LaMelo Ball GOES AT SHIFTY Former NBA POINT GUARD at The Drew w/ Shaq & Lonzo Watching!!!
LaMelo Ball vs SHIFTY PG Pierre Jackson at the Drew League today with Shaq, LaVar, Lonzo and Gelo watching!
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  • Tony Jablonski
    Tony Jablonski

    Lamelo might be close to 7' tall when he hit the pros. Got 2 more years of growing. Elite passer.

  • Agree2Disagree

    Nope.... #35 on Melo team play for the Falcons!

  • Su Goi
    Su Goi

    All these BallisLife, Overtime and what not bball channel captions doesn't amount to the real content of the videos. Captions about Melo be way over-hyped bruh. Nothing really happened in this video lol. Can't believe people are being tricked to giving these channels mad views. It's just like the Rico Hines video about Melo vs Trae Young... they barely even went at each other in that game.. smh

  • Billy Jean
    Billy Jean

    Is this 24 hour fitness? Are y’all delusional to think this is good basketball?

  • Dwight Partlow
    Dwight Partlow

    Lemelo is a great passer, but he is always a step late on the defensive end.

  • Edwin Cruz
    Edwin Cruz

    Is he playing any pros? In any games?

  • Dan 3
    Dan 3

    Huge s/o to melo for growing up and not giving that fatass what he wanted. The way he carries himself now is completely different than from 1-2 yrs ago.

  • asd djs
    asd djs

    fastest release i've ever seen.. .even faster than curry's, no one's gonna be able to guard that, that is if he's good at shooting

  • All Things 11
    All Things 11

    He better fix that long ass release on his long range and midrange shot. WASAY too long to shit the ball/ to flow of a release, and he goes left A LOT!!!

  • Marquise Chavis
    Marquise Chavis

    Melo court vision and unselfishness has always been there he just taking advantage of it now because of how much more capable he is when it comes to making plays instead of spot of shooting and having his brothers make the plays.

  • Shabbazz Valley
    Shabbazz Valley

    Sense of satisfaction for all of us been watching since he was 13/14 on Varsity at Chino hills

  • Joanna

    Y’all keep saying melo is good... he needs to improve his 3’s and jump shots

  • Blake

    Before he went over seas to that country he was barely passing and shooting like crazy. Came back matured making crazy passes and utilizing his team now making shots when it's the time.

  • Dan Leith
    Dan Leith

    Love how he tries to style an easy as pass though....real NBA talent will eat that soft marshmallow

  • Dan Leith
    Dan Leith

    Lazy D, ugly shot, some nice passes...another doo doo Ball boy

  • Hendro Suryanto
    Hendro Suryanto

    You forgot Isaiah Thomas was also watching, spotted @ 0:29

  • Charming nowhere to hide
    Charming nowhere to hide

    I will say one thing bout Melo, he the only dude passing. These fools try and take it with 3 cats on em... Pass the fucking ball yo👋🏀

  • cinnaminson 06
    cinnaminson 06

    World class lay up package and passing.

  • Los

    Are we just going to let this slide,mans just grabbed his butt at 6:20

  • Rock girl
    Rock girl

    We got to pay respects for #6 making all those shots after gettin passed from lamelo

  • Puppet lover
    Puppet lover

    Who was the NBA point guard??

  • Ski Mixtape
    Ski Mixtape

    ayooo disrespectful !! check out ski mixtape on my channel

  • アースジェット

    Can Lamelo go NBA? ラメロっててきに挑発されたりしても全然きれないのがまじでかっこいい

  • ColonelZeta

    That first pass was filthy

  • Artiquno / Invicta
    Artiquno / Invicta

    was the song name at 0:30 from 21?

  • Need you now
    Need you now

    ya mean (blue) balls delusional life 🙄👎🏼 they call em mello yellow cuz its yellow not black

  • Sav Atl
    Sav Atl

    He will be called for palming the ball in the NBA. But AAU games don't make them calls as much

  • Blake Johnson
    Blake Johnson

    Melo is a legit NBA point guard in two years! Offensively he’d do ok right now defensively he would struggle and that’s because of age! When he becomes a man and really challenges his self on defense he’ll be fine! He’s offensively talented enough to get away with it so only has to learn how to play a little bit of defense! #MeloIsLegit

  • Laron Smith
    Laron Smith

    Y’all just wasted my time bruh 🤦🏾‍♂️

  • James Bowles
    James Bowles

    Great player LaMelo and team, can’t wait to see him in the NBA

  • Big Dave
    Big Dave

    Put some respect on Pierre name

  • Carlos G
    Carlos G

    Y’all keep saying melo is good... he needs to improve his 3’s and jump shots

  • Carlos G
    Carlos G

    How old are these guys

  • Yrn Luke
    Yrn Luke

    #1 on the other team doin too much. You gotta watch the whole thing to get what im sayin. For those who do though, give this comment a like Kus we all know a jumpy number one.😂

  • Marco

    why is the court so fucking small, nigga can do a fastbreak in 5 steps wtf

  • Brake Davis
    Brake Davis

    I will say one thing bout Melo, he the only dude passing. These fools try and take it with 3 cats on em... Pass the fucking ball yo👋🏀

  • Nasif Aslam
    Nasif Aslam

    Great talent

  • Real Talk University Founder
    Real Talk University Founder

    Low level drew league players put him out there with top pros looks like Harden CP3 Ben Simmons and other top players he plays NO defense can be easily shaken out of his shoes

    • Shabbazz Valley
      Shabbazz Valley

      No one is a 17year old elite defender by nba standards

  • illusionzzZ xp
    illusionzzZ xp

    We got to pay respects for #6 making all those shots after gettin passed from lamelo

  • jeremy alicea
    jeremy alicea

    Who was the NBA point guard??

  • jeremy alicea
    jeremy alicea

    Who was the supposedly NBA point guards he went at?? Everybody needs to stop pumping him up, he didn't do nothing out there and he's basic. Just like his brother lonzo ball. Trash!! Stop pumping this kids head up!

    • jeremy alicea
      jeremy alicea

      @BrodieVisions avg 3.9 points a game and played one year in the NBA in 16' and he's 5'11, stop it. Smh

    • BrodieVisions

      Pierre Jackson #6 in Blue. Was a really good college player at Baylor too.

  • jneroo226

    I think he's overly concerned with highlight ESPN moves then actually winning and efficiency.

    • Dan Leith
      Dan Leith

      jneroo226 Best comment I’ve read. Spot on my man

  • ityoboy.LeRoy

    Should put gelo in the drew league

  • Monsta Jr Legend
    Monsta Jr Legend

    LaMelo please fix yo jump shot

  • Lex Stacks
    Lex Stacks

    I was waiting for a Lavar interview 😒

  • country city
    country city

    ya mean (blue) balls delusional life 🙄👎🏼 they call em mello yellow cuz its yellow not black

  • Mr Boss
    Mr Boss

    Melo : pros and cons for next level - ok the Good , He has great court vision and a Good passer/ Cons - He commits turnovers from his high tempo , He isn’t on that next level of intensity I see the other point guards on his team have . Other details He has a good shot .... when he’s hitting sometimes he misses a lot and has no low post game I’m starting to believe he is over hyped and not even on an NBA level at all

  • less kiss
    less kiss

    Melo vs Frank Nitty ..... I wanna see that at the drew!!!

  • Dave Chapel
    Dave Chapel

    Big bust brand

  • mr. disrespekt
    mr. disrespekt

    Melo litteraly didn't do shit other than some outlet passes stop hyping him he is 🗑️

  • nick lopez
    nick lopez

    Anyone else find the announcer at Drew League annoying asf

  • Nexx Level
    Nexx Level

    Which team is home?

  • Hammad Hussain
    Hammad Hussain

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  • Thomas Hines
    Thomas Hines

    It's like watching John wall pass, his dimes are on point and kid can dribble and fight when ppl reach in... I like what I see, hopefully he can keep his dad out of the way

  • Wave God
    Wave God

    Dam lamelo videos carrying ballislife

  • Daniel Maia
    Daniel Maia

    So he does not have a three point shot and can't defend. It's going to be tricky in the NBA

  • Leopard Bra Brado
    Leopard Bra Brado

    From these highlights hea starting to look like a pass first PG

  • Ask to seduce Miss
    Ask to seduce Miss

    These guy are .bum and .this is cringe. why do u even uload I also play Fortnite ivite mi say we can play I also liked my own comment and I am dating somebody on my Xbox

  • Wayne Hasch
    Wayne Hasch

    Ball is the ONLY one playing team basketball here. He is the only one who even ATTEMPTS to pass. Everyone else just goes to the rim or shoots a three pointer. This is playground ball.(indoors).

  • Willie Walls
    Willie Walls

    Melo is going crazy agents the grown men

  • Asher Lagatic
    Asher Lagatic

    Lamelo ball. Mahinang klase pareho ni lonzo ball... puro hype lang

  • Excuses Excuses
    Excuses Excuses

    His shot sucks just like his brothers

  • cb

    A little too upright when he runs. He's going to get knocked around in college and the NBA if he plays guard and doesn't bend at the knees more. Looks like a sail out there running around.

  • Suspence

    The owners need to add some Diversity to their teams. No inclusion whatsoever.

  • 潮篁林

    Is it just me or lamelo's shooting form is different from before

  • Billy Cooper
    Billy Cooper

    Melos vision is nice

  • Happy Madison
    Happy Madison

    Gotta give respect to Melo for his hard work in improving himself as a player to be in the NBA

  • MeechBeChilling

    Melo vs Frank Nitty ..... I wanna see that at the drew!!!

  • Pauly V
    Pauly V

    This video is overhyped, Melo barely did anything lmaooo

    • Dan Leith
      Dan Leith

      Gabriel Martinez You could have 15 assists in that game..

    • Dan Leith
      Dan Leith

      Pauly V that’s cause he’s a Ball. They’re shit from the dad down.....

    • Gabriel Martinez
      Gabriel Martinez

      Pauly V scoring wise ya, dude had 15 assists tho

  • Luis Espin
    Luis Espin

    Sad that we won’t get to watch Melo play in the ncaa

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