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Dani & Cesar
BTS Boy With Luv (SNL LIVE Performance)
BTS (방탄소년단) Boy With Luv (작은 것들을 위한 시) SNL Live REACTION (BTS REACTION)
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Summer Soul - Let Me Love You
Artinb - 입술 / LIPS
Steel - Focus On Me (Prod. Sleek Jeezy)
Artinb - 너네집 (Her Room)
Steel - Tell Me Now (feat.민영)
Nuiance - Always (feat. Summer Soul)
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Dani & Cesar
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  • Da Monster Reaction
    Da Monster Reaction

    BTS SNL performance was just the best ever

  • 나수광

    당신의 모습이 마치 천사같다. 순수하고 너무 맑아보인다.

  • Mona V
    Mona V

    um the way I got a full BWL JK fancam ad on this and in the middle of it I tried to rewind and couldn't because it's an ad :'(

  • tube pink
    tube pink

    진정으로 방탄을 사랑하는게 느껴져요~^^

  • Sam pras
    Sam pras

    Happy you let the réaction at the end and superbe going to see bts halsey at billboard 😊😊😊

  • 킴샤니

    방탄사랑해줘서 감사합니다😊💕

  • kil koh
    kil koh

    I think this song and many other BTS songs sound better live... Only great bands you can say that about.

  • Kat. Ł.
    Kat. Ł.

    Jimin nailed it so good

  • 김영애

    Jimin is listening to HOME song is the best voice.

  • Lynnesque Lee
    Lynnesque Lee

    Hi~~ Sweet Dani♡ I'm always watching your reaction to k-pop, especially to BTS with smile to your koreans singng along^^ Umh~~ The pronounciation is.... pretty good^^ I like your channel♡ From S.Korea.

    • Dani & Cesar
      Dani & Cesar

      Awww thank you. You’re good at writing. I appreciate it a lot 💕


    Great reaction please more reaction!

  • Charmed

    Jimin seems to happy these days. I love it!! I hope he stays happy for ever and ever!

  • yumi um
    yumi um

    정말..... 댓글을 안남길 수가 없어요 ^^;;; 너무 공감하며 봤어요 귀여우십니다 리액션 계~~~속 부탁드려요

  • 최미란

    jimin my love

  • 내이름은긔요미

    너무 사랑스러운 리액션!!ㅋㅋ보는내내 미소가 지어지네요

  • Yup Hyun
    Yup Hyun

    진짜 아미당^^ 너무 보기 좋네요 구독 꾹~~~

  • 판다원스버디

    이번에 검정정장 입었으니 다음번엔 흰색정장입고 나가자 ㅋㅋ

  • Asangba Rai
    Asangba Rai

    You should do mic drop it awesome

  • Rudy H
    Rudy H

    다니와세자르 대~박~Thank you Video.

  • DW Kvaughan
    DW Kvaughan

    Your "Jimin Love"is make me so happy♥♥♥♥

  • 홍영석

    방탄 최고다~^^ 엠마스톤과 snl 축하해요

  • Dinara Zhumalieva
    Dinara Zhumalieva

    Hello, can u help me please I can't find full video of bts snl , where can i find???

  • Phương Hà
    Phương Hà

    u so cute :)))) I like Jiminn ,too

  • flűffỿ

    Seeing them having lots of fun on stage is the best thing ever 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

  • amin rainbow
    amin rainbow

    Thank you for your reaction:) i am also steraming for hours to memorize all lyrics of the songs. i am very happy with BTS, especailly JIMIN!!


    Jimin Jimin Jimin oh Jimin si good oh Jimin , orange and black oh ilove mom♥♥♥♥♥

  • Jennyzzang Park
    Jennyzzang Park


  • 귀요미


  • joyria

    the amount of times jimin yanked me back into his lane

  • Chimoshishifu

    Suga and V were feeling this choreo. Jimin was just rude all the way through Boy With Love. The only thing I liked about the Mic Drop stage was that there was a backing track and BTS gave zero fucks that we all knew that. I laughed so much harder at them basically saying "Fuck it" and then having to restrain their moves on that micro sized stage than I did at any of the SNL skits.

  • kero Jiminie
    kero Jiminie

    I love the Jimin Jimin Jimin through the entire reaction 😂💕

  • suga dose
    suga dose

    You'r reaction 💜💜 Andd beautiful smile💜💜

  • K Tae
    K Tae

    Love ur react... Keep going.

  • RayKa


  • CeeHle G
    CeeHle G

    Mic drop might just be to stamp their masculinity... It's a guyish song and one of their best

  • Sara Jane Suezo
    Sara Jane Suezo

    Jungkookieee 💕🐰💕



  • 별무리


  • Anonymous Person
    Anonymous Person

    Where did you watch the live version ?

  • ran veronica
    ran veronica

    this girl is so cute

    • Dani & Cesar
      Dani & Cesar

      Thank you 💜

  • Cesia Torrez
    Cesia Torrez

    Por dondw lo puedo ver bien?

  • Dy Suria
    Dy Suria


  • Marie Michelle Quintos
    Marie Michelle Quintos

    I wish I could have a friend like you Dani so we can fangirl over BTS together. Love your reaction and your smile is always priceless.

    • Dani & Cesar
      Dani & Cesar

      Awww I wish you meet a friend close by but for now I am here 💜

  • 나의천사

    탄이들이 진정한 애국돌들이자 애국자가 확실하네ㅜㅜ 외국인이 한국어 노래를 따라해ㅠㅠ

  • 박상미

    빌보드 또 가시나요?부러워요.방탄이들 저번처럼 열정적 응원부탁드려용

  • Sugaakookiesxx

    Aww u look so cute with ur beanie I can’t 😍✨

    • Dani & Cesar
      Dani & Cesar

      Thank you aaah 💜

  • Marie Kim
    Marie Kim

    Dani, when you scream for Jimin, it was ME shouting JIMIN"s name! Love your reaction and Thank you!

    • Dani & Cesar
      Dani & Cesar

      He wants me dead he came for my THROAT

  • 태태

    so cute~😄

  • XKookieMochi&tae X
    XKookieMochi&tae X

    Seeing jimin parts live kills me and the other members are breaking my bias list.

    • XKookieMochi&tae X
      XKookieMochi&tae X

      @Dani Ali jimin and Taehyung are my biases and jungkook and Namjoon might be my bias, not sure. my bias weaker are the all the members. I’m so confused because of this comeback.

    • Dani & Cesar
      Dani & Cesar

      What’s a bias list????

  • Lisa May
    Lisa May


  • songstella

    I love V. Taehyun I love BTS. You are so perfect I purple you.😭😭💜💜

    • Dani & Cesar
      Dani & Cesar

      Awww thank you I purple you too 💜

  • loveSeoul Marui
    loveSeoul Marui

    You are so cute

    • Dani & Cesar
      Dani & Cesar

      Thank you so much 💜

  • tary Dee
    tary Dee

    You so cute girl 🤗👍👍

    • Dani & Cesar
      Dani & Cesar

      Thank you 💜

  • Aurelia Lawrence
    Aurelia Lawrence

    Wow that's amazing BTS ☝️☝️☝️💜💜💜

    • Dani & Cesar
      Dani & Cesar

      Kings are back 💜

  • Army&monbebe &igot7&revel up
    Army&monbebe &igot7&revel up

    I love the fact she wasn’t even supposed to watch the bad and completely died when she found out 😂❤️

    • Dani & Cesar
      Dani & Cesar

      HAHHAA I weeped 💜

  • ha ha
    ha ha


  • anonymous 1
    anonymous 1

    I had the same reaction ! Btw who are u voting for bbmas Bts? Exo? Or got7 ??

  • HS H
    HS H

    You are so cute. I love Jimin.😍😍😍🤣🤣🤣 Thank you 👍👍👍🤗🤗🤗

    • Dani & Cesar
      Dani & Cesar

      Heheh welcome 💜

  • Miss Kim
    Miss Kim

    사랑해주셔서 감쐉~~

  • sol park
    sol park


  • Jin' s wife Eatjinkook
    Jin' s wife Eatjinkook

    I am sad you didn't anything about jin 😢

    • Dani & Cesar
      Dani & Cesar

      Awww I love him tho 💜

  • 오ᆢ

    ♡♡♡ jimin~~~♡♡♡

  • 양창진


  • Yoongi's Boopable Nose
    Yoongi's Boopable Nose

    I'm glad they did Mic Drop. It was about time for the Mic Drop live performance to hit American ground bc those locals had no idea how hard our boys can snap 😎 So far the stuff they performed in America was a little bit on the softer side. I also think with their busy schedule they might not have had enough time to REALLY practice for a second new song/choreography (with their LY Tour still going on etc.), so they probably were concentrating on praciticing for the title track performance and added for the second one a song/choreo they're really familiar and comfortable with.

    • CeeHle G
      CeeHle G

      Yes they have performed songs that show their softer side... Fake love and DNA... Songs that showcase their manly side for me are Mic Drop, Fire, Baepsae, Ddaeng and the Cyphers

    • Dani & Cesar
      Dani & Cesar

      Agreed for sure 💜

  • Sunshine InMyLife
    Sunshine InMyLife sound just like me..I Love it.. they are sooo great and Soo great to look at!!💜💜💜👏👏👏

    • Dani & Cesar
      Dani & Cesar

      Aww thank you 💜

  • the더

    You're so cute~~~♡♡

    • Dani & Cesar
      Dani & Cesar

      Thank you 💜

  • Azlin Ishak
    Azlin Ishak

    Wow.. vocally stable & so talented.. That blue hair boy is sooo fine, I can't take my eyes off him.. & he has the sweetest smile😍😍 Let's start goggle...

    • Azlin Ishak
      Azlin Ishak

      Omg... Most handsome face 2017& most handsome man in the world 2018 tho... But above all I love his vocal, so deep and sexy..

    • Dani & Cesar
      Dani & Cesar

      Awwww a new fan!! Yesss his name is Taehyung 💜

  • pinkishgem11

    you are so cute💜귀여우세요~~ㅋㅋㅋ

    • Dani & Cesar
      Dani & Cesar

      Thank you 💜

  • Eungyeong S
    Eungyeong S


  • min V
    min V

    꺄 방탄소년단💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

    • Dani & Cesar
      Dani & Cesar


  • 은둔주부

    몇달 전 Dani님의 리액션을 보고 "와~ 이건 진짜다!" 라고 느끼고 이후 방탄소년단에 관심을 가졌답니다. 이제는 누구보다 열렬한 방탄 지지자랍니다. 늘 열정적으로 응원하는 모습 참 좋아요^^

    • Dani & Cesar
      Dani & Cesar

      💜 💜

  • Yas

    Where's your beanie from?💜

    • Yas

      @Dani & Cesar oh okay, thank so much for answering!

    • Dani & Cesar
      Dani & Cesar

      I got it from the BT21 pop shop in Toronto 💜

  • Cherish Garcia
    Cherish Garcia

    SNL ( mic drop - BTS) Please..😭

  • Hannah Villamor
    Hannah Villamor

    You shouldn't just praise the other members. I didn't even hear you mention V and Jhope.

    • Dani & Cesar
      Dani & Cesar

      Ummm I literally said Tae Tae with

  • Cherish Garcia
    Cherish Garcia

    OMG! I love you ~~😊😍🤩😘😘💜

    • Dani & Cesar
      Dani & Cesar

      I love you 💜

  • VKookLoveARMY Gamer
    VKookLoveARMY Gamer

    Hahaah. I also almost memories all the lyrisc. 😍😍😘

    • Dani & Cesar
      Dani & Cesar

      For real aaaah 💜

  • 이jk

    악~~~~~ 지민지민지민 ㅎㅎㅎ jimin❤❤❤❤❤

    • Dani & Cesar
      Dani & Cesar


  • Natasha [Ruby3rdGen]
    Natasha [Ruby3rdGen]

    Oh no. A suprise 😳😳😳😳😳

    • Dani & Cesar
      Dani & Cesar

      Hehhe yup surreal 💜

  • Natasha [Ruby3rdGen]
    Natasha [Ruby3rdGen]

    I can't wait for the BB vlog!! I'm so happy for you!

    • Dani & Cesar
      Dani & Cesar

      Hehhe thank you I can’t wait for it 💜

  • Natasha [Ruby3rdGen]
    Natasha [Ruby3rdGen]

    It's so goooooooooood!!! They killed it!!!

    • Dani & Cesar
      Dani & Cesar

      YESSS 💜

  • KooKieMoRe BaNgTaN
    KooKieMoRe BaNgTaN

    Who's here cuz they can't see the real one

  • مايلين مايلين
    مايلين مايلين

    Omg your sooo cute

    • Dani & Cesar
      Dani & Cesar

      Thank you 💜

  • Jikooki

    Nothing stronger than jimin’s part

    • Dani & Cesar
      Dani & Cesar

      YESSS my boy 💜

  • 광안리밤바다

    항상 응원할게요!! 화팅 ♥ from korea

    • Dani & Cesar
      Dani & Cesar


  • 방탄아미들 행복하자
    방탄아미들 행복하자

    내표정 ㅎㅎ 리액션 고마워요💜💜

    • Dani & Cesar
      Dani & Cesar


  • Andrew Fan
    Andrew Fan

    suprised your video hasnt been taken down

    • Dani & Cesar
      Dani & Cesar

      Hahaha magic

  • A.R.M.Y Rules
    A.R.M.Y Rules

    Why is it blocked from other youtubers?

    • Dani & Cesar
      Dani & Cesar

      No idea! 🥺

  • jimin love
    jimin love

    Jimin ~~~~!!!

    • Dani & Cesar
      Dani & Cesar

      MY BABY 💜

  • Steve Ji
    Steve Ji

    I really love your reaction & your love for BTS!!!!!!

    • Dani & Cesar
      Dani & Cesar

      Thank you so much 💜

  • 천사의노래

    Dani, you are very cute!!^^*

    • Dani & Cesar
      Dani & Cesar

      Thank you 💜

  • 국화들

    Don't name it. Just look at it. walnut pack Dani Ali

  • Helen of Aurora
    Helen of Aurora

    V! Jimin! Jin! Jhope!

    • Dani & Cesar
      Dani & Cesar


  • Eva ngelion
    Eva ngelion

    3:58 Damn mAAAAA hittin us with them clean vocals!

    • Dani & Cesar
      Dani & Cesar

      Thank youuu 💜

  • Alice Bz
    Alice Bz

    Cool video, ARMY in their habitat haha!

    • Dani & Cesar
      Dani & Cesar

      Heheh yes 💜

  • 권신애


    • Dani & Cesar
      Dani & Cesar


  • Tiểu Tâm
    Tiểu Tâm

    Your voice so sexy

  • lovemyself BTS
    lovemyself BTS

    Oh my.. you are soooooooo cute!!! Thank you for your lovely reaction. Jimin is LOVE💜

    • Dani & Cesar
      Dani & Cesar

      Awww thank you I love him 💜

  • Isabel marant
    Isabel marant


    • Dani & Cesar
      Dani & Cesar

      Cuties 💜

  • 우우리

    리액션 너무 귀엽당 노래도 잘하시네용 한국어도 잘 하세요 감사합니다

  • Hana Oh
    Hana Oh

    이번노래가 너무 좋은게 따라부르기가 너무 좋음 ㅋㅋ

    • Dani & Cesar
      Dani & Cesar

      💜 💜 💜

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