British Twins take Twin Telepathy Test!!!
Today we invite the twins to take a Jolly little telepathy test!
오늘은 쌍둥이 형제와 함께 졸리한 텔레파시 테스트를 해봅니다!
Written and Directed by Josh and Ollie
Series Producer: Hyemin Lim & Sepi Zolfaghari
Production Assistant: Jordan Carrott
Editor: Grace Park & Sepi Zolfaghari
Editor/Translator: Sejun Lee
Translator: Miso Kang


    If you haven't seen the Twins in the going to do Commando Army Training in Korea yet then you can check out the first episode here: Enjoy!!

    • Arkan S. Attariya
      Arkan S. Attariya

      Hands down the best episode EVER on this channel... I've watched it ten 10 times since it was released... no kidding...I LOVE IT

    • AnimeBoss

      I got an idea for a reaction video. Let him watch Coleus sanctus by Powerwolf. A metal band that does a lot of christian themed metal music. Would be fun to see his reaction to something thats christian but metal.

    • 박지영

      >_<)b 친절한 올리씨

    • KC Travels
      KC Travels

      Love this twin series!

    • pretty butterfly
      pretty butterfly

      저도 우유붓고 시리얼 조금씩 넣어 먹는뎅! 우유와 비례하게 먹을 시리얼 양을 정확히 모르고 늘 바삭하게 먹고싶어서!!! 탕수육 찍먹파랄까...

  • Cassy So Sassy
    Cassy So Sassy

    I’m in love with Chris and Charles. ♥️♥️

  • Junebu Art
    Junebu Art

    I put milk in first

  • Yaoi

    It feels so weird seeing Rev. Chris in normal clothing.

  • Floris Aleska
    Floris Aleska


  • phantommaggotxxx

    They keep saying water but I'm pretty sure that card is bacon...

  • Vi _XXiV
    Vi _XXiV

    Wait, who's who again?

  • alyça dei
    alyça dei

    Ollie: *struggles to understand when people teach him Korean* Also Ollie: *is telepathic*

  • Hannah B
    Hannah B

    This is so cute

  • julio gomez
    julio gomez

    How old are the twins?

  • Alis 03
    Alis 03

    2:55 oh shi- 2:59 “who puts milk first?!” Me: *sweat intensified*

  • Schonwiedertot

    0 out off all could be a good sign with my brother because we nearly tried to kill each other^^

  • Kamihana

    Oh no, I'm into hot priests!

  • 동그라미

    난 절대 안통하던데...나랑 내 쌍둥이 전혀 정반대 성격....

  • sakura heartfilia
    sakura heartfilia

    Wow, Ollie really knows Josh a lot, also the twins didn't see each other for 15 years, but yeah wow that was great ! 😍😂💜💜

  • safichii0

    Josh’s pitch every time they get it right 😂👌

  • Hunter Ellis King
    Hunter Ellis King

    I really wanted Rev Chris to just scream "WITCHCRAFT!!" 😂😂

  • Arkan S. Attariya
    Arkan S. Attariya

    Hands down the best episode EVER on this channel... I've watched ten 10 times since it was released... no kidding...I LOVE IT

  • Hugo Mendoza
    Hugo Mendoza

    am i the only one that read the tittle *British Twinks take Twin telepathy test* nooo.... just me...? ok....

  • Nicky Kellum
    Nicky Kellum

    Two rev chris’s yaaaaas

  • Ghoul _
    Ghoul _

    There's too many jump cuts when Josh and Ollie do it. They could easily be cheating

  • anoja31

    "hEy TwiN" Lmaoo

  • DravenGal

    Ollie Potter! Oh ha, they said it just after I wrote that!

  • DravenGal

    There is almost too much of “attractive-ness” in this video. This was delightful! Why was that card obvious? Maybe because it’s a cross? LOL!!,

  • Devi Ansah Tri Atmoko
    Devi Ansah Tri Atmoko

    It's kinda trippy to see them together

  • takawniari


  • just grace
    just grace

    they look too much alike i’m fucking scared

  • Lilith

    how was charles so sure the first card would be the same!? it's messing with my mind!!

  • Katie Kenney
    Katie Kenney

    It's likely because they spend a lot of time together. They are partners in a sense because of their job.

  • Sarah Orsborn
    Sarah Orsborn


  • Sasha Silva
    Sasha Silva

    idk whether this is cgi or if rev Chris really got a twin lmaooo

  • Ghoul _
    Ghoul _

    There's two of them. I feel like I'm watching that one episode of I science cartoon (there's always that one episode) where the protagonist clones themselves or someone else. This is surreal

  • Serene Kwok
    Serene Kwok

    PLOT TWIST either josh and ollie are the REAL twins or ollie is secretly part-time psychic

  • Clara K
    Clara K

    ollie looking cute as hell in pink

  • Tomas Gabrielsson
    Tomas Gabrielsson

    I need Ollie's magic telepathic glasses!

  • Wilfried BEUGRE
    Wilfried BEUGRE

    I missed you guys (was away for a couple of weeks)!

  • 김나연

    올리가 영상 끝에 Too much하고 으흐흥 웃을 때 너무 귀엽당

  • Yohji Yamahomo
    Yohji Yamahomo

    I can't decide who is hotter ugh

  • 김나연

    오 신기하당

  • Luke Frew
    Luke Frew

    The card picking...why they both keep looking off to the side and showing their cards? And none of them are gay? 😂

  • Cherry Cake
    Cherry Cake

    *Holy fuck there’s two of them*

  • Lila Unknown
    Lila Unknown

    My first thought: THE REV HAS GOT A TWIN WHHHHH

  • A. Mai
    A. Mai

    "Fairy princess" "YES! How did you know" I laughed too hard at this

  • Vicky H
    Vicky H

    Charles' reaction when he's told Gabie puts milk in first is priceless

  • Ester [ how to draw easily ]
    Ester [ how to draw easily ]

    I'm gonna have to do it with my sister🤣🤣🤣

  • Emily Magnesi
    Emily Magnesi


  • Mushroom Child
    Mushroom Child

    How did I not know Rev Chris was a twin? Where have I been???

  • Privati Rizkiana
    Privati Rizkiana

    What? Milk first, then cereal is weird? Am I the only one who do that?

  • Heli noname
    Heli noname

    OH MY GOSH.. there is two of them 🤯

  • psychoredhot

    Having a twin brother this is so cool, we're gonna try these games for sure ! Keep it up mates ✌

  • ᄏᄏᄏ리수

    Really thanks for korean subtitles

  • Minus Reborn
    Minus Reborn

    This was great 😂😂 Can we see Rev Chris react to Big God by Florence + The Machine????? I'd love to see his reaction/hear his interpretation! Watching him listen to any of her songs would be great honestly, I love her music.

  • 미래잎Miraeipe

    올리 진짜 초능력 있는거 아니냐 ㅋㅋㅇㅋㅇㄱㅋ

  • Lee Hannah
    Lee Hannah

    저 카드게임 카케구루이에 나왔었는뎁

  • Ingeborg Nisi
    Ingeborg Nisi

    I didn't wear my glasses and I honestly couldn't see whose who

  • Manevinsan Pasion
    Manevinsan Pasion

    They're both soo adorable and good looking 😊

  • Keira Kim
    Keira Kim

    Josh: Milk first or cereal first? Ollie, Rev.Chris and Charles: *Cereal first. Who puts Milk first?!* *I'm wheezing.*

  • R Vermillion
    R Vermillion

    I'm confused. Am I watching Jolly? Am I watching Korean Englishman?

  • Scorpius

    _there’s more of him_

  • Chezmeralda

    I think it's weird that when Charles said the first one was going to be right, Chris was like oh God, and switched like he knew what he had to change it to

  • Crackerz GD
    Crackerz GD

    Ollie: “I disagree babe” Me: 🥵

  • Crackerz GD
    Crackerz GD

    I’m glad major Charles is a regular now :-)

  • Sydnye Forde
    Sydnye Forde

    this video is so unsettling because for the long longest time i didn’t know chris had a twin, and i have only seen videos with just chris NOW THERES TWO OF HIM 😂

  • AngelsAreDicks SPN
    AngelsAreDicks SPN

    *"Jezus will tickle you..."* 😂😂😂😂

  • AngelsAreDicks SPN
    AngelsAreDicks SPN

    Am I the only one that gets kind of freaked out by twin? No? Just me? OK...

  • Becca E
    Becca E

    Oh bless it! There are two of them. =) I'm 1000% okay with this.

  • Jessica Putnokyova
    Jessica Putnokyova

    I want the priest to react to melanie martinez 🍼🍪🍭

  • Metsu Belron
    Metsu Belron

    Bruh I didn’t know he had a twin what the fuck

  • Abigael Kamau
    Abigael Kamau

    Two of Rev Chris😃😃😃😃😃😃..yaaaaay

  • Justleaveit Bl_nk
    Justleaveit Bl_nk

    8:43 Ollie's glass looks funny

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