Faze Banks CAUGHT LYING about Tfue.. Tfue Lost 25,000 Subscribers
Faze Banks CAUGHT LYING about Tfue... Tfue Losing Subscribers
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FaZe Banks is back again with Tfue and we find out what happens next when Tfue sues Faze Clan. Banks is caught in a lie which might mean he lied more about his side of the story. Is Tfue telling the truth still?
The Truth about Tfue vs FaZe Clan: kr-my.net/watchvideo/%EB%B9%84%EB%94%94%EC%98%A4-PbLl4Zg78sc.html
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  • dalton mccollough
    dalton mccollough

    Faze may have yet to pay but faze has also yet to collect, I wouldn’t pay someone thats sueing me. Would you?

  • Minigachasavage little brat Ayeee
    Minigachasavage little brat Ayeee

    Dude stay outtta of this you making it more problems

  • Chady Sleiman
    Chady Sleiman

    Faze are right

  • Carter Hanson
    Carter Hanson

    Tfue isn’t the person to sue for no reason because he just wants to play video games and jump off bridges

  • Ken Cudworth
    Ken Cudworth

    This is all very interesting, There is a legal contract? YES. There is a legal signature? YES. The person or rep is of sound mind? YES. Well, the person signing is responsible. Sorry , should have followed the rules. Always have a professional at the matter at hand overlook any contracts before signing. This contract was done on faith not a promise. Just the law please no feelings.

  • Pretty Pitty
    Pretty Pitty

    God its not rocket science any adult can see Faze Banks is manipulative especially when it comes to younger impressionable kids.

  • Atul Chaudhari
    Atul Chaudhari

    Be NINJA. Best thing. No clan needed.

  • Kellan Tomulty
    Kellan Tomulty

    Tfue is right there's a vid and he drank before his birthday

  • unicorn poop
    unicorn poop

    I dont believe tfue


    now i dont know about this next pa-...now i dont know about this next part 10:09

  • Tgunzz

    I dont understand, how was that restaurant completely innocent? The video showed Banks upset and aggressive but it doesn’t mean the employees of the bar did no wrong. Just a case of he said she said imo.

  • Xezbeth

    Remember when faze was a call of duty team lol

    • I Talk PopTarts
      I Talk PopTarts

      Xezbeth only OG’s remember

  • Mello Splashy
    Mello Splashy

    You always in people business bro you don’t even don’t know what happened

  • Inf0

    Denver you may or may not respond to this but can you do daily item shop videos? It would be great since your the best and you can help me determine if I want to cop or not!

  • Reques!

    Wha is the background music music 2 or 3?

  • Tritan Ricks
    Tritan Ricks

    About the matter of the drinking unless somebody put the alcohol to his mouth I have strong doubts they made him drink it

  • SamCrafts

    Video about Tfue Watches ninja Betrayal, 100

  • Trussell128

    this guy is a clown he got no idea what he is talking about

  • Go fucking Watch Lazerbeam
    Go fucking Watch Lazerbeam

    Why didnt you edit out the 2nd time you said "now I dont know if this next part"?

  • lKazeJinl

    One thing I dislike about the video is him using the negative parts of banks barley incident and not going fully in depth with the situation and only using that negative outlook as a way to support his claim on the dear tfue video


    Subs to Tfue

  • Justin Barrett
    Justin Barrett

    That barley house was not innocent you do not know all the facts buddy.

  • Justin Barrett
    Justin Barrett

    Okay for one I'm sick of channels like this making videos without all the facts. He hit back because a man had slammed his girlfriends phone into her face you should look at the pictures it was pretty bad man. I don't like faze banks but literally you are only showing parts of the footage and not the whole picture slandering his name in this click bait video.😂

  • Madeline Jayarajah
    Madeline Jayarajah

    I knew highsky looked younger than 13

    • I Talk PopTarts
      I Talk PopTarts

      Madeline Jayarajah i am 16 and i look a bit younger than my age

  • Dead Meme
    Dead Meme

    First of all if you actually read the document at 2:50, you would see that faze was informed of him wanting to terminate his contract in september. Banks actually said that they were arguing for a while, and they kept trying to make deals with him. He was caught off guard by tfue bringing it to court, as it was previously a personal matter. Also at 7:45, the bold assumption that you made about faze stopping him from getting sponsorships is so ridiculously dumb. Why on earth would faze want him to not get sponsorships, when theyre getting 20% of his money? Even if he was getting the higher percentage, they wouldnt lose anything from him having sponsorships. Also shortly after that you mentioned that nobody knows if its true whether or not the 80% thing is true, the contract was released and it is. (i dont know the exact date of the contract being released to compare to this videos release).

  • Samuel Carvalho
    Samuel Carvalho

    I’m with Banks.

  • Hugo Latorre
    Hugo Latorre

    Your the best

  • Sonny Stewart
    Sonny Stewart

    Was he blind sided by the case when it appeared? Or do you think he meant he is being blind sided atm. There’s a difference there.

  • MarineForce BlackSquad
    MarineForce BlackSquad

    mi EPIC "PAK_MarineForce"

  • MarineForce BlackSquad
    MarineForce BlackSquad

    i can't get 10$ properly xD

  • MarineForce BlackSquad
    MarineForce BlackSquad

    ninja and tfue should be duo "subscribe me for you want tfue and ninja duo"

  • Alivia Zanton
    Alivia Zanton

    hate you now. ofc he will be surprised, who wouldn't . Let's say your bff comes to you 2 months before they become ex friends with you and says i will file a lawsuit on you. i would think thats a joke, dont u think you would forget.

    • DC Crazy52
      DC Crazy52

      Alivia Zanton It wasn’t 2 months ago. They sent 2 letters in September of 2018. You have to do that legally in order to have a case about receiving payment. He directly lied to everyone’s face to play victim and you can tell he purposefully left out information to make him look like a saint. Well a drugged out saint, if you wanna be technical..


    You just want views

  • Cameron Daley
    Cameron Daley

    If FaZe wouldn’t allow sponsorships and cost Tfue money, who cares, yeah it sucks and it’s reasonable for Tfue to want out of his contract, but it’s also a contract, FaZe was allowed to not allow the sponsorships, so there’s no reason to sue them

  • Cameron Daley
    Cameron Daley

    You’re arguing points that Banks has already talked about, you can either believe you or Banks, there’s no proof going either way, and the business wasn’t innocent according to Banks, they treated him poorly and he was mad and he admitted he handled it poorly

  • Umer Ur Rehman
    Umer Ur Rehman

    Why the frick are you hating on banks? You just want frikin views

    • Umer Ur Rehman
      Umer Ur Rehman

      Okay, Now I realize that but come on, he should have just a little sympathy for banks because look, banks made tfue who he is, if anthing banks should be getting a 50% split with tfue because without banks tfue would never be this famous

    • CC Gaming
      CC Gaming

      Umer Ur Rehman He’s not hating, he is just stating the facts.

  • Kyle Richardson
    Kyle Richardson

    Have you even seen,“The worst night of our lives...” by faze banks? Apparently not... you need to, before you talk about him like that. Your facts are so wrong you cut out many parts that defend what he said or did. Like you said in your video, know both sides. If you believe this video please go watch,”the worst night of our lives...” You will see the true FACTS. @fazebanks

  • Katherine Tabarez
    Katherine Tabarez

    Yeah faze has feelings into the whole drama because at this point his feelings are what got hurt the most because they were close friends.

  • Flight Hits Clips
    Flight Hits Clips

    Am I the only one who kept zoning out from watching the gameplay? I completely ignored his voice for most of the video and forgot what I was watching 😂

  • Koder كودر
    Koder كودر

    10:57 it’s thatdenverguy’s brother If you know what I mean :)

  • GroNadeo

    What is the song called that is in the background of all his videos.

  • GroNadeo

    What is the song called that is in the background of all his videos.

  • Beast Gaming
    Beast Gaming

    Oi m8 whats this fekin background/outro music

  • Lucian DeCora
    Lucian DeCora

    I like how your trying to expose him but doesn't even know how to spell Ricky 😂

    • Sa Zuo
      Sa Zuo

      Lucian DeCora and I like how *you are* trying to act as a savage but *don’t* even know when to write your and doesn’t 🤷‍♂️

  • Tony Yang
    Tony Yang

    Lol the first point isn't a lie... Like yeah TFue told Faze he wanted a new contract so they worked with him to give him one that was fair, but he was blindsided by the fact that TFue would go the route of a lawsuit without telling him first.

  • Jair _ shark2
    Jair _ shark2


  • Mayomer 200
    Mayomer 200

    Who is just watchi bg when he is not a PE teacher. PLEASE I WANT U TO BE MY 2ND FAVORITE PE TEACHER

  • Teodor Larsen
    Teodor Larsen

    F Tfue mother F-er

  • Roshan Vivek
    Roshan Vivek


    • Wannabe in Iconic clan
      Wannabe in Iconic clan

      Some people will click on and not know what your,were talking about

    • Roshan Vivek
      Roshan Vivek

      So what. Was the meaning of u telling me something I already said

    • Wannabe in Iconic clan
      Wannabe in Iconic clan

      I know

    • Roshan Vivek
      Roshan Vivek

      @Wannabe in Iconic clan wow and I totally didn't mean that Captain obvious

    • Wannabe in Iconic clan
      Wannabe in Iconic clan

      Roshan Vivek it’s a joke he was a pe teacher and he makes the joke about being 2nd best because everyone always tells him he is the best

  • Eggsicoh

    If you dislike this vid ur a fanboy

  • Hazelda Davison
    Hazelda Davison

    Stop trying to manipulate people into believing faze banks is a horrible person.

  • AngeloLuis

    I just wasted 2% on my battery to this.

  • iJacxb.23

    What I’ve seen is that faze can take 80% of money from sponsorships brought in by them the other percents are really high too they’re holding him to what they want so try get 80%

  • Anton Haynie
    Anton Haynie

    Sike banks is some real poop

  • Jackie Odonnell
    Jackie Odonnell

    In season 2 you died to lachlan and tbnrfrags in wailing woods lachlan and tbnrfragsfrags team mate no scoped your mate on the way down of a sky based gg man you kill gg you killed lachlan aka a jinnjer breads it was a good fight season 2.

  • David Cavan vlogs
    David Cavan vlogs

    2:43 it says the f-word that banks tweeted lol uncensored

    • David Cavan vlogs
      David Cavan vlogs

      And this is supposed to be a family friendly video

    • Wifi Adapter
      Wifi Adapter

      are u 3 years old, who cares?

  • Montana Redday
    Montana Redday

    You sound stoopid bruh🤣🤣🤣

    • pro wood is here and were is my family
      pro wood is here and were is my family


  • Theodore Clayton
    Theodore Clayton

    R.I.P Connor :)

  • Dhruvil Mohan
    Dhruvil Mohan

    You're so dumb, by blindsided he meant for it to he public.

  • Brad Barclay
    Brad Barclay

    300k it so much money

  • Brad Barclay
    Brad Barclay

    They never took no money

  • Brad Barclay
    Brad Barclay

    Your vid is fake

  • Khalil Chattam
    Khalil Chattam

    Ok out of the 300k in sponsorships faze brought to tfue faze made 60k true did not only make 300k in sponsorships also if it was last year they just got a new ceo for whatever reason so he could have just found out is it really a lie? And also minus the contract can tfue show proof that faze actually took the money?

  • Vertzy

    denver that video of banks you cant see the other person he might of been provoked and that part where they are outside he was violent because his girlfreind was being assulted dont just go with the rumors ive been a day 1 fan from banks and tfue and banks is a good person even cloakzy knows it dot comment on past incidents against banks.

  • GODLY Exhoa
    GODLY Exhoa

    What does it have to do with u it’s there drama so don’t get involved

  • Lost Boy
    Lost Boy


  • CheesePie

    Rip Ninja joining FaZe

  • TaOnlyOne 571
    TaOnlyOne 571

    That's not Banks problem. Tfue wanted to leave Faze and with leaving Faze tfue lost some clout and now he lost some subs. Oh welll

  • Sniperskillz247 RL
    Sniperskillz247 RL

    Like for tfue

  • Cynthia

    lol did you watch the whole bar fight video ? the bar ppl were literally swinging punches at alissa and the security guards didnt do anything so that's why banks threw the water bottle at them. smh

  • Rj Wilkins
    Rj Wilkins

    Is it me because if so can I get a ps4 gift card my epic is Dragonfish200108

    • JokerzheeYT

      You would know if it was you fuckstick

  • Its Killshot
    Its Killshot

    Just more bias opinion 🤦🏾‍♂️

  • Curtis James
    Curtis James

    It's all about money and who has the much

  • E2_A1mz

    U only showed one part of what he said on the part where he said the WASNT (past tense) an aggressive all night. However, later on he says that he got angry ext. you only show us one side of what he says and edit a clip in so ur lying to us

  • Rey Haze
    Rey Haze

    Banks is a shallow douchy POS. I like true. However, in this current drama, they've both been snakes

  • AjaxHackss

    *denver is bias against faze*

  • Tend  Zombie
    Tend Zombie

    I would be sad to if I Tatted someone else’s name on my leg then they backstabbed you

  • FortniteDrama

    4:00 scared the heck out of me because my name is richie

    • pro wood is here and were is my family
      pro wood is here and were is my family


  • FortniteDrama

    2018: bring back double pump 2019: bring back the pump😂

    • pro wood is here and were is my family
      pro wood is here and were is my family


    • Wraithッ

      Not funny/unoriginal

  • numb

    ay you gone post bro?

  • Will Tj
    Will Tj

    Well he signed the contract he didn’t read it it’s tfues foult banks is doing white lies but it’s tfues foult and he got a lot of clout of faze his views went up loads and then he left he used them

  • Animaltammer

    What happened to this channel.. miss the fun star dew valley days... guess this is another drama channel yayyy.. yikes.

  • Slumpt Slingo
    Slumpt Slingo

    Tfue is lying bro

  • Red Cuts
    Red Cuts

    Wasa last video I watched I was playing for honor and now I was looking at the items in the shop and the red tag in the slam dunk but I looked at your vid and it was back on slam dunk and not hang time just a weird thing. I also chocked on a cookie earlier. But keep up the good work


    How did this go from fortnite to other drama

  • DecoNh1

    Well... This was a good waste of 12 minutes! :)

    • DecoNh1

      Imagine disagreeing to what i said, and say that :) must be a 12 year old

    • pray red
      pray red

      DecoNh1 ur mom wasted her life on u

  • Klessum

    thanks for the information denver

  • IkennaTheLegend 08
    IkennaTheLegend 08

    Fortnite made a game that was once the best game in the world but now they made it horrible. Since season 5 the game went downhill now season 9 they removed the most balanced gun of them all the pump now everyone is hating the game well most people.

  • Hidle1997 Twitch
    Hidle1997 Twitch

    Tfues contract has 6 months to get out and within this 6 months he has to play in scrims and competitions and play in ‘Faze trails’ if he cooperates he then gets locked into for s further 36 months So he joined in April you mentioned giving notice in September that’s 5 months difference rip

  • IRONL101

    You have no idea what your talking about, this is the most misinformed vid. I've ever seen

    • Hoyt Sigman
      Hoyt Sigman

      Yet you like your own comments have I been misinformed 😂

  • TheNavajoWay Ps4
    TheNavajoWay Ps4

    The dudes a scumbag lol clearly looks like one too

  • Coco Loco
    Coco Loco


  • Cyric 106
    Cyric 106

    Banks's fans are family sticking with him the whole way through that's why they stuck with him the drama before and will this one mistakes and drama are temporary, family is forever.

  • Dj Debebe
    Dj Debebe

    Bruh I’m done watching these side accounts who talk about this kind of stuff I’m just watching videos straight from the source

  • Gglols

    Please upload I miss your news

  • KaveryGamer

    R.I.P FaZe Clan

  • Eferson Gomez
    Eferson Gomez

    Make your fornite code more short its to long

  • Manny Rosales
    Manny Rosales

    Shut up I hate you

  • Jake Watkins
    Jake Watkins

    Yeah because faze clan reads all there letters

  • Scott Higton
    Scott Higton

    tfue and clock might be leaving faze man 2019 might be fortnites worst year

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