Addicted to DURITOS
Frank has developed a strange addiction to the popular Mexican food snack, duritos (also called duros, chicharrones, or pinwheels). The wheat snack has become an obsession for Frank and he even spends his time sitting in a pool filled with them.
Behind the scenes:
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  • TheCrazyGorilla

    Do you call them duritos or chicharrones? 👀

    • PewDee Pie
      PewDee Pie

      Love the video funny

    • Linus Dämfors
      Linus Dämfors


    • Kzow


    • Fat boi Gamer
      Fat boi Gamer


    • Gatchastrawberry Kawaii
      Gatchastrawberry Kawaii

      TheCrazyGorilla i call then duros

  • Bᴇᴀм Rᴇғʟᴇcтoʀ 1
    Bᴇᴀм Rᴇғʟᴇcтoʀ 1

    Bro why are you taking it one at a time?. Take a whole dip instead

  • Zayn The Roblox Adventures
    Zayn The Roblox Adventures

    He’s from the tub when he put his feet in there

  • Ruth Hayden
    Ruth Hayden

    WTF this Guy issss CRAZY

  • minecraft gamez
    minecraft gamez

    i can transelate it means THE codys mom of duros

  • Jordan Sanjuan
    Jordan Sanjuan

    No they’re calling you the hard cow

  • miss steph
    miss steph

    He not 67

  • Emberfir gaming and more
    Emberfir gaming and more

    Duritos Are Life

  • FikapPlayz Terzic
    FikapPlayz Terzic

    This is dumb but at the same time coool

  • carmen Salmerón
    carmen Salmerón

    The cow of duro i talk Spanish

  • Alex Hernandez
    Alex Hernandez

    I called and cicerones

  • Omer Yusuf Harooni
    Omer Yusuf Harooni

    Frank: a little bit of hot sauce Pours the half of bottle

  • Jayden lai
    Jayden lai

    I call them mommy

  • Vortwuz Yt
    Vortwuz Yt

    Las vacas de duros mean the hard cow

  • Blanca Cruz
    Blanca Cruz


  • Adib Gaming and vlogs
    Adib Gaming and vlogs

    Who thought it was doritos not Doritos

  • Jailbreak Dude
    Jailbreak Dude

    You not even old

  • Jailbreak Dude
    Jailbreak Dude


  • Onixplayz

    This guy looks like his on drugs lol

  • Jesus Christ
    Jesus Christ

    Dafuq, he doesn't look like a 67 year old man. Way younger.

  • Rs9sharkboy 1
    Rs9sharkboy 1

    1:04 Mrster beast I will be staying in Doritos for 24 hours

  • Linus Dämfors
    Linus Dämfors



    Okay can't tell if this is real if anybody sees this tell me if it's real or not real because you know I'm not that smart

  • Dylan Valentina
    Dylan Valentina

    This is fake

  • Savage Serg 15
    Savage Serg 15

    It’s actually the cow of durros

  • Flame Boi!
    Flame Boi!

    And see now ur arrested.

  • Flame Boi!
    Flame Boi!

    Frank , do u know that if u eat unhealthy your teeth can rot , and also fall out... U can also die from eating unhealthy stuff , and u know I don't want u to die. But as I said dont eat to much Doritos.. So listen to me cause if u eat it for the rest of ur life... Well you"LL end up dying

  • JuanAntonio Arambura
    JuanAntonio Arambura

    I call them churritos

  • Dupa Lupa
    Dupa Lupa

    Duritos are life

  • Tanner Studo
    Tanner Studo

    When he’s says a little of hot sauce he puts ALOT of hot sauce

  • Edwin. The next sway
    Edwin. The next sway

    A little or a lot 1:38

  • Leo 8257
    Leo 8257

    The people who disliked were the jealous ones

  • Sans The Skeleton
    Sans The Skeleton

    I haven't those in a while..JEALOUSY

  • AlekPlayz S
    AlekPlayz S

    Frank: there’s no duritos in imagination FBI: OPEN UP! SMUGGLER!

  • Mo1

    My local elotero (By the way I’m not Latino) sells coloured Chicharones, sometimes they’re not even wheels, they can be dinosaurs or cars, he does that to get children to buy them as well

  • Luka Savu Larsen
    Luka Savu Larsen

    its the same guy that likes hot cheetos

  • Sub If u breath
    Sub If u breath

    they are not Doritos

  • ShadowX

    We have duritos in Romania too but we make them at home . We call them creveti , and we cook them

  • Tobias Alex 2008
    Tobias Alex 2008


  • Joseph Bonifacio
    Joseph Bonifacio

    Bro stop it you need to be with your friends if you dont do that your gonne get diabetes

  • John Robertson
    John Robertson

    Doritos are chips called spokes

  • Mr. Roblox
    Mr. Roblox

    Duritos are life

  • Will O Mac
    Will O Mac

    Duritos Are Life

  • lit pop
    lit pop

    I don’t think he’s 67 years old but he has the same addiction that I have but got to far

  • Yui


  • Kevin3D

    I wanna cry. He made a smoothie of chicharrones. With hot sauce, and with lemon juice, and obviously chicharrones..

  • The goat At Rainbow
    The goat At Rainbow

    They trying to react el chapo guzman

  • Kid FURY 2121 tube
    Kid FURY 2121 tube

    Yo I clicked on this but I tought it say doritos like cool ranch and nacho cheeese lol

  • Zjxuduusd Roblox
    Zjxuduusd Roblox

    La Vaca De Duros = The Hard Cow Elotero Jose = The Other Jose

  • Nadine Guo Wu
    Nadine Guo Wu

    did he actually just eat a moldy duritos!?

  • Imsomeonelse


  • bape hilll
    bape hilll


  • Sandra Luansing Viray
    Sandra Luansing Viray

    It’s called the hard cow

  • Vasha Svetahor
    Vasha Svetahor

    This is not a serious video

  • Irma Diaz
    Irma Diaz

    Have you guys every put to much lime and hot sauce on your Doritos and then the bottom of the bag is mushy do you eat or rip the corner off to suck it out. Cause I do that

  • Nate Que
    Nate Que

    Hard cow hahahhha

  • MaD Dogg
    MaD Dogg

    Silly dude Doritos are for kids

  • Dp.slayer

    They look like space invaders crisps but a hippie made the

  • Zjxuduusd Roblox
    Zjxuduusd Roblox

    why is there like 6 names for this shit

  • Jumahnji

    La Vaca de duros hahaha The Hard cow

  • Mike Lastimosa
    Mike Lastimosa

    chicharrones all the way

  • Mike Lastimosa
    Mike Lastimosa

    I thought Frank liked Mexican Candy?

  • Tanya Castillo Pimentel
    Tanya Castillo Pimentel

    Do an addicted to rasparos video

  • Lupe Dancel
    Lupe Dancel

    1:41 you call that a little bit of hot sauce

  • charles paul
    charles paul

    Frank:they call me the vaca of durritos i think they call me king of durritos Me:bruh they call you the cow of durritos

  • Jonathan PlayzRoblox
    Jonathan PlayzRoblox

    Also at 5:30 he looks similar to that dude from freaky eaters that had syrup addiction

    • Jayden Miller
      Jayden Miller

      I didn’t even notice

    • Jayden Miller
      Jayden Miller

      Jonathan PlayzRoblox so true dude

  • Eduardo Godinez
    Eduardo Godinez

    A little bit of hot sauce Pours like half the bottle

  • JrexxTV23

    I’m addicted to DORITOS not DÚRITOS

  • Zack 2.0
    Zack 2.0

    Duritos Are Life

  • Jimmy_ Random_Gaming
    Jimmy_ Random_Gaming

    I feel bad for the duritos lol

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