Former FBI Agent Explains How to Read Body Language | Tradecraft | WIRED
Former FBI agent and body language expert Joe Navarro breaks down the various ways we communicate non-verbally. What does it mean when we fold our arms? Why do we interlace our fingers? Can a poker player actually hide their body language?

Check out Joe's book "The Dictionary of Body Language"
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Former FBI Agent Explains How to Read Body Language | Tradecraft | WIRED

  • Dick Plummer
    Dick Plummer

    I can read his body language and it's Parkinson's disease.

  • Dr.Z S
    Dr.Z S

    Crossing your arms is also a psychic technique to protect their life force.

  • Natalija Laonar
    Natalija Laonar

    Me: Lips drawed back, face sligtly puffed, shaking a litle Him: What are you hiding? Me: *burst out laughing* Just finished reading the coment section of this video!

  • Christo D.
    Christo D.

    Waste of time

  • smminco

    Man, nobody folded before the flop. Lemme get in this game

  • sprkymrt

    Brown shoes with that suit?

  • DasCrushinator

    I'm now a wealthy poker champion. Thanks, Joe!

  • Eireann Leigh
    Eireann Leigh

    But what about sociopathic people?... Those are the only folks who most need to be sussed for our safety/knowing, However they are the only ones who can fool us... to do?..

  • N Hansen
    N Hansen

    I had a job working for a rental car agency and often went down to the local train station or a local hotel to pick up a customer. After a while, it became really easy to spot the person looking for the rental car. They all had this lost look where they were expecting someone to come and pick them up but had no idea who or what they'd be driving.

  • Nibroc Noel
    Nibroc Noel

    I have a beard and my wife has pointed out she knows when I'm deep in thought because I rub my chin, though I don't realize it. Is that weird?

  • Cookie Killa
    Cookie Killa

    How to profile someone you know nothing about.

  • Dane Anderson
    Dane Anderson

    6:53 He says they feel threatened by the question if they cross there legs then he proceeds to cross his legs

  • Zack WithaK
    Zack WithaK

    Me being interrogated for the people I killed: *tilts head* FBI: He's innocent. Let's stop wasting his time

  • Gr3nadgr3gory

    Oh yeah!? READ THIS! *cartwheels in circles while flailing completely uncontrollably*

  • Eduardo Shroeder
    Eduardo Shroeder

    Eres bastante estupido

  • carmen claudia
    carmen claudia

    We carry flowers like that in Eastern Europe because this way their hads stay undamaged, because we use a lot of garden flowers, that tend to wither faster. Not like these sintetic hybrid flowers that stay fresh for long.

  • A bunny that will chew on your cables
    A bunny that will chew on your cables

    *The comments under this are better than the video itself*

  • diesel828

    This seems more like a "science" in quotes.

  • tiny_ivan

    Me: *bites lips* Him: You watch hentai dont you.

  • MiMi Star
    MiMi Star

    Thumbs up if you noticed that lady playing poker changed her top. At first it was grey with short sleeves, then it turned black with long sleeve while the cards were being dealt.

  • Kevin Moore
    Kevin Moore


  • tanya mcclure
    tanya mcclure

    Something border us when someone Interrogate anyone so some of this in not truth! You can not use these things! I am sorry!

  • Tadej Zorjan
    Tadej Zorjan

  • Tyler

    Crossed arms can also mean you're just cold

  • Green Flag Racing
    Green Flag Racing

    a player waiting on completing a big hand will always display some anxiety when talking, with a made hand, the anxiety goes away.

  • najmi krisnawan
    najmi krisnawan

    I realised i do most of the body language that according to him, im hiding something or im a lying( well im not, quite frankly im an open book). So to my conclusion, body language so and so isn’t reliable to say people are lying or hiding something.

  • Subash Grg
    Subash Grg

    Me: jerks off FBI: you're a virgin.

  • Sarah Hoitsma
    Sarah Hoitsma

    Me: *has facial tic and blinks 25 times a minute* FBI: Your case is dismissed you're untouchable

    • Demon Dude
      Demon Dude

      You may have tourette's like me

  • Frankie's super crazy channel
    Frankie's super crazy channel

    I think carrying flowers upside down is wrong it could ruin the flowers probably a style in Europe when they do carry them upside down

  • Stella Ercolani
    Stella Ercolani


  • jim crow
    jim crow

    I'm looking at a picture of a professor of human behaviour with a full beard and ponytail.... must tell me something is not right... WTF is wrong with him!

  • nickopeters

    Saying that self-soothing is "never" a sign of deception, contradicts the very-principle on which all biomechanical or bioelectrical lie-detection is based--; namely the added "stress" incurred in attempting to "pull-off" a successful "deception." What is the source of whatever "stress" they were trying to "soothe-away," "otherwise--?" While I acknowledge that they "may" just feel-threatened by the "presence," "close-proximity," or the "bearing / appearance" of the other person--; or even that this is even "more likely" to be a relative "source" of such "stress," than is "concealing deception--;" this still is nowhere-near to saying that attempting deception were "overshadowed to irrelevance or insignificance," as a source of such then "stress--." Other factors being similar or equal--; the person attempting deception will still display more tension-management behaviors than the person not attempting it. Sorry--. Thank You--.

  • Sowed Castelli
    Sowed Castelli

    This reminds me of the Inglorious Bastards' beer ordering, "3 Glasses"

  • Theo Fisher
    Theo Fisher

    I used to tilt my head alot, people yelled at me for it so now I'm self conscious about it and tend to move my head to a more upright position

  • Deranged Łøçø
    Deranged Łøçø

    Me: the FBI wouldn’t let the *best of the best* give all these tells and tips away.. Also Me: He’s probably the worst of the worst FBI: ...

  • marialiyubman

    Or, the woman is in heels and she’s much taller than the other woman, she moves around a lot and slouches because she feels awkward. My hair is weak, I’m slouching and my eyes are red with fatigue because I have a painful illness. And I’m Eastern European born and I carry flowers by holding onto them in the middle. I hate water dripping on me, that’s why... :) you failed, but thank you for participating.

  • Straight8S

    Yes, we all USED to do those thing. Thanks.

  • dmexikan16

    This agent is a rookie I've seen Lie to me twice I'm a pro now

  • 1 of a hundred
    1 of a hundred

    Yeah we can believe the FBI

  • terence w
    terence w

    I practice my analytical skills by looking at her chest area.

  • WU

    I have ADD/ADHD so my movements don’t be mean crap at all lol 😂

  • Richard Brown
    Richard Brown

    2:30 multiple mixed emotional cues. These create strange contortions. Like trump emphasizing.


    looking at the way he sits i can say he is lying about everything.

  • zarailly

    that's really quite amazing

  • Skankhunt42

    Me: always in a state of anxiety Him: "where did you hide the bomb?"

  • Cloaked Mania
    Cloaked Mania

    So you share this video so that all the real spies and criminals know what NOT to do... Good one

  • Swag

    Me: **Breaks my leg** FBI agent: Yup, this guy is plotting something

  • joonas lehtonen
    joonas lehtonen

    What a player move!! Only saw the guy holding flowers like russian and confronted the guy, without any incriminating evidence, and said: would you like to know how we knew? It was the flowers. Epic.

  • Sentinel Infinitude
    Sentinel Infinitude

    4:18 AIDS BRAH

  • Basia Schild
    Basia Schild

    Love this guy and his book

  • Dabunny Rabbit
    Dabunny Rabbit

    Not just body language, but the tone and feeling ones voice has,9:46 and 10:56 not the words, but what does his tone and feel tell you?

  • Tintswalo Shiburi
    Tintswalo Shiburi

    Imagine him as a teacher...

  • J A
    J A

    In at 3:10 Flower Power.

  • J Oakley
    J Oakley

    He's just trying to sell his book

  • sirhana

    his pose if about sick spine, pain in butt and legs.

  • Sebastian Leonard Dima
    Sebastian Leonard Dima

    I read his book years ago!!! Such an awesome book!

  • HowYesNo

    What a joke! In East Europe (and probably in every other part of the World) everybody hold flowers up!

  • Now what the hell do I put here? I ship frerard
    Now what the hell do I put here? I ship frerard

    Me: _takes a step with the left foot first_ FBI: THIS GUY'S A RUSSIAN SPY

  • Kike Bautista
    Kike Bautista

    In my country you kiss in both cheeks when meeting someone. You cant get more close to a stranger in a first meeting lol.

  • Bryant Vick
    Bryant Vick

    Me: sips tea with pinky out Him: he’s a British spy, where did you hide the bomb

  • Bryant Vick
    Bryant Vick

    Secret service is cooler

  • DoeEyedFaun

    Some people are just nervous by nature. I have a hard time looking anyone in the eye while talking to them. That doesn’t mean I’m a spy it means I’m uncomfortable.

  • MrKhronics


  • Virasman

    Do more!

  • Carlos Mejia
    Carlos Mejia

    🔊 Thanks... I'm applying this right away on my wife...

  • Amir H
    Amir H

    That scene in inglorious basterds when you order booze with the wrong three fingers....

  • Xelanderthomas

    Wow, I have sleep apnea. I rarely get enough sleep as I should. I hope this guy never has to question me. LOL

  • Radford Healsworth
    Radford Healsworth

    Chickens clucking

  • Radford Healsworth
    Radford Healsworth

    Humans are lowsy at detecting deception eh!🧐

  • DimensionVisitor

    They carry flowers like that in Holland and they're not spies...not all of them.

  • Aaron Lowe
    Aaron Lowe

    You don't need to be taught this stuff. It's common sense. I guess the only thing that isn't common sense is how to verbalise what you see in an objective way that other people can understand.

  • bxt.ch_

    *I'm loving these comments*

  • Itija Gorelick
    Itija Gorelick

    Me: *sneezes* FBI: "AHA! You killed Richard the florist!"

  • Grand Ace
    Grand Ace

    Me: born black Him: Yup, he’s up to something

    • bxt.ch_


  • Armin Prnjavorac
    Armin Prnjavorac

    George Carlin: Government doesn´t kill people, they "neutralize" them

  • Mr. Caligos
    Mr. Caligos

    Body language aint real. Just a propaganda for labile slaves.

  • Alex Fraser
    Alex Fraser

    Bogus lies... If we are lousy at deception how the F!! Does this man have a job LMAO

    • Mahzabin Naruse
      Mahzabin Naruse

      He said we, humans, are lousy at detecting deception not lousy at deception.

  • Tzar Boris III
    Tzar Boris III

    Me: takes a step Him: you’re going through a divorce and she gets the kids

  • blossom

    “Crossing your arms is like a self hug” Me: *cries in lonely while crossing my arms*

  • Landon Thomas
    Landon Thomas

    Similitudes. I love that new word I've never heard before.

  • Bart Peters
    Bart Peters

    He’s lying.

  • Alex Lim
    Alex Lim

    So flowers guy, probably dead now? Lol

  • MyessYallyah Americus
    MyessYallyah Americus

    there is no way that i can survive if they don't pay me the money they owe me

  • Asperger Peddler
    Asperger Peddler


  • A European Guy
    A European Guy

    tips to avoid getting caught by fbi .*mp4*

  • TinkDayzeepetal


  • Jeff V
    Jeff V

    Crossing your arms is a defensive posture during an interrogation when someone is feeling the pressure. Some people cross their arms to be comfortable. I look for changes during an interrogation outside the norm of their normal behavior. I've seen people turn their whole body in the chair when I make a soft accusation, then I know they're breaking. One woman started smiling all of a sudden, one guy sat up and put his shoulders back trying to look confident. They like to drink water, or yawn/cough to give themselves a moment to make something up. Also looking up to the left or right doesn't mean anything, everyone is different.

  • Jeff V
    Jeff V

    Everyone who watched this, now thinks they're an expert.

  • selective outrage
    selective outrage

    Nice to know that Keanu Reeves isn't lying in interviews. He always touches his mouth and chin. If it means self soothing, he is probably nervous

    • selective outrage
      selective outrage

      @Daniel Cortez FBI is domestic, CIA is international.

    • Daniel Cortez
      Daniel Cortez

      selective outrage whats the difference between fbi agent and a cia agent?

  • Ντέρεκ Uzel
    Ντέρεκ Uzel

    Me: forgot to tip FBI: Russian targeted

  • kalbs89

    Learned this as 35 mike

  • malvarez1991

    what if you got weird body ticks and twitches tho and a voice in your head that occasionally takes over your body?

  • balakumar9

    Are they paid actors??

  • Noodle

    *now I have an idea on how to give off the wrong signs*

  • Martin Tramil
    Martin Tramil

    One thing I noticed: Zero black males in this video....hhmm I wonder what that "says" Mr. FBI man, just saying.

  • Hannah

    women with botox be like: he he he i have a poker body

  • Crystal Dream Animates
    Crystal Dream Animates

    Tbh some times reading body language is like wrong. Like I was taught the sit with my legs crossed and one time while i was sitting in the car I felt clam and ya know, normal. But them my mom was like "why are you mad". I wasnt mad and like hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  • Wolfs Edg3
    Wolfs Edg3

    Very lengthy conversations... He had trouble speaking after we removed his tongue and his half of his fingers but eventually we found out what we wanted to know.

  • Apples. that is all
    Apples. that is all

    FBI agent: *spends years learning how to catch spies by the way they hold flowers* FBI Agent afterwards: *is poker mastermind*

  • Aniyah L.
    Aniyah L.

    everybody on here making a mockery out of what hes saying, but not realizing that hes saying the truth

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