$50 Hotel Room VS $5,000 Hotel Room
FaZe Rug
Today we wanted to review a cheap $50 hotel room compared to an expensive $5,000 hotel room and the results were actually shocking...
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  • Alasia kenner
    Alasia kenner

    So we going to ignore the fact that he just laughed his butt 🤔✌🏾

  • kimberley 36
    kimberley 36

    Correction fans LOVE ANTHONY 😂❤️

  • Gavin Kozora
    Gavin Kozora

    @RepinPA412 on twitch

  • Mariano Nemo
    Mariano Nemo

    There's a 5000 dollar hotel in San Diego?

  • Glam Barbie
    Glam Barbie

    LOVE THIS VIDEO!❤️ Anyone wants to become my KR-my friend and support each other?❤️

  • Issa 6
    Issa 6

    He’s so lazy now like now he got someone to hold the camera. And all he talks is about money. “If you fart first you win 5,000 dollars.”😴

  • Blogz & More?
    Blogz & More?

    Would you rather Not shower for a week Or Nor brush your teeth for a week

  • Ana Leah
    Ana Leah

    He's 50 $ I'm the 5000 $ hotel Me: oh the 50 $ hotel is better soooooooo heeeees better ooooook

  • Destiny Herrera
    Destiny Herrera

    He should do the blue light test thingy in his own house love to see that too lol 😂😂

  • Brad Smith
    Brad Smith

    Where’s Lola at

  • pro_exray_killer x
    pro_exray_killer x

    Ok the shirt but he says positivity 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • schlopper

    Bruh that pillow transition had me dead

  • Johan soccer player Garcia
    Johan soccer player Garcia

    what do you mean

  • Razh


  • xslumpy

    @4:55 Anthony thick af

  • mark alsop
    mark alsop

    Faayz your brother is insecure , he's a doh nut lol

  • IndieGypsy Frog
    IndieGypsy Frog

    *Stop the video at **4:55** and look at Anthony's butt*

  • l6l Hags l2l
    l6l Hags l2l

    It’s 5000 cause it’s right next to a mlb stadium probably inflated the price a bit

  • Us Miloyu
    Us Miloyu

    We need more videos with Your cousin and brother!!

  • Dr_Mokhtar_ 361
    Dr_Mokhtar_ 361

    Who else watched the worst raited hotel in my city video???

  • Michelle Albino
    Michelle Albino


  • albert vera
    albert vera

    Btw i’ve been watching you ever since you joined faze

  • NoFade Jay
    NoFade Jay

    Is this what y’all came for 50$ hotel is 3:06 5000$ hotel is 10:58 cost 1 like please and thank you 😊

  • D B
    D B

    Small? What about the 50 dollar one??

  • Manuel Torres
    Manuel Torres

    YoyO REalLy LOOk aT thAt haIr LiNE 3:58

  • Jagster

    7 ads jfc

  • Logan Champ
    Logan Champ

    For the 5,000$ hotel I’d say goin down the hall “wHeRe Da HoOd At WhErE dA hOoD aT

  • Elijah Makel
    Elijah Makel

    Do 50 dollar prostitute vs 5000 dollar prostitute

  • zachattack3322

    Bro why does rug always flash his money

  • Logan Champ
    Logan Champ


  • Jonas Plante
    Jonas Plante

    Yeah brawadis

  • Emberr-

    More Sherman and brawadis

  • Erin Montgomery
    Erin Montgomery

    1:25 you said 14m

  • Jordy Eyben
    Jordy Eyben

    It’s because people sleep in the 5,000 dollar hotel more then the 50 dollar hotel

  • Ronan M
    Ronan M

    7:45 Weird flex 💁🏼‍♂️

  • Myles Potter
    Myles Potter

    What was that meme at 15:40

  • Bertotogrumpy _
    Bertotogrumpy _

    You and jarvis have the same out tro

  • xRoyal - RekzZ
    xRoyal - RekzZ

    No credit to the sidemen?

  • APXx Neon
    APXx Neon

    ngl I rather live at the $50 one, way cleaner and worth it

  • *•. Muffin .•*
    *•. Muffin .•*

    The $50 hotel honestly looks better than my house.. (Btw i wasn’t trying to copy the other comment I’m just saying the truth)

  • sumdumgai Y
    sumdumgai Y

    Leave highlights in the 90s plzzzz

  • Mayc'n Sanchez
    Mayc'n Sanchez

    Your not doing it for content you just want to show off

  • Your A bot kid
    Your A bot kid

    Of course it wasn’t gonna look ugly the $50 one be it’s (50 bucks)

  • XxPanda M
    XxPanda M

    All I need to say to your vids or you "YOU CRAZY/AWSOME"

  • Pedro Lopes
    Pedro Lopes

    Straight up copy of the sidemen

  • Battier

    Uk 4 life bro

  • Champ Reilly
    Champ Reilly


  • jlgreene1984

    why does anthony look so thick 4:55

  • EK Maria Gaming
    EK Maria Gaming

    Thing is each city has completely different standards for a hotel. Some cities rate any hotel 5 star if its got a bed and some don’t hand out 5 stars to any hotel.

  • Salma Khatun
    Salma Khatun

    15:40 that transition 😂

  • veronica Silva
    veronica Silva

    I know why yu here $50 dollar motel #5:30 and now the $5000 motel #12:02 now run me my like thugg💯🆘️🅰️

  • Andre Sebástian
    Andre Sebástian

    I remember Anthony being slim and now he's fat, lol

  • Baruti Kamau
    Baruti Kamau

    YO FAZE IVE BEEN 2 DAT 50$ hotel Yooo like wtf thats crazy FaZe reply where that waz that might have been the exact room i waz in

  • Raul Gutierrez
    Raul Gutierrez

    Faze rug I'm your bigest fan can you give me a shout up

  • Colin Dougherty
    Colin Dougherty

    There just too rich to realize what they can get for $50

  • Aaron Wilson
    Aaron Wilson

    Man I love those guys in the video

  • Gabriel Adam
    Gabriel Adam

    Its my birthday

  • Holy Cows
    Holy Cows

    Make them leave

  • King Wagz
    King Wagz

    Can u guys sub to me

  • Rome Williams
    Rome Williams

    My dad is in the navy and the navy hotels are free on the military base and they are super clean and have full kitchens and ac as well

  • LootGhost The bot
    LootGhost The bot

    If you sub to my channel and like my recent video I’ll do the same thing

  • Vincent Jay Davis
    Vincent Jay Davis

    the 50 dollar hotel is so clean and the 5,000 dollar to

  • Janiery Cabrera
    Janiery Cabrera

    we need repunzals hair sksksksks

  • FeatheryBird

    WTF? Under no circumstance is that room worth 5000 dollars, it's not worth 500! WTF?

  • Andy Milinokis
    Andy Milinokis

    This guy's face really pisses me off

  • Eowyn Eadig
    Eowyn Eadig

    The main thing that bothered me about the $50 hotel was the ugly outdated 45-year old colors on the comforters. The $5,000 room was awesome and I hated how they messed it up lying on the sheets without taking a shower and getting their shoes on it.

  • Ghost Radiant
    Ghost Radiant

    I remember when rug hit 100k subs😢

  • Daryl Dallas
    Daryl Dallas

    Thank full for you to be on KR-my

  • Omq_ItzGachaPlayz YT!
    Omq_ItzGachaPlayz YT!

    I Know A Hotel Better Than The $5,000 Just Telling You Its My Opinion. It's In Punta Cana, New York, And Idk Where Else. I Went To The One In Punta Cana And It Was So Beautiful! Room Service, Pool Parties, Concerts, Etc. It's Called Riu Palace Punta Cana. If You Can Do A Video Of Going There That Would Be Cool But You Dont Have To.

  • Isela Campos
    Isela Campos

    5,000 dollars? Kiss my ass.

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