Guitarist Reacts to BTS - BOY WITH LUV // SNL // Classical Musicians React to KPOP
Reaction Video: Guitarist Reacts to BTS - BOY WITH LUV // SNL // Classical Musicians React to KPOP
I'm Ellis Lamar and I react to Kpop. There are also occasional guitar videos, too.
For now though, Here we are reacting to Kpop. Love to all the KPOP STANS.
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Classical Musician Ellis Lamar Wright Reacts to K-pop.

You may also find me under youtubers react or adults react, but dont tell anyone. sshhh!

  • 서희 이
    서희 이 BTS - 좋아요

  • SeeSea Covers
    SeeSea Covers

    I love u but why are you reacting to blacpink

  • de jun
    de jun

    I think Jungkook's vocals and Jhope's dance is outstanding

  • 구영탄

    Thanks to Reaction !

  • Katia Ferreira
    Katia Ferreira

    These guys never seize to amaze me. I have been hooked on their music, charisma and genuine talent since 2016 (a bit late to the party). One million dance studio led me to the world of Kpop, EXO, BigBang and BTS. Now immersed in the world of Kpop

  • Jeanetta Sheehy
    Jeanetta Sheehy

    Just a couple of interesting things: Melanie Fontana was singing Halsey's part-she helped write the song, SNL brought in a special dance floor just for BTS's performance, BTS's band's name is Ghost Band-you can imagine how happy they were to get to play SNL. Thanks as always for the reaction.

  • I stan Legends
    I stan Legends

    I can't get enough of this performance. Please react to more BTS.

  • flyushkifly

    You should check out the ending of the show - just for yourself. You're talking camaraderie, well when the cast all started hugging each other in congratulations, no one stepped towards BTS right away - so they just started hugging each other. super cute.

  • infiresos ‵‵
    infiresos ‵‵

    The instrumentals were just different in this performance because they used a LIVE BAND that's why it sounds a bit different.

  • MSha Tran
    MSha Tran

    they have many version of the song depend on the stage..

  • chim chim mochi
    chim chim mochi

    Yes I agree they did really really well

  • Anis M
    Anis M

    They always enjoy when performing (smiling all the way) that’s why they’re cool

  • Kat. Ł.
    Kat. Ł.

    Jimin owned it, the whole performance

  • Nurani Setiaasih
    Nurani Setiaasih

    Right, i smile from start they're perfom (like you smile too 😆)

  • sarah's smile
    sarah's smile

    please react to jimin lie :)

  • Initrak Itawrus
    Initrak Itawrus

    Don't worry, I got you man! Me as well love this live performance much more than the cd version. Especially when #Jungkook made the ad-libs. he is The Vocal King indeed.

  • Jenna Faire
    Jenna Faire

    RIGHT!? It really didn't hit me that I'm listening to them in Korean, because I'm SO used to it. So it's amazing to see the positive reactions to the performance!! IM SO PROUD #Subscribed

  • FlowerLotusThe

    Watching them perfoming Idol and I'm fine with all that crazy choreo at very small stages last year was a pain))) But they did great at Jimmy Fallon! It was the best camerawork among western shows.

  • FlowerLotusThe

    I think language barier in music exist only for americans. I've seen so many reactions and only americans complaints about language. I'm not an english speaker so it's suprises me every time. Whole my life we listened music in english or other languages and it was ok)) This is music, this is art.

  • El Maria Jjen
    El Maria Jjen Hi I like your reactions...kindly to react to this... I like the the guitar inst. here...

  • Diana Latimer
    Diana Latimer

    There is a second song and they killed it with the dance break

  • Diana Latimer
    Diana Latimer

    Yes this is the brand new one. Not used to seeing them with a live band.

  • 숲속의귤밭

    Jungkook He is the best 👍👍

  • terry han
    terry han

    It's too sorry for them to perform on a narrow stage with low quality mic sound and dark lights. Cuz I could see they were careful not to bump each other

  • Comicon!!MatrixCall KR.
    Comicon!!MatrixCall KR.

    Who's here only for BTS!!!😻

  • Roberto Osgood
    Roberto Osgood

    When you talk about fashion it's totally a great point considering not a lot of people are used to when a man has feminine features or styles. In the Western world, it's all about masculinity and looking tough.

  • 파리나_나좌Farina_Najwa

    Please react to "Blackpink - Playing With Fire" and "Blackpink- Sure Thing(Cover from Miguel- Sure Thing)"

  • Hilson Garrido
    Hilson Garrido

    Just remember this! BTS is not only a popular boy band all over the world but look they are a good role model for the new generations today, what amazing is the unique message they sending to all. Remember they are the UNICEF ambassador of goodwill for youth! They are very humble human being, very respectable guys and they really love each and they are family! They loved their fans ARMY so much and they always look back and thank them.

  • Lizy Moran
    Lizy Moran


  • Chloe Kim
    Chloe Kim

    Can you do Persona Full Album Review please... Do watch it with the translation/lyrics video for each of the songs in their new album, total track: 7 (include boy with luv ft. Halsey) please....

  • 이상학

    Guillaume Patry?

  • Chriss Sendejas
    Chriss Sendejas

    Fantastic performance ..slick and sharp.

  • El Thompson
    El Thompson

    Halsey contributes more to the song on the album and also sings in Korean. The BBMAs will be lit!

  • LocoMoco 로코모코
    LocoMoco 로코모코

    음원보다 라이브가 어떻게 더 좋지;;... ㄷㄷㄷ

  • Suzy S
    Suzy S

    Can we appreciate how beautiful Kim seok Jin's voice in ere... 🤴 Luv u Jin

  • 귀요미


  • ghala alkalthami
    ghala alkalthami

    Thank you for the reaction , you also got an amazing smile sir.

  • Lissa Dey
    Lissa Dey

    Its a live band. Ofcourse it would be different!

  • Evlinda D Pratita
    Evlinda D Pratita

    Singularity😍 v

  • Jennifer Choi
    Jennifer Choi

    5:12 I know... Jimin's smile is priceless, right? ^^

  • Tess Gella
    Tess Gella

    The way you smile at them tells everything.

  • Jennie Henshaw
    Jennie Henshaw

    So proud of them too, they deserve it.

  • Amy Adams
    Amy Adams

    I’m so proud of how well they did with this live band, and singing live. They gave it their all and it showed. Plus they all looked so damn happy! Not a lot of backtrack imho, the live band worked well given how long they rehearsed... it wasn’t like a week long rehearsal to get it perfected, I appreciate and respect it all. Loved your reaction and take on it. Your reactions are very honest and I really enjoy them!

  • Bobby Lee
    Bobby Lee

    this performance and kendricks performance of i are the best snl performances in history

  • kpop halmeoni
    kpop halmeoni

    I feel like they filtered the audience for the noise level vs the live singing. Gonna see a lot of them in the next 2 weeks before the BBMA.

  • 나의천사

    저기 미국 SNL맞는거져ㅠㅠ 한국 아닌가요🥰😍 어쩜 저리도 편하고 즐겁게 즐기면서 무대를할까요ㅜㅜ 멋지다 울 탄이들💜💜💜💜

  • GYU TV
    GYU TV

    Please react for new D&E-super junior MV (danger) :

  • Cynthia Perez
    Cynthia Perez

    It's really interesting to see how they adapt their performance to the size of the stage. I remember in their series "Burn the Stage," they were set to perform in this small, historic venue in Chicago. Because of the size of the stage, they chose to do Save Me, and even that was difficult as far as movement. Stage size actually limits what numbers they can perform. That's probably why they chose Mic Drop as their second act on SNL. (Stage size and the fact that there was a lot of English. Oh yeah, costume change there, Ellis.)

  • Mind Hunter
    Mind Hunter

    Proud moment

  • Diana Bangtan
    Diana Bangtan

    This version is different because they are singing with their live band. They are called BTS Ghosts, they normally are in their concerts

  • Luisa Bradley
    Luisa Bradley

    They're live Ellis with a band on that small set. You just become an ARMY

  • jm oh
    jm oh

    SNL needs to hire better audio technician.

  • Deb Libra
    Deb Libra

    C'mon. They are in America. They are using Americans... Unfortunately from camera men to music engineers. America is learning how to handle BTS. Give them a break... Korean engineers are obviously better... sorry. They already learned from the BBMA's not to cut away from BTS while dancing a performance.

  • Jennyzzang Park
    Jennyzzang Park


  • Fa Ri Da
    Fa Ri Da

    BTS usually perform diff versions of the songwhen it's a special stage.. they prob already have 3 or 4 diff versions or remixes of BOY WITH LUV ready for their end year award shows lmao

  • Rafiya Fairooz
    Rafiya Fairooz

    Please react to BTS House of cards please

  • 이모삼촌두명의팬BTS

    BTS - Lost + So Far Away + Spring Day Live

  • 이모삼촌두명의팬BTS

    BTS - We are Bulleproof Pt.1 +2 + Hiphop lover Live

  • 이모삼촌두명의팬BTS


  • My Euphoria
    My Euphoria

    i think the stage too small and the audio sounds not really good , but they did so well as always they do !!! Thanks for the reactions

  • monika krell
    monika krell

    Yes this is the song whid Halsey, this is there comebackstage at SNL

  • Sugary Sunny
    Sugary Sunny

    Thank you for your reaction. I’m so proud of BTS

  • Buddy Puen
    Buddy Puen

    Oh, hi Mark Ruffalo.

  • Suzy S
    Suzy S

    Thanks u to u.. I like the fact that our boys having fun on SNL stage... So cheeky 😋. Hopefully u can stop compare BTS with others.. neway that's ur choice, ☮️.

  • Sunshine InMyLife
    Sunshine InMyLife

    I think they choose this attire because the MV was classic look so this was perfect for this my opinion.. I love it.💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

  • Min Yoongi
    Min Yoongi

    Hi. Can you react to Dionysus by BTS? I feel like you will like it since you’re into instruments and all 😊

  • Dominique G.
    Dominique G.

    I think you are absolutely right. This is the song dropped yesterday but with different instrumental, I would say a lot calmer and slightly darker than the actual one. They were incredible but I think they needed to arrange themselve better and to take time. I personally think that their comebacks in Korea are usually the best ones, managed a lot better. But of course, they sounded amazing too here.

  • PERSONA 1011
    PERSONA 1011

    Jimin your voice sounds in my heart always.

  • 1obsessionafteranother

    Fashion wise... maybe they (management) suspect that the general American public audience (that have absolutely no clue about Kpop isn’t really ready for their fashion. But also the visual concept of the MV was retro, like in those older movies when men usually wore suits

  • Shawna Brooks
    Shawna Brooks

    If you don't mind me asking, why did you remove your BLACKPINK video?

  • Crist C
    Crist C

    Thanks for sharing, the sound in your video is very good, I can hear the Live performance very well. Million thanks. I couldn't watch it online because it was blocked in Canada. I don't have cable for my TV. Hope you react to BBMA on May 1st, Halsey will be performing with BTS, like in the MV they dropped on Friday. and Thank for getting into BTS. You will find many surprises in this group.

  • Hinata Hyuuga
    Hinata Hyuuga

    5:12 JK smile and he smile too :)) And ofc, i smile too 😍

  • Shawna Brooks
    Shawna Brooks

    Thank you for doing this! I missed the show because I was at work so coming home to these 2 videos are great. I almost found the instruments overwhelming their voices (especially V's) at the start but it sounded better by the first chorus. Suga's shirt being only tucked in on one side is driving me nuts- but in a good way! Love that look.

  • omy S
    omy S

    Maaan, this performance was so nice and chill.. I loved it!

  • Burcin

    Spot on, you'd think they're performing in Seoul but they're in NYC, performing in Korean to an American audience. And they're getting the same kind of response they would get in Korea. It is definitely an epic moment.

  • T-Zon Fk
    T-Zon Fk

    Reaction "Em cua ngay hom qua " By MTP

  • dwi sri sulistiowati
    dwi sri sulistiowati

    They actually already have performed with live band in KBS gayo daejun 2017...

  • dwi sri sulistiowati
    dwi sri sulistiowati

    They actually already have performed with live band in KBS gayo daejun 2017...

    • Noche Vise
      Noche Vise

      Yes the KBS version of DNA us one if my favorite of all time.👍

  • diaphanous.sylph

    They acctually perform with live bands a lot in their concerts! But I love your comments about SNL it is very different to what they are used to probably

  • TayTay

    Thanks for reaction ! ^^ always enjoy your video

  • ah River
    ah River

    Please tell me where I can see this video. Thank you

  • Yolanda

    Omg i'm waiting your reaction to the full album

  • J G
    J G

    PLEASE PLEASE you need to react to the album, specially Dionysius, I want to know what you think

  • hadjer BEN HADJ ADDA
    hadjer BEN HADJ ADDA

    i love your reaction and love you too arabe army ❤

  • Denise Longoria
    Denise Longoria

    I'm in the minority I know, but I'm not a fan of BTS. They sign well and dance well, but so do many other groups. I understand they have made an impression in the states, but they aren't the first kpop group to hit America. That being said good on them for getting on SNL. Blessed be

    • quftpro

      Well.. whether you admit or not, BTS rules

  • 유순 전
    유순 전

    snl보고싶었는데이렇게라도볼수있어서좋다 춤과노래가갈수록세련되어짐. I proud of bts

  • Gina Saiyo
    Gina Saiyo

    I'm proud of them.. 🤗😍BTS so good on stage..

  • Namjooonsshhiii

    Pls react to bts -dionysus thank u

  • Im JogiJogi
    Im JogiJogi

    Back up singers did great ...but feel that at some times her voice keep getting louder than Jung Kook 😁. Didn't think Mic Drop was good choice for stage of SNL, SNL is more for live band, so think Make It Right or Home would been best choice. Hey still did good.

    • Evette23

      Im JogiJogi I disagree. I'm glad they did Mic Drop to show their versatility. They don't always have a live band on other SNL performances either. Mic Drop involves more choreography and moving around so the band would've gotten in the way of them performing.

  • one two chachacha
    one two chachacha

    As always the voice is bad.

  • C P
    C P

    Thank you for the reaction! LOVED this performance from them.... Of course, I love most of their stuff. LOL! Thanks!

  • Jesse Melb
    Jesse Melb

    I love you too 🥰

  • basher basher
    basher basher


  • 장세렌

    OMG, Jimin’s voice is very lovely. Thanks for your reaction. Yes, I love BTS.

  • Ayu Rizka
    Ayu Rizka

    Your reaction :) smile lonely 😂

  • Arashi4everJapan

    Ok so you need to react to more of their performances bc they are that good on stage! Please do more of those 🙏

  • 김문희

    방탄 대단하다. :)

  • Rosa t
    Rosa t

    Great reaction. I think you would love and be very surprised by Jimin's Lie

  • Lucy Ahn
    Lucy Ahn

    Omg Jimin's voice is so amazing😍🎵🎶🎵🎶

    • flyushkifly

      Lupita S. Him, too! And j-hope looked so happy dancing, and Jin sounded amazing... And you kind of have to pick your favorite talent of the moment, don't you? 😄💜

    • Lupita S.
      Lupita S.

      +flyushkifly Nah I think the Jungkook guy did.

    • flyushkifly

      He really stood out! xoxox

    • valerinist

      Amazing from jimin for SNL performance

  • Nodymody3 Nodymody3

    You should react to the rest of the album the songs is in a different level You won’t regret reacting to it And nice reaction by the way

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