Billie Eilish - bad guy (with Justin Bieber) [Audio]
Billie Eilish
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  • Suga

    Yo I don't get why so many people hating on this, it bops bro, I wouldn't say it's better than the original but it's just as good, and having Justin is a nice addition

  • Luis_ Henrique
    Luis_ Henrique

    Ohhh Very good

  • Kitty Girls
    Kitty Girls

    Me: I hate Justin Bieber Billie: I love Justin Bieber Me: Oh then I love him sorry Billie

  • •Gacha Tea•
    •Gacha Tea•

    Producer: Autotune? Billie: Nah, Justin you? Justin: *yes*

  • BunBunplayzz

    Wait who’s in the cover..?

  • Roblox Girl
    Roblox Girl

    To be honest I like this version better

  • Jeremiah Pullie
    Jeremiah Pullie

    Billie and lil nas x should make a remix

  • Ureybler

    Literally nobody:

  • Oh Yeah yeah
    Oh Yeah yeah


  • Karen Garcia
    Karen Garcia

    i love it

  • Omar Ramos
    Omar Ramos

    i hate justin bieber you ruined the song

  • Hmm Tasty
    Hmm Tasty

    Why does it sound like there having a shag while singing this

  • Tyler Wonder
    Tyler Wonder

    which "BAD GUY" is better? like: Harry Potter comment: with Justin Bieber

  • no name
    no name

    All your songs are beautiful

  • just ella
    just ella

    billie: singing beautifully justin: *gRoAnnNnNsS*

  • tiagolarose

    Billie à 17 ans : Collabore avec Justin Bieber Moi à 17 ans : Galère pour acheter des paires de chaussettes

  • Alecsander VEVO
    Alecsander VEVO

    Y'all should see them in a crown.

  • Alo Tosca
    Alo Tosca

    Justin Bieber is not a bad singer but his personality ruins everything without offending greetings ;b

  • Dominique MSP
    Dominique MSP

    Uh oh shit.

  • Raymond Broussard
    Raymond Broussard

    I prefer the og bad guy

  • Uriel Bañuelos
    Uriel Bañuelos

    viva mexico y el que diga que no es puto

  • Deysi Flores
    Deysi Flores

    Justin is Bad boy

  • Itz Brooklyn
    Itz Brooklyn

    Billie at 13: A whole singer *Me: BABY SHARK DO DO DO DO DO*

  • Valancea Kallove
    Valancea Kallove

    Am I the only one who wants madison beer and billie eilish to collab

    • Kitty Girls
      Kitty Girls

      Ughhhhh that would be epic

  • Nadine Soliman
    Nadine Soliman

    Billie is 17 and making a ton of money and being rich af Me : I cant even afford McDonald's

  • Emma K
    Emma K

    i dont know how i feel about this

  • Fairy Queen
    Fairy Queen

    idk what people are complaining about it’s not a bad remix but i prefer the original.

  • Lone Wolf
    Lone Wolf

    I started laughing when JB came in 😂

  • Baby Baek
    Baby Baek

    I am laughing so hard

  • Anees Comei Happy
    Anees Comei Happy

    cuz i Fans Billie And Justin Bieber

  • Anees Comei Happy
    Anees Comei Happy

    i like JB sing her song 😍

  • Aaliyah Landero
    Aaliyah Landero

    Billie at 17:Collab with JB Me at 17:Mom can you take me to school?

  • Aaliyah Landero
    Aaliyah Landero

    The picture tho lmao I can’t 😂😂😂😂

  • Kacper Grela
    Kacper Grela


  • Anthony Sinclair
    Anthony Sinclair

    I don’t understand all the hatred towards Justin Bieber for his line in this song! May God forgive the haters for they know not that they are “the bad guy.”

    • Kitty Girls
      Kitty Girls

      Where have you been "I don't understand the hate towards Justin Bieber" LMAO HIS WHOLE PASS MADE US HATE HIM THATS WHY LOL

  • Raul Nava
    Raul Nava

    to loud to many hours at ,frio Dr. 4706

  • Raul Nava
    Raul Nava

    I need something to eat ,can I ask yes , loud living room plus

  • Angel Gutierrez 999
    Angel Gutierrez 999

    me: I hate a justin bieber billie:love justin bieber

  • NDP

    Nobody: My dog at 3 am: 2:00

  • Miguel s
    Miguel s

    uma verdadeira bosta

  • Google Youtube
    Google Youtube

    soy el comentario en español que buscabas jaja

  • Ariel Camargo
    Ariel Camargo

    This music is terrible as hell! Dislike

  • 2022 Madeleine Smith
    2022 Madeleine Smith

    I love the song but with Justin bevier?!He's racist and treats his fans bad.WOW😑

  • mara kwon
    mara kwon


  • Blou

    *Algún Latino que se reporte?* 😎👍

  • Yoongo Bongosuga
    Yoongo Bongosuga

    Billie toda pro y el puto ese q ;-;

  • Emely Salas
    Emely Salas

    Ok what has the world become to she collabs with Justin Bieber and is randomly dressed as Jojo siwa🤦‍♀️

  • B. C. P.
    B. C. P.


  • Jazzy T
    Jazzy T

    I can’t get over how she’s dressed up like JoJo Siwa...

  • playing with Orange
    playing with Orange

    I played and singed this song so much, I little brother started sing it 😂

  • Damon Collins
    Damon Collins

    BILLIE: bAaaD Justin:uUUUuuUuUuUuUh

  • Gaston Vallejos
    Gaston Vallejos

    Que asco Justin Bieber

  • Eric Cartman
    Eric Cartman


  • Damon Collins
    Damon Collins

    I heard Justin Bieber say skert

  • Melanie Suarez
    Melanie Suarez


  • Ava Rubbico
    Ava Rubbico

    Who’s better like Billie Eilish comment Justin Bieber

  • Savannah Leaf
    Savannah Leaf

    Justin Bieber doesn’t work in this song.

  • G M8 LIF
    G M8 LIF

    more trash should collaborate with trash

  • G M8 LIF
    G M8 LIF

    need help?

  • abdullah mohammed
    abdullah mohammed

    Billie: bad guy Justin: ooooohhhhh Cardi B: SKURRRRT

  • Vec :v
    Vec :v

    Consejo: escuchenla en velocidad 1.25

  • Fefy Martinez
    Fefy Martinez

    Suena bien la voz de Justin en este estilo.

  • Linda Galindo
    Linda Galindo

    I don't like this 😕👎

  • Sydney Smith
    Sydney Smith

    Unpopular Opinion: I think Justin sounds really good in this song.

  • Dante Wilson
    Dante Wilson

    His style doesn't match hers at all

  • babie Yoonie
    babie Yoonie


  • Mariel Canales
    Mariel Canales

    In love

  • Commando Music
    Commando Music

    Billie at 17: collab with bieber Me at 17: I need New skin in fortnite

  • Jaheim Hendricks
    Jaheim Hendricks

    Ok Justin 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Ale conejo
    Ale conejo

    Sow bad biber are a fail whit auto tune

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