Bias In Medicine: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)
John Oliver discusses the roles that gender and racial bias can play in medical treatment.
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  • Buck Naked
    Buck Naked

    Gee more whining, and baiting from the Left. Shocker! Do you turds ever stop playing victim?

  • MingTuck Chung
    MingTuck Chung

    Oh good. Then fire all the doctors and be on your journey to 3rd world.

  • The Bronze Age of DC Comics
    The Bronze Age of DC Comics

    Poor people are barely examined. I grew up welfare poor, briefly had money, and then went bust during the GR. Doctors treat you like a human being when you have money.

  • Rotzepopel

    This Bullshit gave me cancer.

  • Shaolin Style
    Shaolin Style

    Wanda: We need more non-white doctors in actual hospitals. I can say: We need more midgets and dwarfs in the NBA. NBA is more biased than the medical field. You can control your academics but you can't control your height.

  • DudewithaK

    "Bring a white man" is actually what I have done for most my life whenever I go to a doctor. Seems funny at first, but it is sad that I have used it as an actual strategy to be heard.

  • LLCzUnlimited

    After Leaving Neverland was shown to be full of lies, John could have made a great segment on sexual assualt allegations, but sadly, he's on HBO and has to be a shill for the netowrk.

  • Amélie Carré
    Amélie Carré

    For starters we should ALL have bias training. Not just medical students and doctors.

  • Jess ¿
    Jess ¿

    When I was in nursing school in 2015; I was thought that B.S. about pain in "minorities". One of my teachers coined a term Hispanic hysteria or some such nonsense. I can't quite remember, because I tried to purge it.

  • Patt SKS
    Patt SKS

    Says he cares about inequality in the health care system, supports the Clintons. Cunt!

  • musty moose
    musty moose

    There is also bias against overweight people. They just assume any problem you have is because you are fat.

  • Mateja

    Sex bias - surely a great problem we should tackle Gender bias - the same thing, gender and sex are the same thing, grow up people

  • Kiere Luurs
    Kiere Luurs

    Well, there probably is a real black WEIGHT problem. But let's not forget there also is a general AMERICAN weight problem. The medical term is FAT ARSE.

  • Manga Mania
    Manga Mania

    Can we replace john oliver by the other funnier comedion who looks less like a vampire?

  • Dan Pascut
    Dan Pascut

    I'm a cardiologist working in a university hospital in Germany, here are my thoughts on tonight's episode 1. The general impression was that of a very dishonest representation of today's medicine. The fact the 70 year old clips were inserted to make a point is an example. Yes 70 years ago we had ideas that we today know are false. But the show wants to make the point that some kind of bias exists now. 2. Regarding the different approach to pain management or knee replacement, I as a cardiologist don't have the data, I would love to see a list of the sources used. I hope the LWT Team considers linking it's sources in the comments section. 3. That a lot of times womens pain is attributed to emotional imbalance in hospitals is an outrageous statement for me, I've been practicing medicine for 10 years now and worked in different hospitals in different countries and I have never heard of this. IMHO this is a ridiculous statement. More than half of doctors and maybe 80 percent of nurses are female, how would something like this even come about?! 4. 'those assigned male at birth' - this is politically charged language, which is not used in medicine or science - which shows the true motivation of the writers. In science we know that humans are a sexually dysmorphic species, which implies differences between the sexes. His next point actually confirms this when he says women tend to have different symptoms of a heart attack, which is true and only one of many differences. 5. Heart attacks, finally my cup of tea. Let me just clarify something: the term heart attack doesn't mean anything in medicine and in popular language it can mean a lot of things : acute myocardial infarction (most often) problems with the heart rhythm, sometimes even pulmonary embolism, etc. I will use heart attack as a substitute for myocardial infarction. As said above, it is true that on average, females tend to have a higher rate of unspecific symptoms. This is a known problem for every cardiologist and emergency medicine doctor I have ever met. It does lead to a higher rate of undiagnosed heart attacks in women but this is not because of bias, its because often the symptoms are so unspecific there's no reason to check for a heart attack. I had a 60 year old fit women who played tennis (was left handed) and had pain in her left wrist after. Her family doctor thought it was a muscle or tendon thing and treated her with pain medication (which we give women, of course). She came in the hospital for a x-ray because the pain wasn't getting better. Because we DO know about untypical presentations in women, we did the relevant bloodwork which showed a heart attack. Specifically because of this known problem, practically every woman over 50 who comes in the hospital with some kind of pain receives a Troponin test (test for heart attack). The problem is many of these women go first to the family doctor or don't go to a doctor at all (because the symptoms don't seem so bad) and you can't do so may tests as a family doctor for financial reasons. BTW if sexes are as he says, assigned at birth, then doesn't that mean that it's fine to do all studies on one sex? He seems to want to have the politically charged cake and eat it too. Of course scientists recognise differences between the sexes, test them and try to come up with optimal therapies. 6. The woman who says the young resident told her to go home because his job is to tell her what's not wrong with her. This is sort of true. If you come in with chest pain, my job is to rule out the things that are serious and could kill you. Your pain can have 1000 causes, it's not realistic to try to find the cause in the ED. If I ruled out the serious things, you can go home, go to a private practice and find the problem. I need places in the ED for people who have life threatening conditions. Now in the piece it says she had a heart attack but again because of this colloquial term, I can't know what she had(could have been a non life threatening arrhythmia). This does not imply that there are no mistakes, people, both men and women are being sometimes sent home. This has more to do with the imperfect nature of humans and not so much with bias. 7. Race bias... As I do not work in the US, I don't have a good picture of what's going on but I am skeptical about some of these claims. He presents opinions with differences between white and black patients as patently racist (and some of them are) , however there are real differences in treatments. An example from cardiology is that some blood pressure medicines work better on black patients. He says the black males tend to get the short end of the stick here. Well which is it then? If we are to accept that doctors are unfamiliar with women anatomy and think they are hormone filled men, I would suppose that whatever race bias you put on top of that, it should result in black women being treated the worst. I'm gonna end this here because the post is already way too long. Just wanna say I'm a fan on John Oliver, watched every episode. This presents a problem for me, because if I found so many problems with this episode because I'm part of the industry, how much are other episodes infused with politics. TLDR: I think this episode is infused with political propaganda and severely misrepresented medicine.

    • Kiere Luurs
      Kiere Luurs


  • videoomaster

    Where are the "femenist" when it comes to real issues?

  • firemagican2845

    My mom passed away 3 years ago. She had the worst case of RA they had ever seen. She was diagnosed at 56 and died by 64 from RA related lung disease. She would insist that I go to the Doctor with her as they would never take her seriously if I was not there. I'll never forget when her insurance forced her to go a Pain Management Doctor briefly. He wanted to drop her from taking actual pain medication to taking otc Advil because she is just hysterical. Her RA Doctor had to gently remind him that her literal joints were being attacked by her body and her bones in her feet had literally splint down the middle in sections like if you put a block in between her toes and started hammering. They put her back with her RA Doctor for pain management after a $40K hospital stay. Still til this day I can hear that Doctor tell me she was just hysterical and that "this happens with woman. You can give them a paper cut and they'll cry". That man was the Gate Keeper for Alameda Counties Medi-Cal (Medicaid) pain management.

  • André Schwarzer
    André Schwarzer

    This reminds me of the video about "White Squad" from a good time ago

  • d3fias

    these AT&T segments used to be funny at first, now I just wait for them in each episode to validate my "this is just another ad" theory

  • TremereTT

    He said person of color...How is that not racist?

  • Andrew Schembri
    Andrew Schembri

    In a segment about institutionalized racism, he mocks a man an innocent man who was the victim of institutionalized racism. Get fucked.

  • Chloe

    this video confirms we havent made any real progress (race,sex,gender,age,etc) just drop a fucking nuke already

  • whatev466

    This is very similar to the "Invisible Women" episode from the 99% Invisible podcast. If you want to learn more about bias in design in general check it out!

  • Quantumese Boy
    Quantumese Boy

    I'm a white male and my experience with American medicine hasn't been any better.

  • Sizwe Japan
    Sizwe Japan

    Man white privilege knows no bounds🤦🏿‍♂️ fyi that genetic differences between the races bs was used to justify slavery, lashings & treating black ppl like crap. I can't believe doctors still believe this

  • Ariemea Alice
    Ariemea Alice

    Pretty sad this exposé didn’t include lgbt bias. I personally know several transgender individuals who were refused treatment, interrogated about their medicine, and, in one case, left to bleed severely and openly from a large wound after the doctor ripped off the dressing and left. Luckily, our mutual friend went out in the hallway and called another medical professional, (who was horrified), to come fix it, and they did. It was a really good start to a discussion, but I feel like it didn’t go far enough. I’d like to see a part two that takes disability, lgbtq+ issues, and economic status into account. I don’t want to detract from either of the horrendous issues discussed here, though.

  • Jabari Brooks
    Jabari Brooks

    So the medical society believe black people are super human 🤔

  • Yog Sothoth
    Yog Sothoth

    Is it possible to get the sources for those statistics? I feel like those data comes from self reported studies, and if that's the case then bias in doctors may be much lower than the statistics let you deduce.

  • Bart

    There is 1 more video on that larry's site...... Not that much "more"

  • Quantumese Boy
    Quantumese Boy

    And I'm wondering why there is no cure for Lyme disease or even a reliable test...

  • Brainfryde

    Some of the problems here are appalling, but some come from the same issue that plagued the skit at the end. White evil, and all other races are victims. They literally referred to this issue on the show as something that cannot be addressed unless the speaker is not white. And if you think your doctor doesn't believe women, you can reverse the problem and find out women have a harder time believing male patients. Interesting how the show tip toed over the opiate issue, since they have advocated that the GOVERNMENT should prevent the use of opoids, even when prescribed by a doctor, because they might be one of THOSE doctors. In truth, doctors and pharmacists alike avoid prescribing medications in those families to avoid the stigma, and insurance companies make sure to put pressure on pharmacists to do the same. But I doubt these precious studies accounted for THAT bias.

  • Jay ujjwal
    Jay ujjwal

    Is this the fokin middle ages!!

  • 1cjon2

    Bateau was my professor!!! She is semi famous now!! Always telling the truth.

  • Clinton Antgony
    Clinton Antgony

    That doctor who said women an men body are the same is a fool. Men an women body are 2 different types of body. A women body is very different from men body.

  • dlakodlak

    Fucking hell, America. You sound like some 19th century wild west hell on way too many topics.

  • Phat Vegan
    Phat Vegan

    Yeah I know if you switch off of opioids to cannabis and you're not aware of how we withdrawals work. Even if you're white you go to a doctor they'll say that you have cyclical vomiting which I have only been able to find one study in Australia. Where it started out with something like 16 or 18 patience and they lost half in this study. Either they quit moved away whatever. And so off of that study all throughout America doctors are saying that those who use cannabis have cyclical vomiting. Doctors do a lot of shadia s***! I'm white and I'll never go see another doctor again. If I can avoid it anyways because doctors are worthless and do nothing for society. Not this one anyways unless it makes them money

  • Greg M
    Greg M

    It should be mandatory that EVERY doctor, nurse, and health care provider watch this video.

  • Kitty Mckenzie
    Kitty Mckenzie

    We need to fix this all of it even maternal mortality

  • Jon

    I mean, it's not completely ridiculous to think there are major genetic differences between black and white people (skin color, for example). But the fact of the matter is that no such thing as "pure race" exists. Every human is unique and it is very likely that some of your ancestors were not the race you think you are. Because of this some people might be black but could have inherited "white" aspects. It's just very impractical to assume thick skin because of skin color, just treat the individual and look how thick their skin is.

  • David Dusnoki
    David Dusnoki

    For Christ sake, only 1 minute 24 seconds in, and I am hit with this "white man" bullshit again. Stop, stop, just stop already! That's it, I am unsubscribing, I will watch other creators who don't do this "whitemenbad" or "orangemanbad" NPC bullshit. See you at TimCast, Joe Rogan Experience or Louder with Crowder.

  • C. Caner Telimenli
    C. Caner Telimenli

    This doesnt make it ok, but one of the most common complaint from doctors is people coming to them for very basic stuff or want actually something else. This outcome is not surprising. For example, black people are generally poor in US. This means more homeless black people, in turn it means more black people turning up in hospital for the comfort or for the drugs. And examples like this create the biases. Obviously there is discrimination, but not every single doctor turn people down because their personal feelings.

  • Badar Shahzad
    Badar Shahzad

    This is nothing compared to how fat people are treated. You can walk in with symptoms of cancer and the only remedy the doctor will offer is weight loss. If you're Black, Female & Obese; you will have better luck asking a dog for a Diagnosis than these so-called "Doctors"

  • Katerina Faustov
    Katerina Faustov

    Another great piece but, they left out the LGBT community bias in the medical community. Esp now as the current admin is trying to make discrimination legal.

  • Hugo Enrique Fuenmayor
    Hugo Enrique Fuenmayor

    Fuck trump ... Just a remainder

  • Avivamae

    Yes! As a female pain patient with a serious spine and nerve problem I've been treated like an absolute criminal. One doctor refused me treatment solely based on my age (I'm a disabled combat veteran for God's sake) and he said that I'm either lying about my pain levels and an addict or selling my medicine on the street. All this while I'm struggling to even walk or sit. One hospital discharged me when I literally couldn't walk or feel my left leg, eventually they called me back begging me to return because I was in serious danger and they we worried they were liable. I've been treated so badly in the USA that I've been forced to move to Europe to even get basic care and reasonable pain management. I had such a horrific experience in the USA that even thinking about dealing with it again triggers me and sadly I have to move back soon and I know I will seriously struggle to get the medications that are absolutely life changing for me. What I went through is why so many pain patients end up commiting suicide, they feel their pain is too much to bear and has gone unmanaged for so long that the simply end their lives because the pain is too much and the system is against them.

  • notmyrealnameify

    In many culture faith healing is a serious thing. You are ill because you did something wrong is also a way of thinking in many cultures, the US included. I don't know the numbers but if many hispanics in a certain area are very religous it's something you need to consider and be able to talk about. I know people that died instead of getting surgery because they saw it as a punishment of god and only used natural herbs and faith healing. Especially when these people have kids it might be a good idea to try to convince them that god didn't give them cancer.

  • Ross Lepkowski
    Ross Lepkowski

    11 year old study used at 3:08. haven’t finished the video yet but i would like to point out that that is wayyyyy too old to make a relevant point in 2019 when talking about bias based on sex. i feel like we’ve come a long way in the past 11 years.

  • Ali Khalid
    Ali Khalid

    Biological differences between races do exist, there’s nothing racist about it

    • Ali Khalid
      Ali Khalid

      Contevent you’re right about pain, but some diseases are way more common in females like autoimmune diseases eg.SLE , cystic fibrosis in white caucasians, ulcerative colitis in eastern europeans, lactose intolerance in africans, Kawsaki disease in asians

    • Contevent

      Most are not medically relevant, certainly not when it comes to pain.

  • Daniel Byrne
    Daniel Byrne

    As a white male i can tell you i have exactly the same experience. My question is, what is their point of reference. I personally believe it is a matter of have verses have nots.

  • Jo SoZen
    Jo SoZen

    Fuck you AT&T, you will never be our real daddies!!!

  • Denis J.
    Denis J.

    Aaaahhh.... America and healthcare... As ridiculous as usual

  • Sims Mchako
    Sims Mchako

    This seems more like a critique of America's education system more than anything else


    I get it about people of color but not white women, that's not true.

    • Contevent

      Personal experience vs investigation. Who to trust more?

  • verdatum

    My dad worked with Wanda Sykes, back when she was an NSA employee. According to him, nearly everyone was terrified of her. To that I say: Good.

  • Polo Brewster
    Polo Brewster

    John Oliver... You don’t get it. That’s just our deaths due to inalienable negligence per year. We are only 12.6% of the U.S. Please add every other death rate to your findings.

  • 【FLUX】

    A single episode of Last Week Tonight is funnier and more clever than Jerry Seinfeld's entire career.

  • Mohammed Ranish Razak
    Mohammed Ranish Razak

    I am an Indian living in Dubai.... I find myself lucky, in both countries

  • Chris Pirillo Is Eboola
    Chris Pirillo Is Eboola

    LastWeekTonight, the only left wing channel I can tolerate. Anyone else?

  • Tyler Rose
    Tyler Rose

    Well thanks for ruining my binge of real housewives of new york! I was only half way through the season and now its fucked, thanks... -___-

  • Andrea David Edelman
    Andrea David Edelman

    The left is obsessed with sex and race it’s pathetic

    • Contevent

      Just like atheist are "obsessed" with religion. If doing it didn't hurt anyone nobody would have to care so much about it.

  • arjnsdca

    Doctors are STUPID!

  • Gahen

    You know that murder and drug overdose is also counted into life expectancy, right? And ever looked into whether the most affected population even visits any doctor before dropping dead? The only topic where socio-economic status could be brought up, it is ignored as it does not align with the predefined conclusion. Also oddly no mention of how frequently people visit the doctors. Women are much more likely to go, that's why they are less likely to be taken serious. Similarly, populations with rampant drug problems will obviously be discriminated to some extent when they ask for opioids. That's like "random" selection at the airport, people whose group is a thousand times more likely to have something on them will be more frequently "randomly" selected. Or should we just close our eyes, ignore reality and pretend otherwise merely on an ideological basis? And I'm not saying that there isn't a problem with healthcare, especially when it comes to prescription of opioids, or the incompetence and arrogance of medical staff. But turn it into an identity based issue, and you have a magnificent non-solution. Look into the Why?s and suddenly things will start to make sense, so that action can be planned and taken. But noooo, we neeed bias training, if it does not work (and it clearly doesn't) that just proooves that we need even moaaaare bias training... After all, if you accidentally solve a problem, you won't be able to bitch about it anymore. That's a big no-no when it comes to politics, as you would need to look for other problems to address, risking your voter base... I'd better take a bullet to the head than go to bias training (of course this is an obvious exaggeration). That's not better than conversion therapy. Thank goodness bias training is not a thing where I live, though I have other things to worry about. Almost 3 years of the Trump presidency have already passed, yet you still can't recognize how and why was he elected and you are still rushing in the opposite direction. Solve your problems and you'll get rid of him immediately.

  • Henry

    So much misinformation in this piece. I cant stand Oliver anymore

  • Oliver Allen
    Oliver Allen

    Between my career in EMS and now my time in medical school as one of if not the only black provider often times in both settings, I’ve seen the differences first hand.

  • Lopro94

    I didn't know Larry David, I thought this was Don Rosa my favourite comic artist! They look so much alike, holy shit!

  • luxorien

    I feel like you're leaning into this in a few places. Medical research has often omitted women out of an abundance of caution rather than insensitivity. One example: people running drug trials don't want to test new drugs on women who might be pregnant, so they exclude women from the study to avoid any risk of accidentally exposing an unborn child to an untested drug. This is changing as more researchers advocate for testing therapies on a broad range of patient populations, but I think it's important to be aware that some of this bias has origins that are a little more complicated than "hysterical woman" prejudices (though that certainly happens).

  • SocioComm

    I like bitching at dipshit doctors who dont believe that person who looked up their symptoms...who just MIGHT know what they are talking about. I officially volunteer my services for the "bring a white guy" position. And trust me, I am not afraid to grab a doctor by the collar and shake em until they start seein' sense!

  • Geoffrey Darcy
    Geoffrey Darcy

    I couldn't get pain medicine after neck (reconstructive) surgery. They said , 'you look like , you get high' . My wife got cough syrup with hydrocodone, because she had a tickle , in her throat. She still laughs at me , when I bring it up.

  • Aaron Grays
    Aaron Grays

    I love how he misrepresents data to fit his “white man is evil “ narrative. I can confirm that the nursing book that he quotes does say those things, but it’s in the context of a broader cultural backdrop in order to better communicate medical information to the patient. BTW I’m black and studying to become an epidemiologist I have some knowledge on this subject though far from a doctor.

  • TheRedLuigi

    In next weeks episode of "Why women have it worse" we discuss the topic of Nuclear Holocaust and why it disproportinally affects women.

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