Harris Craven

    Pitcher: gives up tieing run Kumar Rocker: butch ass ho

  • Yak Money
    Yak Money

    He was ballin out. his defensive players were trash 🗑

  • ataricombat

    Rap/ghetto culture is destroying America

  • Landry Haberichter
    Landry Haberichter

    Bitch ass hoe 🤣🤣

  • MrBigredone73

    Obvious pussy

  • Antonio Acevedo
    Antonio Acevedo

    The coach should have a talk with his pitcher about staying classy because, if things wind up not going your way, you don't make the kind of fool of yourself that this pitcher did. I hope he learned a lesson.

  • mtj7601

    Pitcher: (takes off hat) Everybody watching the game: WOAH!!

  • Here's Daddy
    Here's Daddy

    Young joe kelly


    Lol but what was he so pissed off, and talking smack to begin with for?.......is that just his usual normal game persona?

    • Johnny

      Im guessing the band of monkeys in the dugout were being loud cuz ya know group mentality so he talked shit back and now he looks like a dumbass..... we wont talk about that hair

  • I Showed him my dick and called him a fag
    I Showed him my dick and called him a fag

    You know Pepe Le Pew tried to fuck his hair

  • Ian Schulze
    Ian Schulze

    Was that guy ay little pony? He looks like one.

  • Aiden yee yee
    Aiden yee yee

    And I remember when this happened

  • Aiden yee yee
    Aiden yee yee

    I was at this game

  • John Youtebb
    John Youtebb

    He looks like a guy that always snitches on people and not thinking about what other people will think.

  • Jack Tanguay
    Jack Tanguay

    Daddy’s money right there

  • julian ross
    julian ross

    He reminds me of Brickma from Rookie of the Year, just not as funny

  • Paul Wall
    Paul Wall

    Ahhh yes college baseball players. The epitome of entitled little spoiled fuck faces. Even though they're great to smoke weed with.

  • Brody MacDonald
    Brody MacDonald

    0:17 not a pickoff it tops the pitchers glove

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