2019 SCMC | FINALB9 | Gurthie, Bell, Lizotte, McMahon
You're watching the Men's Final Round Lead Card at the 2019 Santa Cruz Masters Cup presented by Innova. The 3rd stop of the PDGA National Tour! Today we shift form the DGC to the Golf Course layout! Our coverage is proudly sponsored by Innova Champion Discs, Grip6 Belts, and the PDGA.
Garrett Gurthie
Matt Bell
Simon Lizotte
Eagle McMahon
Nate "Sexy" Sexton & Jeremy "Big Jerm" Koling
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  • Jay Norris
    Jay Norris

    Great coverage all through the rain. I hope that no equipment got wet!

  • Sondre Gjelstad
    Sondre Gjelstad

    Great coverage!

  • Noble Falconer
    Noble Falconer

    Hey guys...whatever happened to the arbor jargon? More trees pleeze!

  • Wyatt Hundley
    Wyatt Hundley

    I like turtles.

  • Travis Buchner
    Travis Buchner

    Nice job guys....would love one of the gifts.

  • Conrad Norwood
    Conrad Norwood

    JoMez and Big Sexy, every disc golfers wet dream

  • dice568

    Is it just me, or does Matt Bell come as close as possible to foot faulting on those jump putts? That last hole, it looks REALLY close and I think may actually be a foot fault. Just curious. Love the coverage as always!

  • Bronson Mintun
    Bronson Mintun

    The distance on these guys is just...nuts.

  • Mikko Saarinen
    Mikko Saarinen

    Congratulations to Gareth 💪

  • Tommy 4 Fingers
    Tommy 4 Fingers


  • Edward Claringbold
    Edward Claringbold

    Congrads. Great to see a first time winner

  • AcïdburN

    I may be late, but at least i'm steady! TY JoMez and all involved as always for GREAT coverage!!

  • Ryan Biller
    Ryan Biller

    Gurthie killing it.

  • moha


  • Adam Moore
    Adam Moore

    What a comback for bell

  • theplasticninjas

    What a win for Double G. Such a legendary course, and a tough tough field. And he still dropped amazing shot after amazing shot. Great win, Garrett! nice work as always by Big Sexy, as well as near flawless coverage by Jomez. We are lucky to have them around!

  • Travis D
    Travis D

    Congrats Garrett! Glad he finally got one!

  • Mike Strand
    Mike Strand

    Simon is just so entertaining.

  • Scott Lee
    Scott Lee

    So happy to see Double G get his first National Tour win! So deserving!

  • Gene Harris
    Gene Harris

    Those belts look sweet.

  • Rick Schale
    Rick Schale

    Congrats to GG on NT win! Great coverage and commentary!!


    I really appreciate Jomez Productions and everything that they have done for the sport. Love the commentary from my Teammates, Big Jerm and Nate Sexton, you keep us laughing so there is never a dull moment. #TeamInnovaChampionCommentary

  • New England Disc Golf
    New England Disc Golf

    Nice tourney - Thanx!

  • Matthew Trego
    Matthew Trego

    This is my comment for the Final Back 9.

    • JomezPro


  • ZeenithWings

    I love the Big Sexy commentary. It's so good and entertaining.

  • Andy Klinger
    Andy Klinger

    Great stuff

  • Louis Brownell
    Louis Brownell

    You guys do a great job love your videos love your commentary. Love your slow mezz and your follow flights

  • Connor Dawson
    Connor Dawson

    you guys are the best

  • IDillon0

    a gud round indeed.

  • Peter Lymych
    Peter Lymych

    Wanna win some staff

  • Fire and Ice. 434
    Fire and Ice. 434

    Big Sexy!

  • BrewGuy5000

    gimme that grip 6 stuff

  • Offensive Titan
    Offensive Titan

    Next day all day.

  • Jamie Knight
    Jamie Knight

    Nice one Garrett

  • stratedge

    Great coverage!

  • Justin Howard Video
    Justin Howard Video

    that was awesome!

  • Adrian E
    Adrian E

    Let's go GG!!

  • Joe Johnson
    Joe Johnson

    If you just look at the score graphic on the last hole, it looks like Bell had a good round. Great display of mental toughness. How do I get a mental game like that?

  • BattleStation

    Thanks for this.

  • Braden Job
    Braden Job

    Sweet coverage as always guys

  • Garey Tool
    Garey Tool

    Gg. Challenge...

  • Garey Tool
    Garey Tool

    Jomez= top notch. Ty

  • Allyssa Vermerris
    Allyssa Vermerris

    You guys crack me up. "The height record " and "tickled" the basket. 😁⏮👏👍

  • Patrick Showalter
    Patrick Showalter


  • Derick Cross
    Derick Cross

    Great job staying dryish this weekend!!!

  • Brian Crawford
    Brian Crawford

    You guys rock! #JomezPro #BigSexyRulz

    • Brian Crawford
      Brian Crawford

      love the Santa Clause Ho Ho Ho on hole 13

  • smittens17

    Way to go Garrett

  • Scott Waxter
    Scott Waxter

    Very good camera angles. Great commentary. All around quality stuff. Good work fellas.

  • John Billabong
    John Billabong

    Too bad this course is ruined by ball golf....lol

  • Clinton Segroves
    Clinton Segroves

    How bout Eric Oakley with the 🔥 round 10 down to bring it all the way up to 5th!!! Way to Go Putter Pants!

  • optikalblitz

    Coverage has been awesome guys!

  • drumskank

    Always great big sexy commentary! You guys kill it every time.

  • r4mz1

    Awesome golf

  • Teemu Pietarinen
    Teemu Pietarinen

    Great content and commentary once again!

  • Tim0666

    Woooo Simon!!!! Grip 6 me :D

  • Brent Loukusa
    Brent Loukusa

    Way to go double G! Drove for show and putt for dough!

  • Nick Lane
    Nick Lane

    Glad to see the weather cooperated more the final round.

  • Dana S
    Dana S

    Thanks for the great coverage jomez and congrats GG!

  • Cooking with Connor
    Cooking with Connor

    sooooo good

  • Steven Eyberg
    Steven Eyberg

    GG cheezing extra hard after this weekend. Well earned!

  • Randy Junttonen
    Randy Junttonen

    Great commentary as always big sexy

  • bschulte08

    Congrats Dub G! Like always good stuff you guys!

  • Mike Mcquinn
    Mike Mcquinn

    Awww yeeaaahhh!

  • Mike Snipes
    Mike Snipes

    Gurthie was in the zone.....

  • Javier Rodriguez
    Javier Rodriguez

    Way to go, Double G! Oh yeah, 2XL.

  • BadCam21

    Jomez is a gateway to disc golf addicts

  • Javaman92

    Congratulations, to what I've always heard to be one of the nicest people in disc golf! Well done. 😀

  • MCJ

    Way to go Matt Bell with the strong finish. What a putt to end his round!

  • jason mest
    jason mest

    Keep up the good work. I love you guys.

  • DJ Bell
    DJ Bell

    Congrats GG!

  • drswitch

    So sick!

  • Ron Marx
    Ron Marx

    Nice finish double G!

  • Thomas Brummett
    Thomas Brummett

    It sucks to be Matt Bell but I'd probably do even worse

  • Heath Freppon
    Heath Freppon

    Jerm you need to hold the merch higher up so your head doesn't get cut off. And maybe a step stool for Sexton haha.

  • mrjabba

    Congrats Gurthie! Well deserved. Awesome to see Oakley make have a hell of a last round to push up into 5th.

  • Tero Civill
    Tero Civill

    Whoa! Great thumbnail, no one will ever guess!

  • Lord Scottsworth
    Lord Scottsworth

    congrats to GG great commentary as always

  • Micah Mills
    Micah Mills

    What a round! You have to have both to win this tourney!

  • Kendall LaFavor
    Kendall LaFavor

    Congratulations GG!

  • Richard Enos
    Richard Enos

    Great coverage as always guys. Congrats double G!

  • Glenn Riser
    Glenn Riser

    So glad to see GG get his big first win! Love GG, Big Sexy commentary and the one, the only, JomezPro!

  • Dylan Newman
    Dylan Newman

    Damn. What a lead! Great playing, guys.

  • Korey Eiche
    Korey Eiche

    I don’t love watching it as much as I love playing it!

  • Eric Calderwood
    Eric Calderwood

    Great coverage as usual

  • Adam Knight
    Adam Knight

    Great work.

  • Joe Mahan
    Joe Mahan

    What a day for Garrett! I was so happy to see him get his first National Tour win! Excellent coverage and commentary as always, Jomez and Big Sexy, you guys are the standard!

  • rwelch230

    What an awesome person to get the win. And he ran away with it at the end. Foot on the gas all day. Good on GG!

  • Paul Harris
    Paul Harris

    Again with the fly belt!

  • Nate Krumm
    Nate Krumm

    The footage & commentary get better at every event! Keep it up guys!!

  • Vista Disc Golf
    Vista Disc Golf

    Hole 12 tee shot is the best shot shape to watch in disc golf. I could watch huge flex shots all day, and those were enormous.

  • Rory E
    Rory E

    Great job Garret! Awesome win!

  • Robert Pozek
    Robert Pozek

    DOUBLE G in the house

  • Zeke Hart
    Zeke Hart

    Great tourney with the usual phenomenal coverage. I hope we see more of all these players, Matt Bell was super exciting with his long putts while the other long bombers are of course already favorites.

  • Dustin Hatfield
    Dustin Hatfield

    Amazing Coverage!

  • kaffegubbe

    Great coverage! Nearing tears at the end. Great win Garrett!

  • Brian Hoppe
    Brian Hoppe

    Double G! Only took 16 years. Congrats. 🍾 I’m sure it was well worth the wait.

  • Tim Aretz
    Tim Aretz

    Thanks to Jomez I'm getting my girlfriend to enjoy watching disc golf coverage with me.

  • Benjamin Turk
    Benjamin Turk

    Please don't show the winner's reaction on the thumbnail pic! You're usually good at mixing that up. I certainly thought that GG would probably win, but I want the confirmation to come from actually watching it... Otherwise, great coverage as always!!

  • MrJkdfh

    The production quality of these videos are getting insane, keep it up!!!!!

  • Questionably Lit
    Questionably Lit

    Why would you spoil the this with the thumbnail? Now I kindof don’t wanna even watch this. C’mon jomez.

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