iPhone 11 Clone Unboxing
Unbox Therapy
iPhone 11 is just around the corner and as usual we've got pre-release clones flooding the market. Welcome to my iPhone 11 clone unboxing.
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  • Unbox Therapy
    Unbox Therapy

    iPhone 11 ugly or fine?

    • Blaze Scotty445
      Blaze Scotty445


    • Hirak Medhi
      Hirak Medhi


    • Fatema Vlogs
      Fatema Vlogs


    • Oli lego
      Oli lego

      Unbox Therapy uhly

  • Kelsey Star
    Kelsey Star

    so ugly

  • 孙江雪

    i still cant believe the iphone 11 will be that ugly

  • Abdulah Salah
    Abdulah Salah

    مبايل زربة مايلحك ال P30 PRO لو يضرط

  • Samiullah khan
    Samiullah khan

    you should gift me one of them

  • Rollins Vein
    Rollins Vein

    i want to buy

  • Skkrt Unit
    Skkrt Unit

    This Iphone is finna be TRASH

  • Danish Mukhriz
    Danish Mukhriz

    Man, I remember when I got an iPhone 5s, and my friend got a iPhone 5s clone on his birthday gift from his father. So when we both talk about downloading an application. I went to the App Store. Then, my friend told me "where do I find that App Store because I couldn't find it on mine." *My feeling hurts a lot.*

  • Takagi San
    Takagi San

    I was setting a voice recognition password for my new phone and a dog nearby barked and ran away. Now I'm still looking for that dog to unlock my phone.

  • ishmael Al-mirah
    ishmael Al-mirah

    Legends says he is still moving far away lol

  • Sai Dafal
    Sai Dafal

    Bhaii Tu toh Chha Gaya


    Iphone XI Released 1 December 2019

  • CoCoNutZ4eVer

    Imagine they chucked in a real iPhone with those fakes

  • Hadi

    It’s made in China

  • Christopher Ford
    Christopher Ford

    I can see it in the (p) being fatter

  • iiHusse

    Omg I told my brain I think the iPhone 11 ( if it will come out! ) it had a 🎛 camera lol

  • Itto Ogami
    Itto Ogami

    No Way i hate big Phones go back to a brand new 5s. No NFC Chip, no strong Spionage but a beatuy

  • محمد العراقي
    محمد العراقي

    i need this iphone

  • Hector 007
    Hector 007


  • Abhinav Mall
    Abhinav Mall

    where tf is the iPhone 9

  • Harnoor Rathour
    Harnoor Rathour

    Can we get in india

  • Aleksa Obradovic
    Aleksa Obradovic

    Note 10 better decision

  • Mary

    I don't even have the 4 imagine having these there well I wanted

  • Info Tech
    Info Tech

    Hi there..


    The New Shit Came? Year By year Thus Shit become nastier...

  • GalaxyGamer141

    im waiting for the iphone 11 to come out so the iphone xr can lower its price, so i can get it :D

  • Jake Stone
    Jake Stone

    What’s next for the camera shape: 📐

  • ayy jayy
    ayy jayy

    if you had this phone 10 years ago what would you rate it out of 10 :D

  • M_PC

    Next IPhone, the whole back is a camra

  • Cris Pineda
    Cris Pineda



    if u are too much rich then please give me one phone without any cost

  • Justin

    That seems a good cell phone for idiots. That would be the end of iphone edition. The End.

  • Shreyash Nandgave
    Shreyash Nandgave

    IPhone clone price we can get two redmi phones😂😂

  • #anasthegamer _YT
    #anasthegamer _YT

    1:52 you said (يعني)

  • Siddharth Paul
    Siddharth Paul

    apple suvks!

  • Gabriel Florentino
    Gabriel Florentino

    The iphone 11 is comimg on september for sure. It doesnt make sence to change of phone. Im going to stay with my max. I probably change it for 2021.

  • azraf ameen
    azraf ameen

    Looks like shit

  • Bee Legend
    Bee Legend

    iphone copy and paste anyways. lol

  • Vandana Salunkhe
    Vandana Salunkhe

    Next time I apple camera is like💣💣🔦🔮

  • Muhammed Javoohar
    Muhammed Javoohar

    Any one from Kerala

  • MiMi VSP
    MiMi VSP

    Well i need iphone to change all ur look... so boring now... not interesting

  • Đoàn Nguyên Đức
    Đoàn Nguyên Đức

    Terrible . 😢😢😢

  • RBX Xyniic
    RBX Xyniic

    Does anybody know where I could possibly by a clone like one in the video??

  • Zenbeach Traveler
    Zenbeach Traveler

    Are iPhones basically disposable? I can't seem to upgrade the iOS of an older model. It made sense to buy the iPhone 4 or 5 because it has a cool and sleek design. The next models, it's just bull shit, when people in 3rd world countries sell a kidney to buy a phone.

  • mie jordison
    mie jordison

    Sell to me

  • Tiffany

    Damn an iPhone 11 is already gonna come out and I’m still stuck with an iPhone 7 Plus 😩🥺

  • Akash Pathri
    Akash Pathri

    If u don't mind pls give me one phone

  • na Yu
    na Yu


  • 赵宇夫

    虽然改变不大 还是会换新款

  • Hi speed gamer
    Hi speed gamer

    BC iPhone tatti hai


    Free1 Ok Cambodia

  • Julian olsen Frismo
    Julian olsen Frismo

    Were didd You buy itt

  • Drida and Keisha
    Drida and Keisha

    I think it's ugly tbh

  • 4 T6
    4 T6

    Idol Cambodia 🇰🇭

  • Anish Yadav
    Anish Yadav

    Awwh.... It looks ugly.... But expecting a lot frm iphn 11...

  • A.I. Gaming
    A.I. Gaming

    Money in the bank:$1.00 Ah shit here we go again..

  • Andrea Andersen
    Andrea Andersen

    I would make the glass on the camera match the color of the back glass. If i were apple that is

  • Cool Dude
    Cool Dude

    Imagine the real iPhone 11 doesn’t look like anything like this

    • Info Tech
      Info Tech

      Hey can you subscribe me?

  • Ali Esf
    Ali Esf

    خارکسده چی میگی برا خودت پولدار بی غم کون سفید

  • Uday Pathania
    Uday Pathania

    Its funny how you prefix every thing with fake🤣🤣

  • Anatoly Spencer
    Anatoly Spencer

    Where do we buy this clone?

  • Joshie’s J.A.M
    Joshie’s J.A.M


  • I'm Nobb
    I'm Nobb

    Iphone sucks

  • XXXshockwaveXXX 101
    XXXshockwaveXXX 101

    Bruh you talk too much

  • Gaurav Solanki
    Gaurav Solanki

    Give me iphone fake i use it😂

  • S Santos
    S Santos

    The iPhone 11 looks like that Nokia phone with all of those cameras

  • Charles Ratcliffe
    Charles Ratcliffe

    Are you a clone yourself. There's about a hundred people just like you on the site

  • Ravi Kant
    Ravi Kant

    What would you with these clones?

  • Madara


  • Landon Bain
    Landon Bain

    do you think this is actually just a production phone

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