Kobe's Daughter Gigi Bryant GOES OFF w/ Kobe Coaching Against OLDER PLAYERS!!
Kobe Bryant's daughter, Gigi Bryant, has game!
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  • Wayne Macdonald
    Wayne Macdonald

    I love how it's a team effort and not the Kobe Bryant's daughter show. Most parent coaches focus solely on their own kid no matter the outcome but this is awesome.

  • Brian Castillo
    Brian Castillo

    Number 10 is gonna be a star point guard in WNBA she’s insane she can playmake, shoot,defend and she can make her floaters which is gonna help her in high school and college ball

  • big baby
    big baby

    So strict coach kobe.. 😊😁😁😁

  • Angelique Jurado
    Angelique Jurado

    1:58 her face when she smacked the ball lmaoo

  • Cj Rivera
    Cj Rivera


  • Og Baseballcardsrrr
    Og Baseballcardsrrr

    Gigi is a pure shooter

  • Turtle_T

    Newman's take notes this is how you coach a team....just because she is Kobe's daughter ever girl on the team got play time and touched the ball and scored. Just saying Jaiden need a to b on this team.

  • Fõnd Devõtíõn
    Fõnd Devõtíõn

    I feel like Giana is going to make the WNBA more interesting😂😂😂💀

  • The guy that shot drake The guy that shot drake
    The guy that shot drake The guy that shot drake

    Kobe is less than a man 👨 he couldn’t even produce boys

    • Anielia Bryan
      Anielia Bryan

      The guy that shot drake The guy that shot drake ?

  • J.

    She’s pretty good for her age and clearly has the potential to be great tbh

  • Shem Gilbert
    Shem Gilbert

    Bruh why am i sitting here taking notes on number 15 post moves

  • Thor0ck

    lil white girl go crayyyyyyyyyy

  • Marcus Wong
    Marcus Wong

    Gigi does a nice spin move, loses her defender and scores. Crowd cheers!!! 4:08 Kobe sits there in silence no emotion thinking "she is on the left side she needed to finish with her left arm. I would need to speak with her about that" Gigi running back on defense thinking "dammit i should of used my left arm, Papa saw that and will be grilling me on that. FML it will be 1 hour of left hand layups drills after the game tonight" #mambamentality

  • jay are cruz
    jay are cruz

    Can't wait for kobe bryant jr birth

  • Terry Brocks
    Terry Brocks

    GOES OFF? who went off? lol

  • Lei M.
    Lei M.

    All these girls are taller than me.

  • Mya

    when you watch basketball but you ain’t even half as _good_ as her 😭 . -fml-

  • Finesse On iOS
    Finesse On iOS

    I would 1v5 their team

  • Justin that wigga
    Justin that wigga

    Kobe better have a boy cause I ain't finna watch wnba

    • ANK Kdb
      ANK Kdb


  • HxCjavi

    Dude that gym is insane..I bet it has a parents lounge with a cheese spread, cable, wifi and AC. Fancy.

  • Mariah Cloud
    Mariah Cloud

    Tbh Gigi can shoot but she can't really take care of the ball

    • joshy bay
      joshy bay

      I mean she 14 fam.....

  • Mason Mottashed
    Mason Mottashed

    This team could fr beat college teams rn

  • Chance

    🔥, but whyd the editor leave in all the random plays in between the good highlights though

  • TipTop

    So iconic: the top of Kobes head 0:06

    • TipTop


  • KoA Trey
    KoA Trey

    I wanna see gigi #10 and #15 in the wnba on the same team. They would be unstoppable

  • Octavio Luna
    Octavio Luna

    Ya Bronny James is probably watching rn....

    • Audrey Coleman
      Audrey Coleman

      Octavio Luna why would he

  • Brandon Cheeks
    Brandon Cheeks

    i feel like she would be the greatest wnba player of all time

    • Dan Brown
      Dan Brown

      Far way to go to surpass Lisa Leslie

  • Jonathan Encarnacion
    Jonathan Encarnacion

    These kids were taught right

  • Garryl Mc
    Garryl Mc

    I want to see Jaden Newman vs Gianna Bryant


    She kinda sucks to be honest. there's nothing really special. but shes just a kid wnba players are still trash

    • GTR BOY
      GTR BOY

      @Justin my point is she gets publicity from being Jones daughter. There's nothing that says shes a prodigy. Shes kobes daughter that's all

    • Justin

      GTR BOY It’ll still be interesting to see her once she hits HS/college. If she doesn’t plan on pursuing basketball like her father then she’s forsure making it into the WNBA. Basketball evolution usually occurs in the nba since the guys perform better and have to get better so shouldn’t we not compare guys to girls? And since you said we shouldn’t be comparing guys to girls then shouldn’t we watch girls play basketball with no biased/expectations? I do agree with you that she’s getting more publicity since she’s the daughter of Kobe

    • GTR BOY
      GTR BOY

      @Justin nothing wrong with girls basketball, Especially elementary. But when you watch 12 to 14 year olds being phenom. Its like is this really good anymore? Nba and basketball in general is evolving. like regular layup and jump shots arent good anymore. Its evolution of basketball. For a 12 year old ok I guess she isnt bad. But no way is this worthy of 1.5 million views. People think views are pertained as talent and that is not the case with her.

    • Justin

      GTR BOY Exactly, you just proved my point. You said most girls are not good and that is why she stands out from the rest. The reason why she is getting so much attention is because she’s a good player compared to other girls. That is why so many people are praising her. She’s good for her age and compared to other girls. We don’t expect girls to be good at basketball and yet she exceeds our expectations of what to expect when we see a girl play. I also feel like because you’ve watched basketball for so many years and you’ve played it, you expect a lot. Which is normal. But that can also be a problem. It’s hard to appreciate low level players when we’ve been watching the nba for so long.

    • GTR BOY
      GTR BOY

      @Justin girls in comparison to boys are awful. Girls in general if you focus on them alone are not really that good. We just give them a pat on the back because there girls. Hence that's why shes popular. Most girls are just awful. Sorry man but if you watch basketball you know regular layup and jump shots are not worthy of that much views same goes for every level. Lot of 12 year olds shoot normal and layup normal yet they dont get publicized. But she does since she is her daughter.

  • Julius Nicholson II
    Julius Nicholson II

    What if she becomes the first women to play in the nba

  • Andre King
    Andre King

    Whole team is dope, kobe the coach id be worried about all the players at the college level

  • HJOTech

    i wish my dad was Kobe

  • Jae Park
    Jae Park

    1:58 Gigi wanted all the smoke

  • nick gibbs
    nick gibbs

    That court is beautiful

  • XXXDepressed

    Bronny should've come to Kobe to learn how to be the 🐐

  • XXXDepressed

    Kobe got a team of KILLERS

  • AmielGaming

    Wish she will not be a ball hogger like his father

  • Jah'de Alexander
    Jah'de Alexander

    #10 and 15 🏀


    Bronny and Gigi might get married 10 years in the future and create the ultimate GOAT basketball player. Bron and Kobe genes will be unstoppable. Lol.

    • TJ Martin
      TJ Martin

      Ones 13, ones 14 turning 15 😐

    • TJ Martin
      TJ Martin

      Bruh you kind of creepy for thinking about that


    Kobe does not cheer and remains calm when his daughter scores...while LeBron goes crazy everytime Bronny scores lol.

    • Dan Brown
      Dan Brown



    Kobe will dine with Heath Ledger soon to talk about his plans of a comeback. Black Mamba is back!

  • Karliyah Capri
    Karliyah Capri

    1:58 gigi looked so annoyed 😭

  • Horizon897 Horizon
    Horizon897 Horizon

    She is way better at assisting than Kobe.



  • B1Kobe0824

    She already has that Mamba mentality and skill!

  • Alayzia Wade
    Alayzia Wade

    Nice job ladies

  • Wala Lang
    Wala Lang

    Her wings span though! 💕💞

  • George Mcneill
    George Mcneill

    She got that mamba in her

  • Bernard Harris III
    Bernard Harris III

    A new coach K???🤔

  • W345 89 WOW
    W345 89 WOW

    That team is very unselfish

  • Tyreena Keith
    Tyreena Keith

    I seen score 30 sum to 7😭

  • beanie0112

    goddamn! That’s a nice looking gym, especially the court.

  • PW

    What is basketball shoes?

  • niggas hattin
    niggas hattin

    1:35 the blue team is sad......sadly

  • Dignity YT
    Dignity YT

    Is this in slow motion

  • Gangstar41145

    I know this is supposed to be about Kobe's daughter but #10 was fucking beast lol

  • Pow Power Vlog
    Pow Power Vlog

    Getta boy son kobe

  • Sameh Souissi
    Sameh Souissi

    She has better handle than that fat DeMarcus Cousins 😂

  • chongb

    Doesn't matter which NBA star's kid it is. They all play like Curry more than their parent.

  • Princess Princess
    Princess Princess

    Can kobe please coach the lakers? 😢

    • vince11baller harris
      vince11baller harris

      Princess Princess Kobe took a vow to never coach in the nba so it probably won’t happen

  • Gabrielė Stankevič
    Gabrielė Stankevič

    How old is Gigi?

  • Nicholas Wilson
    Nicholas Wilson

    Number 10 was making some beauty shots too!

  • Honey Is Natural
    Honey Is Natural

    Those little girls ain't think about Kobe ass (as far as a celeb) lol. He's a old NBA player to them. Too funny. We getting old y'all.

  • Bee Gee
    Bee Gee

    It’s crazy to think teenage girls can shoot better than Simmons

  • Pete Nice
    Pete Nice

    why aint she rocking number 8 though?!!

  • League of Troll
    League of Troll

    0:03 award for the worst defence of the world

  • Earnest Robinson
    Earnest Robinson

    Man, these girls can hoop!

  • Ava Taylor
    Ava Taylor

    I might be interested in WNBA when her and #10and,#1 play

  • dasright1905

    Kobe had a big smile smile on his face when the point guard stole da ball and layed it up. gigi jus gotta work on her daddy's fade away ✌👑

  • InvictuZ

    Man Kobe honestly looks like a great dad that would inspire their kid instead of forcing them.

  • The Best Adventures
    The Best Adventures

    4:17 right hand floater going left.... that’s a hard move. She did it twice.

  • c104 ark
    c104 ark

    She is much taller from the last video I saw.

  • LaProfetesse

    The NBA is super sexist. I feel like Kobe knows the only child that will have massive success in basketball is the son.

  • Roger Head
    Roger Head

    Yung She-Mamba

  • Jack Felipe
    Jack Felipe

    Don't know about letting my girl playing ball. When I'm already rich. He'll naw

  • DonLockhart59

    Geeeeesh, the WNBA is going to be lit when that squad enters. Lawd Jesus!!

  • Don Don
    Don Don

    Kobe a good coach. A lot of these plays were very well executed. They weren't just running around, they were moving and had a game plan. I wonder if he'd be a good NBA coach.

  • Mike Wazowski
    Mike Wazowski

    In the world of women’s basketball is Kobe’s daughter really that good? 🏀 I don’t see it.

  • Chris Austria
    Chris Austria

    Like father like daughter

  • Raider Warrior
    Raider Warrior

    She got them mamba 🧬

  • D- Sean
    D- Sean

    Kobe gotta be the hardest coach to impress

  • Jeff McKibben
    Jeff McKibben

    Wow these girls can shoot

  • Ben Law
    Ben Law

    #10 reminds me of Rebecca Lobo. Kobe doing a fantastic job here.

  • Lee-ann Clardy
    Lee-ann Clardy

    I seen him and her in person going to a game we're I was playing

  • Ramal Nottah
    Ramal Nottah

    Gigi got the 🐐 running threw her Veins...... Lamar Hatton.........

  • bry rsx
    bry rsx

    She should be the first woman to play in the NBA. I hope she goes for it.

  • luis r
    luis r

    Nice. But a little sad. Kobe wishes he had a boy

  • Desidedo Mohabal Jr.
    Desidedo Mohabal Jr.

    Everybody just ignore the fact that Gigi Bryant doesn't miss evrytime she shoot 3 points, damn

  • The Lion Queen TV
    The Lion Queen TV

    Amazing job by all the ladies! Played very well! You go girls! 🙌🏾

  • somuch somuch
    somuch somuch

    so what was we just watch? please someone explain?😐🤔

  • Glenn McKnight
    Glenn McKnight

    Kobeeeee daughterrrrr

  • Elevated Emotions
    Elevated Emotions

    Kobe must be in the sun a lot

  • igorblackpantermove9

    She trash

  • Daron Aquino
    Daron Aquino

    One of the most ball-dominant players of all time teaching the Triangle to max efficiency. Can't make this stuff up. Kobe is going to have his fingerprint in all aspects of basketball with his NBA mentorees, girls coaching, and sports literature/media.

  • Bobby Bucks
    Bobby Bucks

    Pink JellyBean 😩😂

  • Sherita Jones
    Sherita Jones

    Kobe's daughters got skillz..😏

  • Jeston April694
    Jeston April694

    Damn the triangle is there

  • Tony Don
    Tony Don

    Nah I'll pass. She'll never make it to the NBA Bronny has a better chance.

  • B D
    B D

    Hate to be the other team’s coach lol

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