I had my jaw wired shut for 2 months
I had my jaw wired shut for 2 months and as one may tend to think when hearing about another individual getting their mouth shut it uhh...
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  • brazil

    haha grape

    • I'm patato master
      I'm patato master

      I litterly laughed at this for 3 minutes

    • gacha tuber de Cora
      gacha tuber de Cora

      Ha ha

    • eh boo
      eh boo


  • dodo dude
    dodo dude

    Adem : were is my chocolate MIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIILLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • XxAlbinoxX

    Adam: *has a crocked jaw* Me: Oh my Irene it’s crockedjaw! CrockedJaw=Adam

  • Alton Coleman
    Alton Coleman


  • tuBe N00b!
    tuBe N00b!

    I had this happen wen I was eating and my jaw locked closed with food in my mouth for like 3 min😂

  • ¿Satans_ luck?
    ¿Satans_ luck?

    *"I WILL FUCKING EAT YOU"* Best thing ever! I laughed so hard XD

  • milthon videochanel
    milthon videochanel

    I'm the only mexican fan?

  • Garry Thompson
    Garry Thompson

    Oke so this is my 29th time watching this xD

  • Jake The beaver
    Jake The beaver


  • Galaxy Lemonz
    Galaxy Lemonz

    I never really thought about it until now but now that I’m listening to him, he did sound a bit more slurred XD

  • Tiedyetiger

    I see that izze you have there

  • Ava Awesome Cat
    Ava Awesome Cat

    3:02 he looks like a cat

  • DevilsDebt4Becky

    My cousin had the same problem except her jaw grew inward over time, not outward. I was so shocked as to how she explained how weird it was to use all her teeth to chew because she was only ever able to chew with her front teeth for 17 years. Glad she's living life better now.

  • Plainrocky 123
    Plainrocky 123

    BuTt LoLs

  • Follow Mellow
    Follow Mellow

    2:57 I U I U

  • Shuckle Shellface
    Shuckle Shellface


  • sagetitan101


  • 8642iLeropettuj

    Man I love tomato soup. I am offended.

  • Ruth Wheaton
    Ruth Wheaton

    3:38 I noticed at this part was a spongebob reference XD

  • vicente Nicolas Malebran
    vicente Nicolas Malebran

    smash button

  • ZoeDoesUnboxing

    1:37 when I wanna curse in the censor button.

  • Archie parker
    Archie parker

    Wait Did he say like that smash button?

  • LilyTronic 1987
    LilyTronic 1987

    I like the description on the tomato soup

  • Yolo


  • Juan Ozoria
    Juan Ozoria

    If you don't want to know about this but I have a robot arm but it's with skin like The Terminator

  • Cute Aliens
    Cute Aliens

    *and don't forget to like that smash button*

  • Veev Okafor
    Veev Okafor

    Adam: "not really gonna be like an overly dramatic reaction..." also Adam: " don' forget to like that smash button" Lmao. Love this guy!

  • Veev Okafor
    Veev Okafor

    WHere HAS YOUR CHANNEL BEEN ALL MY LIFE???????!!?!?!?!????!!!!!!!!! LMAO!

  • JimPlayz

    The DDP yoga thingy add before the vid made me cry and I wanted to skip at the start but I watched on and saw what he managed to do. Being injured in the army, then being so fat you cant move. It must be horrible. I want good luck given to that guy.

  • Coomes Kid
    Coomes Kid

    Adam, please tell me you eventually got your chocolate milk, you deserve it.

  • raafe malek
    raafe malek


  • Teramir

    I'm dieing from laugher 4:00

  • N P studios
    N P studios

    Me: sees add on Adams videos Demonetize: I’m about to end this mans hole career

  • Salma Cookie
    Salma Cookie

    The chocolate boost is honestly really good tho

  • memes r good memes
    memes r good memes


  • Bethany Bouziden
    Bethany Bouziden

    Watching this after I got my tonsils out. Kinda made me feel better.

  • TIAA_TnT

    8:26 Adam what are you doing IN MY LABORATORY😤

  • Ulena Bartolin
    Ulena Bartolin

    Me: he looks like markiplier’s son if he had one, Adam: (triggered)

  • Fizzex dAnimation
    Fizzex dAnimation

    Why is this vid so quiet

  • Shelbus

    like that smash button

  • lauren orobia
    lauren orobia


  • Shelbus

    I'm about to have my jaw wired too.... I have an extreme over bite

  • Oober Noober
    Oober Noober

    I hate tomato soup also lets destroy it

  • WaffleDog Animations
    WaffleDog Animations

    Your hospital self looks like a cute panda

  • Holly Jolly Halloween
    Holly Jolly Halloween

    When your at vidcon and you suddenly feel someone crushing your ribs and squeezing your lungs... That will be me. Hugging you. Viciously.

  • Holly Jolly Halloween
    Holly Jolly Halloween

    pause at 10:32 So precious.

  • Angelic

    L I K E T H A T S M A S H B U T T O N!!!!!!!!!!

  • RainbowTVPlayz- Gacha, Animations and more!
    RainbowTVPlayz- Gacha, Animations and more!

    “Don’t forget to uhh like that smash button.” -SomeThingElseYT2019

  • scubadues

    I know you probably wont see this. But I just went through that surgery. Your video helped me so much. So i just want to say thanks man. :)

  • Venice Domingo
    Venice Domingo


  • Fiala Bakker
    Fiala Bakker

    Video games?! cHoCy MiLk?! Toothpaste I needed cause I ran out?! AnOtHeR bAg??!! What the heck was in that earth-destroying piece of plastic??!! tomato soup

    • Fiala Bakker
      Fiala Bakker

      I said that wrong

  • Undertale Clementine
    Undertale Clementine

    I love your videos Adam

  • Tabon Boy
    Tabon Boy

    But lolz

  • Owen 22018
    Owen 22018

    I think im dirty minded 10:29

  • Triggered Bunniez
    Triggered Bunniez

    2:54 true funny thing made me laugh

  • sultan sami
    sultan sami

    Thanos: I am inevitable Iron Man: I am Iron Man Adam: I WANT MY GODDAMN CHOCOLATE MILK!!!!

  • Lucas_ Doez
    Lucas_ Doez

    Hey, I have always wondered, do you use flipaclip for your animations?

  • Fireboy Gaming
    Fireboy Gaming

    You look like Robert downie jr. (Tony Stark)

  • Connor Barreto
    Connor Barreto

    One time I had a disease that made me eat nothing but liquid food (because everything else would come back up) and it was fucking hell. Some time after recovery, my brother decided "fuck it, let's get this fucker a steak" and needless to say I was borderline feral. He made the smart choice of ordering it on Uber and not testing me because I was... God damn I never ate something so greedily in my damn life before.

  • Moonlight io
    Moonlight io

    3:36 lmao nobody noticed it said "weenie hut general" xD

  • Justus Campbell
    Justus Campbell

    i have this exact same condition and im gonna have to get the exact same surgery this is not gonna be fun

  • Ros Thorn
    Ros Thorn

    Sir I love you 😂

  • K0I F1SH
    K0I F1SH

    If I had a wired shut mouth I STILL wouldn’t want to watch Veronica Wang

  • Ros Thorn
    Ros Thorn

    This channel is amazing

  • vidgity

    Am I the only one who wished he actually ate his brother? Lol it's to good

  • Matthew The best
    Matthew The best

    Why did that burito make me hungry

  • Alex Liu
    Alex Liu

    I hit my ear on the ground 3 times while wrestling and had to bandage my head for a week and it was painfull.

  • Cows Vs Unicorns
    Cows Vs Unicorns

    Drink 90000000 busted drinks

  • Segway_dinos Plays
    Segway_dinos Plays

    I broke my leg and the doctor asked if I wanted orange juice or apple juice (I said apple) He came back with ORANGE JUICE. I was enraged I wanted to sue him I was mad at my doctor for a while(I was six then)

  • kyla lengkong
    kyla lengkong

    Like that smash button 😂😂

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