10 Things Blac Youngsta Can't Live Without | GQ
Memphis rapper Blac Youngsta is constantly on the road and there are a few things he can't travel without. From plastic utensils and scented candles to his Ethika boxer briefs and favorite sneakers, he shows us everything he needs when he's on the move.
Check out Blac Youngsta's essentials here:
- Oaklyn Plastic Cutlery Set: amzn.to/2xMvReI
- Sensodyne Toothpaste: amzn.to/2Jurf3J
- Kool-Aid Variety Pack: amzn.to/32oFa2Q
- Fresh Linen Scented Soy Candles: amzn.to/30nOiD0
- Bic Lighter Assorted Pack: amzn.to/32qQ4oT
- AmazonBasics Lightning to USB A Cable: amzn.to/32lWghz
- Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula: amzn.to/2Sa8gxZ
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10 Things Blac Youngsta Can't Live Without | GQ

  • Atlanta Zone 2
    Atlanta Zone 2

    Grape is my favorite color

  • amourr D
    amourr D

    it’s JUNT not junk.

  • Deyauna's World
    Deyauna's World

    wah about money ?

  • Nala Bae
    Nala Bae

    Everything is his baby lol I love him to death yo he so funny

  • creemason13

    It’s “Junt” not junk - Memphis talk🤘🏾

  • Aniyah Lynnette Lopez
    Aniyah Lynnette Lopez

    this video bro🤘🏽❤!

  • BZing

    Other rappers: my 10 rolexes Blac youngsta: ice cream 🍦

  • Michelle Woods
    Michelle Woods

    My stepdad looks like him

  • Danajha Jeffery
    Danajha Jeffery

    And I can't go no where wit out my lighter

  • Danajha Jeffery
    Danajha Jeffery

    That's the Koo - aid my mom make . And she has to have candles in the living so I make the house smell good but even though wit out it our house still smell good

  • Tiffany Egans
    Tiffany Egans


  • Josselyn V
    Josselyn V

    Aw I love him :(

  • Kermet Swag
    Kermet Swag


  • DP Productions
    DP Productions

    Nobody: Blac Youngsta: 7:36

  • DP Productions
    DP Productions

    Basically every rapper: I can’t live with out icedout watch Blac Youngsta: I can’t live without these undies

  • one crunch man
    one crunch man

    This man ghetto for real

  • Boo Crew BABY
    Boo Crew BABY

    Everything is his favorite so he really don’t have one

  • Banshee 186
    Banshee 186

    Its junt not junk


    He can’t live without booty 💀😭💙

  • Rose Gold
    Rose Gold

    CTFU he said ppl phone chargers be bad luck 😂😂

  • Hum N
    Hum N

    @2:31 its junt its Memphis term used it identify items without identifying items

  • FIH Le PRO 101
    FIH Le PRO 101

    He's funny, so cool and awesome.

  • Bxlenci Dracoツ
    Bxlenci Dracoツ


  • VeexVee X
    VeexVee X

    i love him soooo much 😂😭😭😭❤️

  • sine didier
    sine didier

    5:36 😭😂😂

  • Sweat Clipz
    Sweat Clipz

    Ok why he not flexing that’s the big part of a being a rapper Edit: he a actually pretty humble in this vid

  • Michel Ejeh
    Michel Ejeh

    Blac Youngsta: Loses Charger Blac Youngsta: Who stole my charger

  • Maurice Coates
    Maurice Coates

    He so real these other rappers I need this diamond watch him I need kool aid plastic forks he 😂

  • Jam Milam
    Jam Milam

    3:28 Got me dien 😂😂

  • Morgan DeBose
    Morgan DeBose

    Grape is my favorite color:Blac Youngsta

  • A debutant Journey
    A debutant Journey

    Lmao he so funny

  • O.M.G it’s Aubrey! !
    O.M.G it’s Aubrey! !

    “charga” “dis my favorite charga” 💀

  • Neriah ASMR
    Neriah ASMR

    Watch my channel

  • Sanaa White
    Sanaa White

    He got all the weird stuff

  • lawrence carter
    lawrence carter

    Money got him thanking he look good.

  • Quiahrah Jackson
    Quiahrah Jackson

    1:13 “so this how I keep my smile real neat, and beaurtifur”😂

  • 1k barbie
    1k barbie

    Black youngsta better watch out bying ice cream 6

  • carluz ace
    carluz ace

    blac youngsta is the type to shoot u 20 times, then milly rock

  • JT Joe
    JT Joe

    That kool-aid part 💯

  • Fornite Cool
    Fornite Cool

    I like this dude i like kool aid

  • TheyLoveBank

    “ I kaint eat in a stanky place “ Nawfr 😂😂

  • Hayden Gregory
    Hayden Gregory

    Had to know that a black guy got the most excited about the grape koolaid!!

  • Itz Kera ._
    Itz Kera ._

    Nobody Blac youngsta :grape is my favorite color

  • gbcmoo

    “Grape is my favorite color”

  • bigdaddy willejohnson
    bigdaddy willejohnson

    i know ethika is the best brand boxera


    “these are not mine yk i got big balls”

  • salana p
    salana p

    what’s poppin g kerrr

  • Jay Singleton
    Jay Singleton

    Me: culluh Barack Obama:cuh-uh- ler Youngsta:cauddahh

  • Jay Singleton
    Jay Singleton

    Im suprised he did not bring ""booty""🤣🤣

  • K’s World
    K’s World

    Nobody : Blac youngsta: Im breautiful..... lmaoo

  • Tariya Devault
    Tariya Devault

    Bro the plastic utensils and the ice cream and the Kool aid is all me 😂😁 also the candle

  • Kurlee Kylee
    Kurlee Kylee

    They need to do a cardi B one

  • Cheioko Jones ..👅👅👅👅
    Cheioko Jones ..👅👅👅👅

    He is too cute simple and real

  • Matthew Woolf
    Matthew Woolf

    I don't enjoy this because I need to rewind 10 seconds, every 10 seconds, and we watch everything, and out all my effort in, to understand his stupid voice and accent

  • Jonice Nelson
    Jonice Nelson

    Did he say merk instead of milk?

  • TiQuisha Tobin
    TiQuisha Tobin

    Most of his stuff was about food

  • Des_A_Mess

    “Grape is my favorite color” interesting 😂🥴

    • michael_ bihh
      michael_ bihh


  • babyfazz.n

    That plastic spoons and forks is so me 🤦🏽‍♀️

  • xoAngelicaF

    Blacc so funny😂😂😂

  • Chelsea M
    Chelsea M

    He’s so silly I love him

  • DankOverloadTV

    i cant understand a word hes saying

  • KaMiRa_sillyy

    I’m suprised he didn’t say booty

  • Miyah Ly’daishaa
    Miyah Ly’daishaa

    This mane crazy 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Shyana Hall
    Shyana Hall

    “ you know I got big balls “ 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Jasmine IMVU
    Jasmine IMVU

    Now we know his lean is koolaid.

  • ShaunUpNextTM

    “Grape is my favorite color kool aid” -Blac Youngsta

  • Forever Único
    Forever Único

    Other Rappers : And this Louie Bag Black Youngsta : my babyyy koolaidd 😂😂😂😂 finally someone who’s no worried about a watch or bag ⬇️

  • Its Tay
    Its Tay

    dig in da junk and eat da junk


    he talkin bout ionn smoke forreal but his lips blaxk den a mf

  • miami flow
    miami flow

    Only Black youngster

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