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BTS (방탄소년단) feat. Halsey - Boy With Luv (작은 것들을 위한 시) MV Reaction
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  • A cup of tae
    A cup of tae

    Guys, pls react to Dream Glow by BTS, ty.

  • iam vebby
    iam vebby

    react steve aoki & monsta x play it cool pls :)

  • Mai Aziz
    Mai Aziz

    react to GOT7 Eclipse

  • The DarkOPZ
    The DarkOPZ

    React to EVERGLOW & ITZY

  • gina isles
    gina isles

    jk is the best at all

  • SAIKI K.
    SAIKI K.

    We love a Hobi stan

  • Leinseon Lurno
    Leinseon Lurno

    Y'all don't have to choose who's ur bias. Be OT7. Love all of them like fairly. Bcoz I think that's what u r trying to say ☺ ☺

  • mpower1226

    Not a kpop fan, but this song with halsey with its bright postive vibe, i am hooked. Just wish they made an extended version with halsey solo part. She blends right in!

  • Tuba Seyhan
    Tuba Seyhan

    Boş yapma

  • Beck Jonas
    Beck Jonas

    Taehyung just kill everyone

  • K & YEOL
    K & YEOL

    please react to those woollim artists~ Infinite "Clock" Infinite Dongwoo "News" Lovelyz "Lost & found" Golden Child "Genie" you will enjoy much~~

  • **** love
    **** love

    V is the best of the best. 💜💜💜💜💜😍😍😍😍😍

  • Coolies_ Keeks
    Coolies_ Keeks

    The dude in the pink, ur mah kind of person 😂

  • Ruki Sekai
    Ruki Sekai

    And Halsey in audio version get more line from start little different from mv version, thank you so much

  • Ruki Sekai
    Ruki Sekai

    Hi thanks for the reaction, would you make reaction for the whole persona album,lyric version from mikrocosmos,make it right,home,jamais vu, dionysus

  • Maximus Decimus Meridius
    Maximus Decimus Meridius


  • jini choi
    jini choi

    your reaction is so good💕 loveBTS💕love jimin

  • 김성진

    love your reaction 💕 - From Korea Army♥

  • SkyRoseKitty

    Wow! I just found your channel after watching reactions to the new BTS Boy With Luv release. Whenever I come across a reaction channel for the first time, I always scroll down to the first video of the playlist to see how long it has existed and what the original content was before their Kpop reactions. You guys are legit kpop fans, and....... OMG I saw the video of one of you girls doing a full Suga rap cover!!!! Are you kidding me?? It was like back in 2015 and it only got 1 comment. It needs to be up here where we all can see it. Please do another cover to a Suga rap, maybe his verse in this new song? LIked, subbed, and I look forward to reviewing the rest of this channel's content!

  • Crazy otaku 1
    Crazy otaku 1

    Can you react to spotlight by 1the9 There a new boy group from the show UNDER19

  • Dy Suria
    Dy Suria


  • Uriel

    OMGG i love the Persona 5 reference you guys said

  • ISS

    I recommend listening to the recorded version. The recorded album version (orginal) sound more better. MV song version sounded so off since Halsey is missing a lot of singing lines.

  • tan tyl
    tan tyl

    same I can't choose a I end up with OT7:)

    • Vilding QUeen with every bias
      Vilding QUeen with every bias


  • Jarrette Naope
    Jarrette Naope

    Ya this was just all kinds of Gawdhelpmee

  • 정정현주

    Taehyung is always awsome. Love you forever !

  • jalebi

    omg what he said about the music video is so interesting - same! i didn't quite like the mv production for a while either, since DNA i think. the intro videos were beautiful but the music videos themselves, not really - i think they were trying a lot and learning a lot in that process, looking back. you're right! i mean the mvs had very interesting effects and they played around a lot but it felt a bit less refined/structured than spring day, bst, for example. maybe their team did go on a learning process.

  • livion star
    livion star

    Halsey sang a little in Korean too

  • mono

    I really miss reaction you so much

  • talyn lequin
    talyn lequin

    That girl with no glasses is me when j-hope's turn.

  • Latrelle Gulapa
    Latrelle Gulapa

    Please react to bvndit-hocus pocus

  • ivyrjil lomongsod
    ivyrjil lomongsod

    I see kardddd 😍

  • 수다쟁이쭌

    Your video is cool. I am a KR-my creator working in Korea. My channel has various MV theories including BTS's Boy With Luv theory. If you come to the channel, you will be honored. You are a good person. Thank you.

  • Maine Moonchild
    Maine Moonchild

    Pls check the album version of Boy in Luv. Halsey’s part and how her voice blends with bts is soooo awesome

    • Maine Moonchild
      Maine Moonchild

      BobaPOP the reason why the MV doesnt show alot of her part is because the MV will be the basis of BTS’ s performance without halsey.

    • BobaPOP

      I listened to the album later, and I loved that version! I was happy to hear that her voice was more prominent, and that she sings pretty much all of the first chorus. She really fit the song and concept well. AND she even sang in korean UGH BLESS 👌🏻 -Danny


    Wow, great reaction. Oh beautiful girls and handsome boys! , “ Love “ means “ “ Army(Amy)” If you look down the letter “ love” from the top at the cinema. I love your reaction. In addition, the sign language in the dance means “ I Love. You”. Have a pleasant day!

  • The DarkOPZ
    The DarkOPZ

    4:39 RM x HALSEY moment

  • The DarkOPZ
    The DarkOPZ

    3:03 Halsey Singing

  • John Dio
    John Dio

    Love the reaction 😊


    I love both bts and halsey song is 🔥🔥 her voice is so beautiful she killed it so proud of my boys 👏

  • bauistik 39
    bauistik 39

    i could look at V 24/7...

    • BobaPOP

      And anyone that says otherwise would just be lying to themselves. Don't resist V 👌🏻👀🔥😏😍 -Danny

  • Sniper R
    Sniper R

    i like dionysus

  • ecem sera
    ecem sera


  • lio lai
    lio lai

    The left guy is so me🤣🤣🤣❤

  • min joon
    min joon

    only idol had green screen ...

  • Hanna Purplelove
    Hanna Purplelove

    Thank you so much for reaction 🤗💜

  • Eunmi Kim
    Eunmi Kim

    How come boys are more sexier than a woman?

  • Fuyun Wei
    Fuyun Wei

    please react to the whole album!

  • M Z
    M Z

    Y'all so cute, but Danny is too cute

    • BobaPOP

      I mean, I try 😉 -Danny

  • Teresita Gacha Life
    Teresita Gacha Life

    Girl: Blue Berry dum dum pop my fav. Me: HELL NO DO NOT DISRESPECT THE LORD BIAS V NO, NO Also Me: No hate but that part I just had to put in lol ❤️😂😄😄😁💕💖💯

  • Cecille Alejandro
    Cecille Alejandro

    I love your reaction guysss❤️💜😘🥰😍

  • 킴샤니

    여러분 방탄을사랑해줘서 감사합니다 항상건강하시고 행복하시고 가정에웃음이 가득하시길 기원합니다😆😘💖👍


    What green screened?? They only use like a bit more for only idol.. They barely ever use green screen.. *go ahead and watch making of this video it's out* thanks bye. Edit: *yes I know they use at time Jesus but they rarely use it smh look behind the scence smh* I know what I'm saying they rarely use it psssh

    • Raffy Is Not Happy
      Raffy Is Not Happy

      lol u sound mad

    • M Z
      M Z

      Uhm... ever seen the MV for DNA?

  • Leaf

    I love BTS and ARMY. They are pure joy and love. Thanks for your lovely reaction to Boy with Luv and I luv Halsey too~

  • Stephanielaury

    It reminds me of la la Land the movie.

  • Jackie Campbell
    Jackie Campbell

    This is totally a Spring or Summer lite fun song, this song is not all about love crushes but fact the boys found love in themselves, and each other like brothers, because BTS are family who's all about love each other, and loving their armys more, who shows appreciate, and support them more, before this carefree sweet beautiful fun loving joy song their was sort of dark moment to them as they expressed it on live stage performance, especially song call 'Fake Love, about their Persona shadows curiosity, and hard struggles depression, anxiety so yea, But now everything is fine, the boys are more happy than they every was before they all doing fine..😁😍🤩🙆‍♀️💜 BTS ×Army×Bight are one, family who shows love, gives love..😍🤩💜✌💜🙆‍♀️💜 Yes!!!😁🙆‍♀️💜 Our BTS Kings done it again..🤴🤴🤴🤴🤴🤴🤴🙏

  • Jade


  • Gabby

    It’s singing in the rain, that’s why in the trailer and mv had the singing in the rain poster in the background

  • Rafiya Fairooz
    Rafiya Fairooz

    The whole album has a different vibe. The MV is inspired from ‘singing in the rain ‘.


    Guy with pink shirt is me 😂💖🤗 Love the reaction😄

    • Mohsin Singh
      Mohsin Singh

      Same here

    • mei kazumi
      mei kazumi

      gay pondan bodoh please translate malay to english

  • Bbang-ddeok jams
    Bbang-ddeok jams

    Your reactions are amazing😂❤️

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