If You Say WOW, You LOSE! (HARDEST) Ft. Christian Delgrosso
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Family friendly PG Clean
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      Porscha Sims

      If it is a big celebrity

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      @Daniel Barajas Ruiz is dum

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      you are ♾lay the best❤️

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      Hiii there 😍

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    I liked and subscribed boss

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    Ishan Khandelwal

    Jonathan said wow at 11:14

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    Yuuki Alison

    i have freaking 5 life muhaha😈😈😈

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    stovetopcolt71 sx781

    None 😪

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    Restie Tabujara

    Try not to say NO XD

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    Renae Connolly

    I had 5 lives

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    Lachlan Slattery

    I had 4 lives left

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    IcelyPlayz ]

    I had five lives left Like if you had 5 lives left too

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    3 lives

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    I have 5

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    Cody’s cool kids channel Funch

    I did not say wow

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    S M

    Infinites sun Glass XD

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    Natalia Jurado

    Did not say w word 5 lives for me

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    I have 5 Lifes Stills

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    Hi :)

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      😍 I Liked

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    5 lives. (This is how many people got 5 lives.) ⬇️

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    Nick Howell

    oi u said WOW (cristain)

  • Nick Howell
    Nick Howell

    u said it

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    I said woah now wow

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    Five lives!

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    I get 1000000 Lifes

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    I got five life left

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    YOU Did😛😛😛😛😛

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    You dance very good more good than me

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    Like the video if you have the infinite march or if you haven't like the video

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    Airis De Aza

    Cristian is lele's cuson

  • Clara Chaney
    Clara Chaney

    Thats my teddy bear and he putted chocolate and vanilla in it and i miss it very much....

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    You said it

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    Stop tick about you much I will in sucrib

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    I have 5 lives

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    Wow wow wow

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    I love Christian's vedios

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    hundred life

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    I had ten lives in this is how many other people

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    Sandra Miller

    I got 4

  • samantha kirby
    samantha kirby

    And he did not tell you

  • samantha kirby
    samantha kirby

    The prsin you are with ifita 2

  • Tommy


  • Tommy


  • BPRBLX6345

    i like never said wow i just watched him say wow

  • Eco Reis
    Eco Reis

    3 that are a 🦄

  • Christy Nease
    Christy Nease

    On the zip tie one Christian Said wow! And said shh🤫 and know one realized even caylus

  • Christy Nease
    Christy Nease

    I hadin,t said a word but 😮 I lost a life nooooo

  • Arely Rodriguez
    Arely Rodriguez

    He was a liar he said wow but calus didn't know so calus won

  • Jacob Endvick
    Jacob Endvick

    Hi I am using somebody phone but me and my brother and I had a tie 0 to 0😜😜😜

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    5 lives left

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    5/5 lifes

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    I never said wow

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    100 lives left lol

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    Jonatan had 1 live in the end of the video

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    Me I have 5 still

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    😳I have 90 lifes

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    you rock😆

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    Jenna Kate Johnson

    Infinite said “WOW” and you didn't count it Oh and I got five lifes

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    Nikki teachout

    Boath of you

  • Dexter tails
    Dexter tails

    NCI there every video you do I actually win the whole thing because I don't with anyone know

  • Patricia Barros
    Patricia Barros

    Christian cheat but he was being honest


    I have 5 lives

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    I will

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    And sudscrid

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    I still had 5

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    jonytales savage

    Both of them said it

  • jonytales savage
    jonytales savage

    GAY whip

  • jonytales savage
    jonytales savage

    Other dude said wow before the chalange

  • chientamatie ramnarine-ramsaroop
    chientamatie ramnarine-ramsaroop

    i got 4 lives left

  • chientamatie ramnarine-ramsaroop
    chientamatie ramnarine-ramsaroop

    you could do the gummy vs real challenge with chocolate

  • Nicole Thornock
    Nicole Thornock

    6 lives

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    Ricardo Diaz

    i am playing with you

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    Kale Tingue

    I only need 1 life.

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    timmy z


  • Maxy Machuca Portillo
    Maxy Machuca Portillo

    59 lifes

  • Victor Skinner
    Victor Skinner

    Any one notions that the guy who won cheated make it blue if you saw that.

  • Mage the gamer
    Mage the gamer

    Me:mom where is my phone? Mom:Ummmmm i smashed it with aaaaaaaaaaaaaa hammer Me:Whyyyyyy!!!!!??????(says will crying) Mom:because infinite said that to smash that like button. Me:i smashed your phone using my head Mom:whattttttttttttttttttttttt!!!!!!!!!

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    Marcie Momo

    My name is Christian too

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    He said wow and siad shhh to us

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    Spencer Tran

    999999999999999999999999999999999899999909999999999988877678888777 Lives

  • Jazlynn Syfert
    Jazlynn Syfert

    Dude when you did the whip whoa i think it was just an excuse to have something funny on your channel and we all thought that wasn't possible guess we were right

  • IBora Mie
    IBora Mie

    Cool 😑

  • Sameer Gandhi
    Sameer Gandhi

    I am a kid the photos my dad

  • Sameer Gandhi
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    Halin Nguyen

    try to not say anything in a day! do it!

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    You said that

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    Not said

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    I can also make that same loud clap that infinite can do

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  • Pokémon master opener7 Boy
    Pokémon master opener7 Boy

    I had 😃 life

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