LaMelo Ball Disrespected in Front Of Shaq! Then Turns into a 6’8 Point God!
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Melo was disrespected in front of hall of famer Shaquielle O'neal and made his opponent pay by dropping dimes all over the place! 6'8 Melo is looking like a point god! LaMelo carried his team to another W in the drew league!
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  • Amu Brazy
    Amu Brazy

    My uso tired than a mutha

  • C phillips
    C phillips

    23 gave up hella buckets on D , and went full Klay on his two made 3’s 💀💀

  • brian cuello
    brian cuello

    This video is false advertising this man doesn't make any of his shots lol

  • St.AshHole

    So trash

  • Kevin Arnold
    Kevin Arnold

    Basketball is fucking boring now. All it is is running up and down the court and shooting. No passing no setup plays. Garbage.

  • Joel Cruz
    Joel Cruz

    Turned into a God lmao nice Clickbait the kid bricked more bricks than they have in total in Chicago buildings 🤦‍♂️ there is good clickbait then this bad clickbait last time I watch this channel!

  • •BIGGIE•

    So 5 or 6 plays makes someone a God player..

  • Jlarios06

    Couldn’t watch it due to terrible camera work

  • sonoflegends sc
    sonoflegends sc

    Wack ass video waste of time

  • chocolate shawty
    chocolate shawty

    Below average player, way above average hype...SMH. There's some poor kid with way more skills and no hype in every major city in this country. The Balls are the Kardashian's of basketball.

  • mastyer0fReality

    So if I missed every free throw I ever took, would the nba offer me a contract? I cant believe how many high end ballers miss free throws. It's insane to me.

  • JOEL E
    JOEL E

    The ball kids are garbage

  • Tr3aY or 3
    Tr3aY or 3

    I think i missed where he turns into a Point God. No disrespect towards Melo, maybe the title of the video because i seen the usual Melo.

  • Dalton Nash
    Dalton Nash

    Those passes were absurd!!

  • David King
    David King

    Magic Earvin Johnson is hiring musicians, comedians & entertainers to follow, film & frame me for an unauthorized debacle. ⭐💎🔥💵💪🏽🎼🎤🎺🎻🎸🎹🥁 🐐📽🕶🏥🏦🗼🛫🌊🌎🚀🌌👀🎌✂✔⚖👑🎱💯👼❗ #MoreThan #4HM

  • Jesse Shapiro
    Jesse Shapiro

    The ball family can pass but these are not the kids you see throwing down 25+ point games night in night out. They will never be hall of fame or even compete with kemba or Irving or other shooting guards

  • Zenith S
    Zenith S

    I don't think melo knows how to be 6'8 playing ball yet.. cause he still swiping at it instead of tossing that shit to the parking lot!

  • Liquid Fire
    Liquid Fire

    Looks like a beer league game lol

  • Vanilla Gorilla
    Vanilla Gorilla

    Stop with the clickbait. I’m a fan of ball, and none of that was “God” worthy. Shame on you.

  • hkllenk

    Dude is just as bad if not worse than his brother terrible I can’t believe I wasted 6 mins watching this!!!

  • B Craftin
    B Craftin

    Shid all the attention should be on number 6 his teammate 🤷‍♂️

  • d lock5
    d lock5

    He's just not that good to me.

  • Airline Dizzy
    Airline Dizzy

    Another Ben Simmons

  • nba987

    So...were you trying to make him look good, or bad?

  • Rick Castello
    Rick Castello

    Melo is average, at best...

  • Spyda AkaKenshiro83
    Spyda AkaKenshiro83

    Ain't no D being played

  • Eric Chio
    Eric Chio

    Both he and his brother have terrible shooting form

  • Brandon Ford
    Brandon Ford

    Big boy was mad asf at the end ‼️😂 Good game though overall‼️ Melos court vision is crazy as hell‼️ I don’t know why he wouldn’t just try to walk on to a college and prove himself because he got the skills but I don’t think that over sea pro shit is what it do because it’s not even a major league ya feel me? Even if you have to redshirt or sit out the first season because of some restriction take that time to experience college and develop your game? 🤷🏾‍♂️ idk that’s just my opinion on that though


    Point scoring God?...come on people, can you Ball nut riders please get over it. Lonzo has proven to be overrated , Angelo is a thief, Melo is average and Lavar is just loud and obnoxious.....and you nut riders are pathetic. I feel sorry for the mother having to put up with Lavar...he probably orders her meals for her, dont let her speak unless given permission and probably is more or less a door mat.....and you idiots just treat him like he is a God. Pathetic world we live in.

  • Thelight50

    Send the goons to humble the dude that hit Melo. That dude is too cocky and acts like he’s untouchable.

  • Dizzy Insanity
    Dizzy Insanity

    That guy has Brick wall on Hof 😂

  • jonavuka

    overhyped trash

  • B Adams
    B Adams

    okay where was this “point god” I was suppose to see????😂😂 all he was doing was outlet passing and hit a couple backside cutters.

  • Truebrouce

    23 the guy that says " I could have been in the league"

  • Bey11ktb

    Man this kid is taller than Zo! Tell me he wouldn’t be box office in college!

  • Veezo TV
    Veezo TV


  • tru knobull
    tru knobull


  • Larry Abernathy
    Larry Abernathy

    Wow this games BORING!

  • Олег Ефремов
    Олег Ефремов

    Who named this vid is piece of shit! .. where he turns into god?!! only bullshiting people

  • DontGetNext

    #23 had the nerve to walk over him, but couldn’t run up and down the court? lmao fat ass out of shape ass boy!

  • Aspeaks 05
    Aspeaks 05

    I really didnt see anything speacial. Jus being real

  • Jonathan Hall
    Jonathan Hall

    I bet 23 ain’t stepping over no box of Twinkies.

  • Thomas Hart
    Thomas Hart

    fat fuck thought he was iverson fuck outa hereee How that L taste😬

  • Richmond king
    Richmond king

    #23 never got back on offence lol.

  • silver edge
    silver edge

    dat #23 so noob ! noob as f

  • Ryan Flanagan
    Ryan Flanagan

    Only one God our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, come to know him today

  • Stanford Martin
    Stanford Martin

    No disrespect at Lamelo but I’m still looking for the “Point God” 👀👀👀

  • Gavin Allistar David
    Gavin Allistar David

    Too many videos on Melo but still not drafted ..........sympathy note , Beethoven.

  • XXXSkelboy

    0:15 6’7 missin dunks


    Fat Jealous mf will never be famous..and probably never knew his father..and if he did he most likely wasn't shit..and def didn't believe in him

  • Treven Odell
    Treven Odell

    That pass at 3:23🤤🤤

  • cali budz
    cali budz

    This kid nasty makes the right choices with the rock every time

  • Wavy

    Why no one talking bout number six

  • CalebInDaCut

    Who does that nigga think he his😂😂😂

  • Jacob Lemus
    Jacob Lemus

    Mello should get his weight up he’d be a lot more lethal if he could confidently get in the paint on these guys who easily have 20 pounds on him. Good shit still

  • Chris Self
    Chris Self

    That boy is going to the NBA. He's 6'8" has range in his shot, can pass the Balkans he's only going to get better.

  • Andre Jackson
    Andre Jackson

    That's why the nigga with a attitude doesn't make it for that very reason

  • cmonBruh

    Lamelo will be better than Lonzo mark my words

  • John Doe
    John Doe

    He's 6"6

  • adrian hearne
    adrian hearne

    who is #6 Jackson 3:49 ?

  • LeVelle Coley
    LeVelle Coley

    I don’t want the ball brothers on the same team I’m want them in the same division different teams. Be at family dinners talking about who dropped off the other 😂😂😂 in the playoffs. Be fun to watch.

  • Beije

    Y’all tripping over how the dude walked over melo are so soft.. I thought I was soft but nah y’all a different level of soft 🤣 y’all probably did the same thing in y’alls life too.. hypocrites 😝

  • Progressive Viewer
    Progressive Viewer

    Melo looking top 10 in his draft class

  • TheWeekendYouDied 99
    TheWeekendYouDied 99

    Imagine having lonzo air ball he tried to be like Steph curry that's why they trade him rip he was my fav

  • raffy bontuyan
    raffy bontuyan

    I really hate arrogant ball family shit

  • Rapid Transit
    Rapid Transit

    Sent his big ass to school for being disrespectful. Nobody likes an oversize punk.

  • sincitypimp702

    #23 swears hes good. Get in shape fat boy. 320lbs and thinks hes actually doing something. 🤡

  • Aido Hano
    Aido Hano

    Lamelo like 6'5 max in reality def not 6'8 put him next to someone who is actually 6'8 like lebron and it's obvious

  • Reynaldo Ruiz
    Reynaldo Ruiz

    He sucks

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