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Klay Thompson was not snubbed from the All-NBA team - Nick Wright | NBA | FIRST THINGS FIRST
First Things First: Cris Carter and Nick Wright
In reaction to Klay Thompson being shocked that he was omitted from the All-NBA team, Nick Wright breaks down why he doesn't think Klay was snubbed this year.
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Cris Carter, Nick Wright and Jenna Wolfe team up on First Things First, a discussion and opinion-based studio program that covers all the headlines weekdays on FS1.
Klay Thompson was not snubbed from the All-NBA team - Nick Wright | NBA | FIRST THINGS FIRST
First Things First: Cris Carter and Nick Wright

  • First Things First: Cris Carter and Nick Wright
    First Things First: Cris Carter and Nick Wright

    Was Klay snubbed for not making the All-NBA team?

    • mike collins
      mike collins

      @Mark W - never intended? That's what Isiah Thomas was for the Pistons, what LJB (runs the point) has done for a decade in a half and what Curry does now (prior to KD leading them to 73 wins and in KD's injury absences) and they all had all-time runs. As for the "only offense" being what is taken into account. No, but these votes are reflecting that running the team has been given more weight than defense. I do get what you are saying as well--you want the All NBA team to reflect an actual team that one would assemble--the 1st Team should be the best and tiered down to the third and the players should have a cohesive, and natural, fit. This makes sense and, under those guidelines, Klay would be a highly coveted SG. Others want the five best players to be on the first team regardless of position and if they're all PGs, SG or wings then so be it. This is kind of a happy medium where centers are included and the forwards and guards are blurred. This is the system that the players allowed in the CBA. BTW, longest conversation I've had on youtube without being cussed at!

    • Mark W
      Mark W

      @mike collins , I understand where you're coming from, it just doesn't make sense to me. You could have KD or Kawhi either first team or second, you can switch them up. Paul George could be 3rd NBA. I just think people play different positions and they shouldn't be penalized for it. Like AD and Curry play 2 different positions. Is one really better then the other? Curry can do things AD can't, but AD can do things Curry can't, so who decides who's better

    • Mark W
      Mark W

      @mike collins , that what PGs are mainly supposed to do. A PG was never intended to be the leading scorer on the team. A PG runs the team and his job is to set up other people to score. That could be the SG or C or either of the forwards. A PG can score, but if was never designed for a PG to be the leading scorer of a team. Don't forget, back in the old days, the center was the main scorer for a team. I'm just saying they should go by position, instead of just 2 guards and 2 forwards. Surely they could find 3 SGs worthy of the award. Even Javelle MaGee said that the NBA is trying to get rid of the center position. I don't think it was even included in the all Star voting. The NBA just wants the 5 best players regardless of position, but I don't think that's fair. You can be a great SG, but because people think there might be PGs better then you, then you don't get a vote. I really don't even know how they determine who is better anyway. Harden might be great offensively, but he sucks at defense, same as Curry. Then you have Klay who does both well, but he doesn't get voted in. So are they just going by offense or what.

    • mike collins
      mike collins

      @Mark W - Occasionally score? Better tell Klay that his splash brother is doing it all wrong! And I guess this only applies to guards--Kawhi and KD both made the second team despite both being SF/wing players--should we get a true PF in there? Obviously not. Of course, if we moved PF Blake up from 3rd team to 2nd, then either KL or KD would have to fall and, clearly, neither of them are 3rd team material. 2 PGs on the 1st team. 2 SFs and 2 PGs on the second team. 2PGs on the 3rd team... if the NBA went by your defining positions, then it couldn't just swap a player or two, they'd have to have a re-vote.

    • Mark W
      Mark W

      @mike collins , oh I disagree that the exact possition is outdated in the modern era. There is a reason that there are PGs and SGs. PGs are there to run the team, keep the action going, make assist, and occasionally score points. The SG is there to score and occasionally assist. To me the PGs job is to first assist, then to score. The SGs job is to score first and then maybe occasionally assist. 2 different positions at least to me.

  • Indio Rendellino Rendellino
    Indio Rendellino Rendellino

    Both idiots

  • Beach Waves
    Beach Waves

    What you'll should ask yourself since you'll into "numbers" how much shots did each of those players make vs Klay and BREAK IT DOWN, cause Klay numbers and remember he played way less that he has no control over that. You guys disrespected that man period!

  • KOD

    Kemba did not lead his team to finals Kyrie made his team worse.. Klay does it on both end neither of them do.. He was all NBA based on that..

  • Threelly AI
    Threelly AI

  • Bob Leonizo
    Bob Leonizo

    Nick always wanted to build narrative on "what did not happen", it make's him nuts! the present is crystal clear and no need to speculate. Kemba have a great seasons for himself and his team is no where in the playoffs on the other hand, Klay is sharing the ball with Steph & KD and still be that guy and to add his team is still playing. YES, Klay was robbed.

  • king_has_no_cloths kul
    king_has_no_cloths kul

    3 trophies of golden state are not respected at all: 2015,2017 and 2018. if they win here without kd, it is quite valid. they have not paid their dues nor got their comeuppance. but as fate would have it, one day you got to pay. there is no easy path to success! steve kerr knows it. though he caters to superstars deep down he is quite grounded.

  • The Useless Fuck3r
    The Useless Fuck3r

    durant underrated? everyone knows hes the best player in his team how come hes underrated?pls someone explain ..

  • Christian John Gumban
    Christian John Gumban

    Well anyway is not about $$$MONEY$$$ for klay ITS ALL ABOUT RINGS N LEGACY..... Even if he made it to allnba he still ganna take that pay cut just to stay with WARRIORS.... coz its not about money.... Hes rich enought😀😜💝😉

  • Jeremi Lewis
    Jeremi Lewis

    Basketball is a team sport. It sucks how players are underrated because they make a great team instead of just shining individually.

  • dlawson688

    Not very often I agree with nick, but I do here 100%

  • 3-point assassin
    3-point assassin

    This group makes my head hurt

  • Pink Panther
    Pink Panther

    The real snub is how Nick makes fun of Chris when he doesn't use proper English/! What is that about/?! I'm sure someone on the set is paid to handle that. Nick's that dude he realizes he is third wheel on the show, and looks to belittle to make himself feel better/ He is the reason they won't be able to maintain a following/

  • Kameron Poindexter
    Kameron Poindexter

    A distinction should be made between having better numbers and having a better year. I like Russell's tenacity and competitiveness, but his triple double numbers may be some of the emptiness numbers in NBA history. Klay may have started the year in a shooting slump (at least by his standards), but Russ was one of the worst shooters in the league ALL YEAR LONG and one of the worst decision makers in the league. Bottom line, how do your numbers and play contribute to winning? Kemba could not lead his team to the eastern conference playoffs that included the Orlando Magic and Deangelo Russell and the Nets. And I like Kemba a lot, but he and Russell's usage rates are off the charts. Of course their "numbers" are going to be better (or at least larger) than Klay's.Somebody has to score for the Hornets, and nobody has the ball more in OKC than Russ. And Russell nor Kemba are anywhere close to Klay on the defensive end. Both are liabilities on the defensive end. But numbers don't always show that, or at least the shallow number that most mainline media members look at.

  • Tlsvd

    He’s the ugliest guy in tv

  • MrCocoMocoLoco2

    This guy scores 30-40-60 points a game when he plays half a game ffs, nick. I’m no warrior fan, but it’s obvious he’s a generational talent.

  • Leagai Tala
    Leagai Tala

    Until Golden State breaks up as all of them are in a way putting themselves in a Clay Thompson type situation. Unless Clay leaves to a team and becomes the main focus of a defense and see how he can truly guard positions 1 through 4 without the assistance of others around him like he has right now. Dude might be mad he wont be able to get a supermax deal. But if you ain't gone leave to prove it, it is what it is.

  • Sinister 1
    Sinister 1

    As soon as Klay grows balls and is the #1 option on whatever team, then he can cry all he wants. No one on GS is underrated. They're truly an example of the sum being greater than the parts. Klay was 60th this season in Defensive +/- *among shooting guards only* . The #s have NEVER supported him being a good defender. Last season his Defensive +/- was 254th overall ! He averages 3.5 rebounds per game (embarrassing) and 2.3 assist per game (horrible). His #s for blocks and steals are equally pathetic. Look it up. The *only* part of his game that's even remotely close to being exceptional is his shooting. Even then 21.5 ppg and 40% from beyond the arc aren't anywhere near elite!

  • Rolly SJ
    Rolly SJ

    they're all underrated.. why? because they play TEAM !!!

  • shlomo Belafonte
    shlomo Belafonte

    Nick Wright you have made a career out of saying stupid things. Youre going on mute.

  • Akol Ashwill
    Akol Ashwill

    I don't understand why we're looking at what we don't know when what we do know for sure is that gsw are the current champions & the team to beat?

  • armando Caballero
    armando Caballero

    Nick is really bad at this. He does not understand basketball.

  • kimfrey marcelo
    kimfrey marcelo

    i cant believe nick wrong still has a job, he should be banned from sports media,

  • Andrew Branson
    Andrew Branson

    Klay is a wing player/3 and d its stupid that he's competing for a spot with combo guards

  • Jay J
    Jay J

    James Harden was a six man and got his own team and went to getting MVP's. Pretty sure Klay Thompson could score 30 + lead a team

    • Fred Leeland
      Fred Leeland

      I remember questioning the Harden move and how good he really was, then his first game he dropped 40 and I was shook

  • needsalt

    If you stick up for any of the warriors you are an evil person straight up

  • James Grover Windham
    James Grover Windham

    Woman sports voice engage....

  • Manandi

    Ok if we are talking about points and impact only, why did lebron james make it this year?

  • raheem gaston
    raheem gaston

    These some idiots

  • raheem gaston
    raheem gaston

    His first 7 games

  • Christopher M
    Christopher M

    Klay think he’s all that bruh u on a super team. He can’t score 60 in three quarters without two MVPs on the same floor with him I can guarantee you this.

  • raheem gaston
    raheem gaston

    They talking bout numbers what about record

  • 35Jeff

    Kemba Walker carried his team to the point of not being close to making the playoffs in the East. Klay defends the opponent's best each game and is one of the integral parts of a dynasty. The EC honks don't watch Klay each game he plays and just generalizes his talent. It's really dumb what the players and NBA collectively bargained by giving the media power over the stars' salaries because these awards were trivial. On the flip side, GSW should be ecstatic because Klay is certain to stay with GSW now, and save a boat load of cash in luxury tax.

  • Alex Brown
    Alex Brown

    First two teams I agree with. My all NBA third team: G - Holiday G - Walker F - James F - Griffin C - Gobert

  • William Wheat
    William Wheat

    Nick Wright sounds silly. Klay is the truth!

  • Samuel (Sam) Smith
    Samuel (Sam) Smith

    What kind of backwards logic is this, just because good players play together doesn't mean you can't analyze their talent in a vacuum. Also pretty much more baiting to break up this team. Klays stats were better than both westbrooks and kembas not to mention he is more efficient and a better defender then both. You say that this is based of the regular season, but clearly voters get influenced by the postseason (look at the MVP race). Not sure why the media has this control over players salary, literally it's you who voted against him and now he doesn't get a supermax because of your bs logic and reasoning here. What makes your opinions any more informed and thought out than anyone commenting on this YT video?

  • Choir Boi
    Choir Boi

    He can sign a two year deal with the hawks with the 2nd year being a player option make all star team then re up with supermax contract

  • Marcus Barnes
    Marcus Barnes

    Kay wasn't snubbed. Other guys had better statistical regular seasons. Winning in the post season has nothing to do with all NBA voting. Yes they won in regular season a lot but he's the 3rd option so he can't expect too much credit!

  • Omar Perpall
    Omar Perpall

    Spoken from the dumbest nba analysts

  • Ken Rik
    Ken Rik

    Klay is the 3rd scoring option, which makes it more difficult to produce All-NBA stats. This “snub” wouldn’t be an issue if a super max contract was at stake.

  • Brad Ruszala
    Brad Ruszala

    Just like chatty women, focussing on who should feel a certain way. Nick is emblematic of all effeminate male sports commentators who don't have any real credibility. What he and the women express on the set does not resonate with male sports fans.

  • mhead1 1
    mhead1 1

    That blonde chick a fox 😳😳

  • Taz Goat
    Taz Goat

    Cc how is kd underrated when he’s being crowned as the best player in the nba lol

  • P H
    P H

    Nick awful don't know hoops

  • Jack Cooper
    Jack Cooper

    yeah its regular season but warriors got one seed, whereas Beal and Walker didn't even make the post season, so regardless of numbers, it should be based on what you helped your team achieve, which Play was integral in achieving

  • jacob parnell
    jacob parnell

    They need to change the MVP and all-NBA voting to include the playoffs if it is going to cost players money. Media have gone away from PER and advance stats and vote on emotion and simple box stats. 6 point guards most with high usage, I agree with Stephen A over westbrook, kyrie etc. People just ignore defence and vote on highlights


    where the f did these wahmen from??

  • Desean Carter
    Desean Carter

    GSW is a great TEAM. I hope they stay together and put a huge mark on history

  • PlanetJigobotTV

    The media doomed the Raptors when they snubbed Klay. He's about to them the business...

  • Jamell Shaw
    Jamell Shaw

    Pip looked great by himself in 1994

  • Paolo Baldini
    Paolo Baldini

    Nick .. when Steph was drafted by the Warriors they were worse than Charlotte!! And he was able to built the team with other draft pick (klay and Draymond)....Don't compare Kemba to Steph

  • 313drepeso313

    I swear idk how nick actually got to be a sports analyst... Dude said we wouldn't know if Steph could carry a team like Charlotte!!!! Fool GS wasn't always this juggernaut, if I recall right his rookie year Steph averaged 17 and his scoring kept going up. Hence him carry a sorry team, dumb F...

  • Stevan Chase
    Stevan Chase

    what some don't point out is that Klay also spreads the floor and opens it up for scorers like KD and at time for Steph. Klays defender isn't leaving him, so that's one less defender gambling on steals or making extra defensive plays.

  • Michael Koa
    Michael Koa

    Those broadcasters who voted against Klay should pay him back the 30M he potentially lost.

    • DeerayYoDaddy

      All Nba is a regular season accolade which in which the players with the best season are on the team. How was klays season better than russ,kemba??

  • Kenneth Iho
    Kenneth Iho

    Its jst pitiable how much people show hate for the warriors because they are soo good. I know alot of people love them. Bt some people jst dont because they are soo good

  • Kenneth Iho
    Kenneth Iho

    Someone please shut nick up. Too much bs out of mouth

  • cjsligo Jones
    cjsligo Jones

    I don't know how much Nick knows about Basketball analytics, but I do know that I could ski jump off of that nose.

  • Kent Murray
    Kent Murray

    It seems that having great numbers is the criteria for making the all-nba team. additionally, its hard for me to get up in arms about a guy that's gonna get $30 mil. left off of a contract that he will eventually sign. the one thing klay is saying is that if there was a game 7 and one of those 6 all-stars was on the court he most certainly would be guarding them and they would both know who the better basketball player was at the time the final horn blows.

  • Justin Shea
    Justin Shea

    What I got from this was nick doesn’t give credit to someone unless they are great on 2 or more teams. Loyalty goes a long way

  • Anthony Jaramillo
    Anthony Jaramillo

    What I just heard from these geniuses is your on a good team and you get punished for it you get drafted by a good team you get punished for it he go to the final 5 times you get punished for it

  • Adam Canada
    Adam Canada

    Have to disagree with the Scottie Pippen reference. We know what he was as the number one. In the absence of MJ. He was third in the MVP voting. He came within one horrible call of getting the Bulls to the Eastern Conference Finals. This is a lot considering the Bulls did not bring in another star player.

  • Kila_ Kam82
    Kila_ Kam82

    This guy Nick is more annoying than Skip Bayless!!

  • Ron Chandler
    Ron Chandler

    Nick looks like Klay

  • James LN
    James LN

    simple solution, dont let the media vote for f*cks sake they dont know sh*t. they're talking about statistics like its everything wtf

  • xOakland xCali
    xOakland xCali

    Nick that aint even an Argument

  • Pogi Monster
    Pogi Monster

    I agree that the fact Klay can guard 1-4 man unlike to other players got elected and Klay can shoot!! Yep he's underated.

  • DoubleDates

    2:37 nick wtf r u talking about, do you have any idea in your little head where "game 6 klay" came from? smh, media these are on drugs wwtf, you might as well change your name to Nick Wrong, lmao

  • jlccarv

    Nick, what a moronic argument 🤦‍♂️

  • Jersey Brrr
    Jersey Brrr

    Nobody told nick to brush his fuxking hair

  • greater goodson
    greater goodson

    Nick Wright is terrible

  • Ma Theresa Pitogo
    Ma Theresa Pitogo

    Then y the media need to vote? Put up the numbers in the regular season

  • maaly8111

    They all full of it. Myles Turner didn't make the all NBA defensive team. Why? Because he played in Indiana and the voters didn't even look at none of those games. Dude averaged 3 blocks a game. Which means he had some 5-7 block games. NBA is a bunch of bull. These analyst and voters not looking at all these regular season games. If they did half these guys would be off these lists.

  • Shacka Zulu
    Shacka Zulu

    Nick hates the best team in the nba, golden state warriors because they upset LeBron legacy. And still will make sure he won't get a championship again.

  • Chris Breezy
    Chris Breezy

    How does Nick have his own show? Ill take Chris Broussard or even Rob Parker over this dude anytime.

    • Benjamin Franklin
      Benjamin Franklin

      Chris Breezy he’s a bronsexal; what do you expect ? He once said lebron was a better 3pt shooter than Kd lol

  • Isaiah 59:17
    Isaiah 59:17

    Wow they're really trying to break the Warriors up just say you're scared of them.. I would respect that more...

  • Asa Smith
    Asa Smith

    This is what happens when you let Men & Women ( Mostly White to Appease) who in alot of cases have never Played any Sport use Sprinkles or Journalism and analytics to simple make points (Aka the Protestants of Journalism lol) Make decisions and influence checks. We know that the majority Fan are WM's but ultimately why are we giving commentators so much more value than actual players this would have set better with me if the decision would have been made by an outside committee made up of Players and analytics people ( Mostly ) with sprinkles of journalist.. this is ridiculous and shows how much value and respect a two year commentator has over any NBA Player.. I will be glad when that Soccer ball touting Adam Silver era is over

    • Asa Smith
      Asa Smith

      I would ask you to consume the Black Pill if you haven't already

    • Benjamin Franklin
      Benjamin Franklin

      Asa Smith stop race baiting sjw

  • Josh Marrero
    Josh Marrero

    Nick is an absolute idiot. Most nba fans would be better analysts then him

  • Chris Mark
    Chris Mark

    Nick Wright neck-and-neck with Max Kellerman for dumbest analyst alive

  • phillyflyboy

    Nicks hairline got snubbed from the best come back of 2019

  • Bb

    Nick a clown

  • gmorgcyborg

    They have no idea what they be talking about . Nick hella reaching.

  • Cross

    OOOOOOooo I wish SAS was on this panel, these ppl would cry home to their momma

  • sean johnson
    sean johnson

    These guys are such idiots

  • Anthony Drake
    Anthony Drake

    Saying Klay isn't a 2nd team much less a 3rd is like saying Dude doesn't have a weak chin now that he's sporting facial hair. You're saying you don't know that Klay can't put up consistently high numbers... THAT'S BS!! 37 points in a single quarter... the fact is we KNOW that he can and does take up the slack on the GSW team. Since he's been Klay Thompson?... the team has to win 67 in order for Klay to get something.. when NONE of the players he's pitted against were part of a 67 win team this year much less their career? Klay has to do 25-50% better than everyone else just to get 3rd team? Y'all are str8 IDIOTS.

  • Cross

    I bet u he voted for kemba

  • Froggy Dog
    Froggy Dog

    Why is this pencil neck dork on tv talking about sports?

  • Carlton Vincent
    Carlton Vincent

    Klay Thompson is just trying to make some money and go home. He plays defense like no other on the team, he can shoot. Well he's not as Steph Curry, but when he's on he'sbut but he's off he's off.

  • Vuribo

    So nick What about the 2 facing elimination game 6 Wasnt he the 1 then

  • HalooINC

    Nick's totally right, Michael Jordan is the luckiest player of all-time because he went 6/6 in the NBA finals but hey if he lost one of those finals we don't know how he would bounce back he might score 0 points total next season. So MJ isn't the GOAT he was the luckiest player alive, he's unproven and definitely shouldn't have been put on the ALL-NBA team... (This explanation really does make it clear exactly why Klay didn't make ALL-NBA).

  • Gina Wilkerson
    Gina Wilkerson

    He thinks more highly of himself than he ought to.

  • Kasey Burlingham
    Kasey Burlingham

    Nick trying to break the Warriors up.

  • Thank You
    Thank You

    Great players earn that selection no matter where they are, this entire thing is stupid. If you are better, you are better, doesn't matter who you play with. Shaq and Kobe both played at their peaks, they still both got theirs. Greatness doesn't use another superstar being on the team as an excuse

  • Anthony Lawrence
    Anthony Lawrence

    Nick you're my guy, but Klay was Snubbed.

  • Gav Plays
    Gav Plays

    I just dont understand the media narratives and most gsw haters that gsw is a superteam whereas they only have steph in the all-nba 1st team and kd in the 2nd... Klay and draymond is more deserving than those others... Kd should be in the 1st team instead of paul george...

  • Shane Robinson
    Shane Robinson

    What is nick talking about? Curry couldn’t do what kemba does? Do you remember what the warriors were? Yeah then curry klay and dray won a chip that has been done smh nick wrong as usual

  • Manny301

    Klay is the best 2 way in the nba did you see how badly he locked up dame in crunch time dame had so many shots to give them that lead in the 4th and he missed every single one of them shots cause klay contested it

    • Benjamin Franklin
      Benjamin Franklin

      Manny301 he’s not better than Paul George or kawhi

  • Mark Nellons Jr.
    Mark Nellons Jr.

    C'mon Chris Carter how is KD under rated??? Some people got him over LeBron he's over rated if u was the best u shoulda beat the Warriors not joined them

    • kristopher greenhow
      kristopher greenhow

      Mark Nellons Jr. by that logic Lebron was never the best

  • UltraWarrior09

    How tf is KD, steph AND draymond underrated? STOP it Chris, we ALREADY KNOW what they can do because they've done it.

    • UltraWarrior09

      I see what you mean

    • Noble Son
      Noble Son

      Let me amend one thing from my previous reply. We do know Kevin Durant's value, which is why no one else on GS can be properly valued. Let's go back in time so we can understand this better. If we put Olajuwon on the Jazz in the mid 90's with Karl Malone and John Stockton, then neither of those two would ever have been valuated correctly. Likewise, if we put Olajuwon on the Pacers with Reggie Miller, then Miller may have ended up being overrated (because the attention to Olajuwon would have given him even more open looks and more space to run the floor)..

    • Noble Son
      Noble Son

      I agree with Chris on this. We see their value being on each other's team. We don't know their value compared to a LeBron who we saw bring 10 barely starters and Love with a mending hand straight to the Finals. Can any of them be that guy on a team without those others? We don't know. I find that to be true. And then include all time great coach Steve Kerr. Do they do that without him? Lebron has. And now Kawhiy is too. That's a completely different level of ball than playing with two top 5 shooters of all time and an Allstar level utility player like Draymond (plus all time great Durant)

  • Davon Isler
    Davon Isler

    No you just need Lebron to go to 8 🥳🥳🥳

  • alzfantazy

    Fans should be able to vote on the media. Nick would not even be considered by anyone to get a vote. Can’t listen to a guy who has no athletic genes in his being, so he can’t talk about sports, no validity.

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