BLACKPINK - ‘Kill This Love’ 0414 SBS Inkigayo
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[BLACKPINK - ‘Kill This Love’ 0414 SBS Inkigayo]
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  • Zuaira Mufrad
    Zuaira Mufrad

    Why isn't anybody talking about how Jennie slayed it?

  • myungwoong kim
    myungwoong kim

    점점 노래에 한국어보다 영어가 더 많이 들어가고있어....

  • ほしの光莉


  • 이수희

    금발머리... 너무 말라서 춤출때 흐느적 거리는거 처럼 보여.. 살 좀 쪄라;;

  • Vy Nguyễn
    Vy Nguyễn

    Kill this love🖤🍀

  • shifa faisal
    shifa faisal

    Woowwwww jennie and jiso slay ans i just can-- Nfhdhdsnjaka

  • Bad Girl
    Bad Girl

    Heaven!!! My bias is jennie but jennie jisoo got my attention I can't take my eyes off on her she's so amazing

  • Marcathur Julio
    Marcathur Julio

    Everyone love BTS But I love black pink

  • Piyared Dueathong
    Piyared Dueathong


  • kenjie java niscalla
    kenjie java niscalla

    Love josoo sama rose dan lisa


    omg plis lisa jaja hapyy

  • Sweety Islam
    Sweety Islam

    Is Jennie sick or something

  • kiM Mik
    kiM Mik

    카메라웍 뭐이리 조잡하냐

  • LPS Kitty tv
    LPS Kitty tv

    Rose looks like wengie

  • george garlan
    george garlan

    It was a technic where they recorded a live version...but their performance in samsung galaxy event was could hear the breathe and unstable voice but still lovely performance..we cannot blame them trying to record and lipsing since they are also dancing hard choreo...but in the end they still perform amzingly..

  • Henry Windsor Rurikovich
    Henry Windsor Rurikovich

    💓 kill this love 🔥

  • Bandana Rai
    Bandana Rai

    ARE YOU DISCRIMINATING ROSE?! Why does rose’s dress seem kinda odd other members have black or pink black dress while she has white red dress why do you keep discriminating your own members one by one?

  • Lidia Ivanova
    Lidia Ivanova

    I love you, Lisa😘. I want to see you on the show, but not like a real man. You were there just adorable. I want you to go to an entertainment show, preferably one, otherwise I miss the screen time that you are given. And in order for Shaw to be invited some idol from another agency. I want your solo. I'm sure it will blow up all the charts. Believe in you. Good luck. 😘😍😘😍😌😚😙

  • hello bye
    hello bye

    why there is no any fanchant at all?

  • Müptezel Samet
    Müptezel Samet


  • bumroong jaroojit
    bumroong jaroojit


  • `Chawadon `
    `Chawadon `


  • บรรพต คําทา
    บรรพต คําทา

    อยากเป็น พี่จีซู พวกพี่ 9by9 ชอบมากกก

  • Anna Rajabi
    Anna Rajabi

    Jennie is so pretty 😍😍❤💙

  • Moki Gacha Life
    Moki Gacha Life

    I am not fan BLACKPINK but i very like mv they😍

  • Setia budi br bangun
    Setia budi br bangun

    I like jennie and lisa

  • Tsubaki Lee
    Tsubaki Lee

    how are u dressing my jisoo HELLO?

  • Ester Veg
    Ester Veg

    100.000.000% Blackpink

  • Mini world block art Athaen jolo athaen jolo
    Mini world block art Athaen jolo athaen jolo


  • Parichat Sumruangnat
    Parichat Sumruangnat


  • fatkhurrohman faat
    fatkhurrohman faat

    omg lisaaaaaaa

  • OtakulunZ

    North Korea Army Song!

  • Son Minh
    Son Minh

    Jenny hát hay thật và

  • lan quyen
    lan quyen

    Blackpink is the best.!

  • ชยพล อเนกธนบูลย์
    ชยพล อเนกธนบูลย์

    I love jisoo and rose

  • Jindora The Explorer
    Jindora The Explorer

    Tbh this song is now overrated cuz they only have a few songs....ddu du ddu du duplicate mehhnnn

  • Haileyann Gonzalez
    Haileyann Gonzalez

    Lmao I feel bad for them


    Giong cua jennei hinh nhu ki lam

  • Trias Budi Wiryawan
    Trias Budi Wiryawan


  • Irwan Santoso
    Irwan Santoso

    member yg palin ku suka ii lisa dan jeni

  • Tranggala

    Why haven't they got a cup? I mean, the song was super gooddd

  • Zaha Musaeva
    Zaha Musaeva

    Lisa 😍😍😍👍👍👍👍

  • Andra Rajendra
    Andra Rajendra


  • Alexandra YT
    Alexandra YT

    You can clearly hear their voice.For me..Their so stable.

  • Joana Couto
    Joana Couto

    Rose ♡

  • Tien Van
    Tien Van

    How many people love jisoo????

  • อรอุมา พุ่มเกตุแก้ว
    อรอุมา พุ่มเกตุแก้ว


  • Thúy Nguyễn Thị Ngọc
    Thúy Nguyễn Thị Ngọc

    I don like blackpink

  • HoàngDuy Gaming TV
    HoàngDuy Gaming TV

    Lisa 😘

  • ณัฏฐณิชา ศักดา
    ณัฏฐณิชา ศักดา

    길수는 왜 다른 사람보다 더 이상한가? 누가 뽑았지?

  • Pla channel
    Pla channel

    Lisa and rosé 💕🙏

  • dian kurnia
    dian kurnia


  • Yenling Char
    Yenling Char

    I think Jisoo should learn some English because the other three members know English

  • Quan An
    Quan An

    Hay quá 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • kennya fonteles
    kennya fonteles


  • Pardjo Hikmawanto
    Pardjo Hikmawanto

    I like it ji soo and lisa


    Lord jisoo

  • 김민주

    0:44 항상 적응안되는 파트...

  • Sakura Channel
    Sakura Channel

    Jisoo is beautiful

    • Sakura Channel
      Sakura Channel

      Rose too

  • suosdey prakad
    suosdey prakad

    Fan rose like

  • Juliet Alis
    Juliet Alis

    Go lisa

  • Alicia Aulia
    Alicia Aulia

    My bias Rose & lisa 💋❤

  • 리틀몬스터!!

    Imitation of 2NE1...

  • crystal frostly
    crystal frostly

    Go rose

  • seni Nurasirin
    seni Nurasirin

    lalisa manabon

  • seni Nurasirin
    seni Nurasirin

    lalisa manabon

  • Celinna Salim
    Celinna Salim

    Who's here singing the whole song but not lisa's cereal rap?

  • Naveed Raja
    Naveed Raja

    Wow I love Lisa her clothes and her dance moves she's my favourite and every one is totally like her so perfect I wish I was blackpink

  • Joshua Paul
    Joshua Paul


  • Human-wildlife


  • Rand Oadi
    Rand Oadi


  • Tiffany Valentine
    Tiffany Valentine

    I love Rose s outfit sm 😍😩😍😩😍🌹🌹

  • happy birthday suga
    happy birthday suga

    Now i really sure the last part os jennie part because in the video i at the last o heard jennie voice clearly.

  • Nature

    지수 노래 더럽게 못함 진짜 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 들을때마다 쟤부분 킵해버림. 구하라보다 못부르는듯

  • Ali Ali
    Ali Ali

    PLACKPINK LOVER:(💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜❤❤❤❤❤❤❤🌚

  • A.R.M.Y Min Yoongi
    A.R.M.Y Min Yoongi


  • a l p h x ツ
    a l p h x ツ

    jisoo's dress haha love it

  • alexander sikumbang
    alexander sikumbang

    blakpink sangat cantik

  • Lin Lin
    Lin Lin

    When were you come to Cambodia?🇰🇭We are really want to meet you also love u&Support all of u♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  • Suji

    Omgggg they are so stable🤪

  • Ria Helda
    Ria Helda


  • mina Ünel
    mina Ünel


  • Rio Alfarenza Chimpunk
    Rio Alfarenza Chimpunk

    dance toturial plise.

  • Azalea Syah
    Azalea Syah

    Now,who says blackpink can't sing live😏

  • Anne Nicole
    Anne Nicole

    They're aura is so strong!

  • cheryl armenion
    cheryl armenion

    I like rose....

  • Risda Sihombing
    Risda Sihombing

    I don't not like Jenie black pink

  • Оразкул Атабаева
    Оразкул Атабаева


  • Adhin Bhijannifa
    Adhin Bhijannifa

    No lypsinc2 club

  • Galang Ganasta
    Galang Ganasta

    I Love you blackpink

  • Ana Suon
    Ana Suon


  • Aliyah Naurah
    Aliyah Naurah

    Aku suka sama blackpink

  • kính nguyễn
    kính nguyễn

    Việt nam xin chào!

  • Teddy

    someone know Jennie 0:20 change the lyrics? .......test

  • Muhammad Zakwan
    Muhammad Zakwan

    I love lisa rose jennie and jessu

    • Muhammad Zakwan
      Muhammad Zakwan

      I love lisa rose janie and jesoo

  • Huishan Chen
    Huishan Chen

    jisoo good performance❤️

  • Ping ChanthamLy
    Ping ChanthamLy


  • 2KN PTRY
    2KN PTRY

    I love Lisa

  • Zahra chanell
    Zahra chanell

    나는 검은 분홍색을 깜박이다 나는 노래를 좋아한다. 다시 예쁜 예쁜

  • Zahra chanell
    Zahra chanell


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