[EPISODE] BTS (방탄소년단) '작은 것들을 위한 시 (Boy With Luv) feat. Halsey' MV Shooting Sketch
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    Weird but I don’t care blackpink fan boy83

    Where was the music video filmed?

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  • drchocopops

    Translations from a non-native Korean speaker - apologies for any mistakes :) [words in square brackets are not actually said but makes the meaning easier to understand] 0:00 V: Hello! We are at the set of the music video shoot of our title song "A Poem for Small Things"*. At least I'm here! *Boy With Luv is called "A Poem for Small Things" in Korean RM: It's a fun MV shoot. J-Hope (JH): And our dance is cute too. Jimin (JM): I've heard that if BTS' Jimin does the intro to the song, it will be come a success. RM: This is cool! (claps excitedly) (monitoring shots + shooting mv scenes) Suga (S): This dance is unlike any style you've seen [from us] before. 0:53 JH: (to remind JK during the dance) Get out [of the way]! (JK moves while acting) Jungkook (JK): (satisfied) That was natural! 1:01 JK: We've come to the second set of the shoot. As you can see, we've changed our outfits JK (to JH): How do you say "fluorescent" in English? JH: ~Green light~ (laughs) Jin (J): ~Brother light~* *the word for fluorescent in Korean is 'hyunggwang' (형광) so Jin was making a pun (of course): 'hyung' (형) = brother, 'gwang' (광) = light (J + JK + JH laugh at the ridiculousness lol) (shoot continues) (normal BTS antics) V (confidently): Everyone, I am a flower (more dancing) 1:31 Staff: Hold the lamp post and swing around like this. JH (zoned out): Who? Oh, me? (more scenes: JH shoots his, then Suga starts his bit while being cute, group jumping on the couch) S (crouching behind the couch): Should I stay like this? JK: That would be really helpful! S: I was staying behind you because I thought you'd be uncomfortable jumping [over me]. (Suga stays crouched there comfortably ... and looks like he could fall asleep lol) (more MV filming) 2:03 JK: You know what this is, right? Oh! Oh! (more filming) JM (taking a group selfie): [One] two three! Once more, one, two three! [It was in] video mode! (proud smile) (everyone grumbles) (more MV shooting and BTS antics) 2:23 (dance where they go down one by one like a staircase) V (monitoring afterwards): Wait, wait, wait, what're the three at the back (RM, JK, S) doing?? RM (in satoori): Try putting yourself in my shoes! JK: If you look at the floor here, you can see the ARMY logo! Isn't this the "big picture"? (very pleased with himself) (more MV shooting) J: Is that Switzerland?? (talking about the mountains in the background in the scene they're filming) 3:07 (music suddenly cuts while RM is really into his part ... the others start losing it lol) RM: I prayed I would get my part. (playing on the lyrics that got cut off: "I prayed I could run away") (continues shoot, RM does his solo scene) RM: There's a very famous musical movie called "Singin' in the Rain". We're paying homage to that movie, and conveying the feeling that now the unhappiness is finally over. RM (after a scene where loads of people are applauding and cheering him): Getting attention is the most difficult part. (lol) V (to all the staff and dancers/extras): Thank you!! (more MV filming) J: Look at this rose! V stepped on it and it became flat!! (disappointed boy puts the rose in V's shirt) V: ARMY, look forward (to the MV). (gives the rose to the camera) 4:01 JH: Finally, it's the first shoot with Halsey. (everyone having fun dancing) V (to Halsey, being adorable): Happy good news! Last one! Halsey: Ayy!! (more dancing scenes) Everyone: Boy with luv!!! Wooo! 4:25 RM: A round of applause, everyone! (everyone claps) J: The three-day music video shoot is finally over guys! S: I think it will be a historical* MV [for us]. *literally I think it means "the start of the new generation of" JH: It seems like in the last three days there were a lot of group dance scenes. J: This time, it was almost only dancing. RM: Actually I have no idea how it will turn out this time. JM: Once again we have a completely new music video. JH: And our shoot with Halsey, how was that? S: Ah ... Halsey is a really nice person. RM: She's really nice and really cool ... yeah really cool. J: She speaks English really well! (LOL) RM: Ah, of course she speaks English well, she's from New Jersey. J: Ah, really? JH (to Jin): Hyung, you speak Korean well. J: Yeah thanks ... JM: Despite coming from so far away, thank you for working so hard and having fun. We also had a really fun time filming, and I think the MV will come out really well. JH: ARMY will definitely like it too. RM: Yes, I'm sure you will like it. S: A Poem for Small Things * *Boy With Luv is called "A Poem for Small Things" in Korean RM: Boy With Luv J: Boy With Luv JH: Please give it a lot of love! JK: Please support it! JM: Please look forward to it!! (V walks off, Suga holds his stomach laughing lol) RM: Please look forwarrrrrddd ... J + JM + JK + JH: ... to it!!! (V clapping for Yeontan's attention and Yeontan is walking over) S (grabbing Yeontan): I'm taking Tannie away heh heh heh (so relatable lol) RM: He's a villain! Hope this helps!

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    At this point ik yeontan knws more korean than i do😂😂😂



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    Leandro Melgarejo

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