Lana Del Rey - Doin Time
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  • Daniel RL
    Daniel RL


  • M C
    M C

    This song is literally perfect. I think I found my summer song!

  • E Dub
    E Dub

    G Easy, I know you get a lot of action but leaving Lana was a bad move, real bad

  • Edward Olaie
    Edward Olaie

    Can I be in the music video please

  • Jackie

    I thought it was "me, me and Louie We gonna run to the party and dance to the rhythm, AND KISS HARDER"

    • xry

      same.......... let's pretend that's the lyrics.

  • Claire Hay
    Claire Hay

    This song has been on the radio and I just found it and I'm so hapy

  • frans onggang
    frans onggang

    I love it

  • daoshow76

    Someone make this a duet with Bradley dammit

  • ItsNeverTooColdForIcecream

    smokable/10 nice cover

  • Minh Minh
    Minh Minh

    Wow, great melody

  • Pleiadian Dancing Heart
    Pleiadian Dancing Heart

    "it gets harder, scandalous and evil" best part of the lyrics

  • Ilanit Dorani
    Ilanit Dorani

    Blown away .

  • Tamás Typri
    Tamás Typri

    Lana! This is beautifull!

  • Jamil Valentim
    Jamil Valentim

    Sem palavras 🤜🏼💥🤛🏼💞🔥💘

  • Thijs Waalders
    Thijs Waalders

    Sublime - Summertime damn those good old days

  • Linkmon99

    They keep playing this version over the original on my radio station now, and although it’s not a bad cover I prefer the original 😢

  • Freya Gali
    Freya Gali

    my sister introduced lana del rey to me when I was 9 years old and now im 13 and still can’t stop listening to her

  • Bony10 Barros
    Bony10 Barros

    Long Beach forever

  • KeepINmind ToBeKind
    KeepINmind ToBeKind

    People who been through some some stuff will appreciate, respect and JUST LOVE THE FUCK OUT OF LANA DEL REY💓💞💓She’s one of the brightest STARS IN THE SKY RIGHT NOW because she’s real and real means genuine and genuine means a heart full of LOVE and wisdom of her experiences TO Offer THIS WORLD in DESPERATE need of a leader. Lana Del Rey is a leader. If Lana Del Rey were to read this I’d ask, “Lana Del Rey, have you thought of becoming president.” If so when can you start?😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁

  • kiara parker
    kiara parker

    I really wish I would've listened to her since day one this woman is gold like I knew of her but never knew what she was about 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • JesusManPowerKick

    This is terrible compared to the original

    • xry

      not really.

  • SydTheKid

    Is this gonna be a full album??

  • Jawaher Saidi
    Jawaher Saidi

    This shit is magically haunting.. Yas lana

  • seyma akpinar
    seyma akpinar

    Lana makes me hyped

  • Taylor Williams
    Taylor Williams

    Sorry but this cover is just No.

  • dani cali
    dani cali

    Eyeroll. Her real name is Elizabeth Grant and she's a New Yorker, so why she decided to cover a song from Long Beach's Sublime is of question. Anything for attention though, right?

    • Gino7lord

      Cant believe she is the only person to have a stage name. Also shes been living in los angeles for almost a decade now.

  • the end of days prophet
    the end of days prophet

    July 16, 2019

  • Juliana Almeida
    Juliana Almeida

    Muito deusa essa mulher pqp

  • Juliana Almeida
    Juliana Almeida


  • brbjuke45

    Damn she killed it. Especially at 2:15

  • Sokrat Ahmetovic
    Sokrat Ahmetovic

    This is the best summer hit of this summer and also the summers that will come in the following years:-)). An amazing version:-)) by miss Lana:-))! Respect and admiration:-))!

  • you tube
    you tube

    Sublime did this the best in my eyes but nice to hear this song kept alive

  • Allison Aguilar
    Allison Aguilar

    Have y'all ever heard of someone named Billie Elish 😂💀

    • Gelora Gustafa Rahman
      Gelora Gustafa Rahman

      Have you ever heard of someone named Ir. Soekarno?

    • Nombre Cualquiera
      Nombre Cualquiera

      What's your point?

  • David Shechtman
    David Shechtman

    I want to watch

  • Robart Nikolchev
    Robart Nikolchev


  • Cleber Renato Mendonça
    Cleber Renato Mendonça

    Show muito linda suas musicas e sua voz é linda

  • James Chandler
    James Chandler

    Lana needs to make another short movie. Like, I would pay hundreds to see my girl write another bible again. Could you imagine Gods and Monsters, V.2.0?

  • Chicken Fingers
    Chicken Fingers

    I wish Melanie Martinez would cover this sublime song too, but Lana did great

  • Maciek K.
    Maciek K.

    Wheres The old beautiful music like twin peaks theme?

  • IAmKrazyKyle

    There are people out there who think this is an original and it is depressing.

    • Dennis Reynolds
      Dennis Reynolds


  • TheNewAmericanMedia

    Who is discovering SUBLIME for the first time because of this cover?

  • Maria Pullatt
    Maria Pullatt

    I'm so mad at myself for not discovering her sooner

  • TheNewAmericanMedia

    Such a great song! Cool cover!

  • pastel nat
    pastel nat

    Her voice will be stuck in your head, the cover is literally amazing

  • Olivia Kim
    Olivia Kim


  • Aiden Miller
    Aiden Miller

    Insanely good but I’m sticking to the og sorry

  • Shy Will
    Shy Will

    She could cover the Barney song and I’d be like; “omg this is amazing”

  • Denize Machado
    Denize Machado


  • Janay Gordon
    Janay Gordon

    im so fucking happy she did this, like who better lol.

  • Nicolae Morari
    Nicolae Morari


  • James Robison
    James Robison

    Sublime meets trip hop and Lana Del Rey. It's sublime!

  • Alfonso Flores
    Alfonso Flores

    Her voice is perfect

  • Grieve

    18 years old, drinking 4 liters of vodka every week and ruining my life because of someone that died 38 years before i was born. Blame me for overreacting, but life isn't worth fighting for if what you seek is from somewhere out of your existence. I love you Marilyn, you were like the mother i never had. 🖤 I hope alcohol-poisoning does it's thing soon so that i can spend the rest of eternity with you.

  • By Isnata DIY
    By Isnata DIY


  • jose ortiz
    jose ortiz

    Her lips are perfect 😜

  • Kyle Holland
    Kyle Holland

    This version made me realize how brilliant the original song is. Now I'm listening to this 10 more times!!!

  • JAshir Barron
    JAshir Barron

    Santeria !!!!!!!

  • malik

    Seriously! We need new album we're starving for your voice lana....


    مين جاي يشوف وش وضعها هههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههه

  • Oston Espinosa
    Oston Espinosa

    Lay it up..enjoy.. RIP Bradley.


    good remix

  • duygu türkmen
    duygu türkmen


  • Klit Kardashian
    Klit Kardashian

    lana is not a `singer` and not a diva..and by far not the best in the world. comments like those ones are the reason why taylors and selenas are allowed to even hold a mic. lana is an artist...not a star. she only talks when she has to say something. she is a good studio singer. but thats not even the important part...its what she is talking about. the fact that she has a beautiful voice, huge musical understanding and is very gifted in terms of writing, makes up for her lack of singing abilities . lana is an art michael jackson or madonna. non of them were/are actual singers. art figures are characters..they represent a certain lifestyle or even just a feeling. for example, pink or aguilera are singers. the difference between art figures and singers is, that for singers, its the singing thats the main part of their work but they dont really represent any characters. art figures on the other hand, try to pass on a feeling..they try to make you feel or see the world or aspects of it through their eyes. im not saying one is better than the other..its just different. you can easily replace taylor from her own doesnt matter whos `singing` them cause it would always be the same song....but its impossible to replace somebody like lana..cause again, its not really the singing part that matters when it comes to lanas work....its WHO is telling the stories.

    • B L
      B L


  • Mrs.Windsor


  • missmyvinny

    Oh my goodness, this is perfection, & I don't even really like Sublime that much...

  • WWII Kittyhawk
    WWII Kittyhawk


  • Виталина Григоренко
    Виталина Григоренко

    Мне нравится

  • Max Schneiter
    Max Schneiter

    Lana Del Rey + Sublime = Perfection

  • projectmayhem79

    SUBLIME LONG BEACH CA. BRADLEY NOWELL representing since the early 90's Louie Dog Rest in Paradise buddy. SUBLIME is the heart, pride and joy of Southern California.Bumpin sublime since 7 years old .. 29 now n still rockin Sublime and any n all good vibes out there

  • D B
    D B

    What a clown you are, time for more witch trials

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